Laura “Caught Red Handed”

You find yourself under Laura’s desk peeping up her skirt, obviously, this is by accident. Now you’re here though, you may as well try and stay for as long you can without getting caught. Oh no … Laura has caught you red-handed and you need to face the consequences but this could be a good thing because Laura isn’t as put off as you would think, in fact, she seems to be very, very turned on!


Laura “Playing Away”

You have always had the biggest crush on Laura, she is so hot and sexy, those long legs of hers are to die for. The problem is, she is taken and so are you, but have you heard the expression of “playing away from home”? Well, Laura most certainly has because she is ready and raring to go, she sees you eyeing her up and ever so slowly starts to pull her dress up and reveal what is underneath!


Jess West “Working You Out”

Jess really needs this sexy workout with you, she is so full of energy and vigour, and a little horny as well. That short skirt she is wearing really leaves you wondering what else you would love to see beyond that bubble butt of hers. Jess may even let you discover more if you are well behaved, or not, she will do it anyway because that is the kind of girl she is.


Jess West “Deep Impact”

Waiting for Jess to get ready can always be a chore, you would give nothing more than to impale her with your cock, deep impact style. The way she swans around with all that glamour and gusto – those skimpy outfits are a treat for the eyes – you can’t get enough of her sexy ass and body. Just you wait until she lifts that dress up and reveals all that she has to offer you. You may as well get your dick out and start rubbing it.


Baby Kitten “Too Much Twitching”

You’re doing an awful lot of twitching whilst in the same room as cute little Baby Kitten, that short skirt of hers is so cute, you can see all the way up it and it’s making you extra hard, you can’t handle it, you want and need more. She can be naughty though, she lets you perv on her tight pussy whilst you wank your cock as hard as you possibly can. One way or another… someone is cumming!


Baby Kitten “Cutie Loves Cock”

This little cutie absolutely loves cock, and really big ones at that. Yours is definitely the perfect size for her to have fun with. She wants you to get it out and show her the length, it’s getting harder as you slowly take it out of your pants and play with it in front of her. Now, for you, Baby Kitten will play with her tight pussy, make it wet and creamy for you so you can fulfill this dirty fantasy.


Lucy Love “Lusting For Love”

Lucy may very well be the love of your life; so lustful and lovely sat there on her bed; looking fine; looking dirty! Lucy can feel you looking at her from beyond the bed, in the small hope of getting an eyeful of delicious pussy. Lucy herself would very much enjoy getting in on the act, so you must cater to her every need and remove your penis from your pants and show her what she has to work with!


Lucy Love “A Teasing Sensation”

The morning after the big party and it is now just you and Lucy left alone in a big empty house. She is clearing the place up whilst you sit back, relax and try to get a look at what is up her skirt. That sweet mature pussy is begging for you to come and grab it with both hands and hump it into submssion! She also has the nicest little pert bum, begging for a spank. Just do it already!


Amber Coen “The Peachiest Bum”

Amber has the peachiest bum in existence, what you would do to grab that ass with both hands and smother it all over your face. The problem being, she is your best mate’s sister, you can’t make a move on her… or can you? She seems to be flirting with you, take the initiative and grab her closer, really grab that ass. What you would do to take her on this bed right now!


Amber Coen “From Behind”

Whilst Amber is on that chair, why don’t you have a look, up her skirt, try and get a glimpse of that amazing pussy of hers. You have fancied her for years and this might just be the moment that you get what you’ve always wanted. What you would do to take her from behind and impale her with your hard cock, I’m sure she would love as she is a right little dirty girl.


Cherry English “Lift It Up”

Why don’t you lift Cherry’s skirt up – ever so slightly – so you can see that sweet sweet pussy hidden underneath. She can be a right flirt sometimes and it drives you insane; waltzing around the house in skimpy little outfits, flashing her bare skin and cute little pussy all the time. There is only one thing that can be done about this, you need to make a move on her and see if she reciprocates those feelings.


Cherry English “Cherry Pop”

Little Cherry always lounges around in next to nothing, showing off all that skin, those feet, those … Oh, where was I! You have the hots for Cherry, always have done and she knows it. She is a bit mischievous and starts talking dirty to you with that sweet voice of her. Her pussy is looking particularly cute as well, much better than when you have to spy on her in the shower!