Sophie K “Secure The Job”

Sophie really needs the job she has turned up to interview for today so when she finds out that you are here for the interview too she decides to make you an offer you can’t refuse, if you agree to leave before your interview and let her get the job she will let you pull your cock out right now and have a cheeky wank while she talks dirty to you. How could you refuse?


Sophie K “Knicker Fetish”

Your girlfriend Sophie has found some knickers that aren’t hers and she demands to know what you’ve been up to. You tell her that you have been keeping a secret for a while, you have a panty fetish but not the usual kind of fetish. You enjoy wearing women’s underwear and the way it feels on your cock, Sophie is relieved that you haven’t been having an affair and she is even willing to have some fun with you and your little fetish.


Eva Rae “Do My Homework”

Eva has asked you to come over and help her with her college assignment, she has missed a few classes recently and has fallen behind. As she bends over her bed in her very short skirt looking for the notes she has already done you get a look at her sexy little red thong, you can feel your cock instantly spring to life and wonder what Eva will do when she sees the bulge in your trousers.


Eva Rae “Clean Up Your Act”

Eva is on her hands and knees cleaning the stairs in a short skirt, you can see the grey bodysuit she is wearing under the skirt is barely covering her pussy and your imagination runs away with you. What would she do if she caught you wanking behind her? Would she let you continue? Would she even show you her pussy? There’s only one way to find out!!


Honour May “Work Hard”

Honour is your cleaner and she has recently asked you for a raise, you told her you would think about it and today she has turned up to work wearing a very slutty dress thinking it will sway your decisions. Once she has your attention she offers you a deal, if you agree to pay her more she will happily let you take your cock out and have a wank over her.


Honour May “Sexy Horndog”

You’ve bought Honour’s god back from her walk and she is so grateful to you that she starts flirting, she is wearing a super short skirt and you can’t help but get a sneaky look at her ass. She catches you looking but instead of telling you off, she decides to let you wank over her wet cunt.


Rose R “Set An Example”

You have invited Rose around for dinner, she is new to the area so you and your wife want to get to know her and make her feel welcome. Your wife has nipped out to get another bottle of wine leaving you and Rose alone, she is sat on your kitchen island wearing a short dress and knee high boots. You can’t help but get a sneak peek at her knickers but it doesn’t take long for your cock to start staining against your trousers.


Rose R “Naughty Tights”

Rose has heard that you have a fetish for looking up girls skirts and she has decided to spice things up a bit, she doesn’t want you to just look up her skirt she wants to put on a sexy pair of tights and rip them for you while you wank over her.