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Lily Luxx “A Few Stockings More”

If you’re a man who loves a pair of stockings, then you are in for a treat! Watch this very cute Italian beauty slip out of her stockings, then slide her soft legs into another pair before showing you her gorgeous smooth pussy while she watches you jerk your horny dick!


Lily Luxx “Don’t Tell My Sister”

You’re being very naughty and perving on your girlfriend’s hot sister while she snoozes in her bedroom. She’s shocked to find you stood there checking out her ass as she wakes up, but this little minx is up for a little bit of fun with you, she never liked her sister anyway.. So get your cock out and start wanking as Lily teases you with her pussy!


Ivy L “Broken Family”

You’re out on a cleaning job with your step mum, but you’re heavily distracted looking up her denim skirt at her panties as she’s bent over polishing the windows. You’ve barely done any work and now your step mum needs to have words with you. There needs to be some give and take here, so if she allows you to get something out of your system, will you please then get to work!


Ivy L “All On Show”

What are the chances that you walk into this bedroom that a gorgeous woman like Ivy is lying there in next to nothing? She is a bit of a provocateur when she wants to be, being your step-sister means this whole situation is quite taboo. She knows how to talk dirty to you, saying everything you want to hear – about your big cock and throbbing balls – so let her carry on whilst you sit back and relax.


Dolly “Strange Friendship”

You have had some drink with your friend Dolly and you have missed the last train home, she offers to let you stay which you gladly say yes to. Dolly begins making up the bed but she has already changed into her nightie and you can see her knickers, you’ve always liked Dolly and you wonder if you could get away with having a bit of fun with her


Dolly “Stand Out”

Dolly is wearing a very sexy little black skirt with electric blue panties that are getting your cock excited, Dolly can see the hard bulge that is appearing in your trousers and she decides to help you get rid of it. Dolly tells you to take your dick out and start wanking it while she teases you the blue knickers and her ass.