Baby Kitten “Igniting Your Fire”

Baby Kitten has organized a get-together with you and all your college mates to celebrate the end of your exams. She’s very appreciative of you and all your help with her studies, As you wait for everyone to arrive, she’s bending over in her mini skirt to try and get the fireplace going. You can’t help yourself and have a good perve looking up her skirt…


Baby Kitten “All Charged Up”

Baby Kitten can’t believe she has just caught you looking up her skirt, she thinks you are such a little pervert! Luckily for you she is in a pretty naughty mood so she is going to let you carry on looking, she instructs you to take you cock out and start wanking it while she bends over and teases you with her stocking, suspenders and little knickers.


Ashley Jay “Work Bonus”

Ashley Jay is ready for her work bonus for being such a good employee, it’s a bit of a bonus for you as well seeing as you now have her all to yourself, in the office away from prying eyes. She is wearing the most delectable of outfits that really accentuated her shapely figure. When she bends over you can see her pussy lips trying their best to escape the restrictions of that frilly little number.


Ashley Jay “Mummy’s Boy”

You are such a Mummy’s boy sometimes, now that your dad has gotten a sexy new wife it has made you weak at the knees. The fantasies you have been having about this woman are unholy, that is your step-mum you know! The odd thing is though, she has a little thing for younger men like yourself, and has been waiting for a moment where the two of you are alone for a while now.