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When her pussy isn’t enough to smother her very willing victim, she employs a pillow. He urges her, “More!”

Relations between Asians (the babe) and Anglos (the dude) have never been hotter than when she sits on his face

“Smell it. Dont lick it!” she orders, and “I dont want to see you breathing at all!” He manages to breathe enough to stay conscious, though, so he can smell her ass some more

Going down on the babe who is astride him, he finds himself buried in her demanding pussy

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Some HOM but the highlight is the titty-smotheration. She has the HUGEST bazongas…and he’s buried in ’em

She keeps up a running rag on him, reading him the riot act as she smothers him in various manners

Leashed, he is led back and forth from one naked twat to another and forced to smell, lick, and be smmothered by each one

To judge from the length of his cock, he’s enjoying the “torture”

Everybody talks at once and it’s hard to understand what anyone’s saying, but there’s no mistaking the action! Smotherfest!

Choking, ass smotheration, and a hard-delivered punch for good measure

Choking, ass-smotheration, and some REAL serious struggling

Nasty action as one girl takes serious umbrage and takes steps to right a wrong

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He likes licking her pussy…till she rolls it on top of his nose and mouth. He likes sucking her tits…till she jams them on top of his nose and mouth and cuts off his air

“I can’t breathe!” he complains. Duhhh! That’s the whole idea!

Some nice HOM smothering among the other smothering scenes in this hot clip

There’s an all-too-brief panty-smothering scene here, when one of the girls takes off her panties and shoves them down over their victim’s nose and mouth

Two Doms do their best to smother a hapless victim, using asses and feet to block his air

Two tooter tutors — they halfway gas their victim to death

More stinky, noisy farts–right in his face

Farting galore — all over the poor guy’s face. Two asses, lots of farts, and all of them stinking

The girls threaten him as they work him over and subject him to further smotheration

He’s not struggling…not when he’s buried under more ass-flesh, nor when he’s subjected to four feet blocking his air AND his vision

How can he help but smell it when she’s got her ass plopped right over his nose…so he can’t breathe

One girl stretches out face-down on the floor. The other girl pushes their captive’s head down into the first girl’s ass, then sits on the guy’s head so he can’t raise his head. Smother time!

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Two bitch doms rule the roost and completely dominate a male, slapping him and making his life miserable in many ways including smothering

Elements of comedy in her running patter as she perches heavily upon his face and prevents him from breathing

Naked over his face, she takes a long drink of water and announces, “I have to tinkle.” As he squirms, she pulls at her own nipples

He is tied and smothered but still tries to keep on talking

He gets to not only smell her ass but be smothered by it…and more

Ass-licking aplenty, boob smotheration, and HOM

He is smothered in one of the biggest pairs of tits ever seen

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Smothering is just one part of the punishment inflicted on the helpless guy by the two girls

The two girls whip him, bitch-slap him, and stand on him before beginning to smother him

The backs of her thighs are firm enough to choke off all his air supply

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She’s a mean bitch, smothering him without a smile on her face

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She buries his face under her ass, then farts in his face. “I had tuna for lunch,” she tells him as he yelps in protest.

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Applying a leglock, the girls subdue their victim, “treat” him to some HOM, pinch his nose…and lift his wallet. “I’m going shopping,” the blonde crows. But their victim is too busy trying to breathe.

HOM and nose-holding dominate this clip…as the girls dominate their victim

He loves being close to those titties…but not THAT close!

It’s just a non-stop smotherfest

“Can’t breathe@” comes the muffled voice from underneath the one girl’s butt. But the other girl just laughs and twists the guy’s nipples

He’s happy to have a beautiful ass over his face…but as it sinks lowr and lower on top of him, he finds he just can’t breathe at all!

Lots of huge, nude boobs…and plenty of HOM smothering, too

Ass-smothering and tit smothering. The vibrator makes another appearance

The girl-on-girl smotheration is mixed with some girl-groping…and what does she intend to do with that vibrator?

Useless to fight when you’ve got two girls ganging up on you

The girls what to know if the guy is REALLY sorry before they’ll let him get a breath of air

This guy isn’t acting very happy to have a naked female butt and cunt all over his face

He’s under her twat and unable to breathe

She’s got him buried under her huge smothering tits, and even when the phone rings she won’t get up

With her ass planted firmly on his face, it’s impossible for him to breathe

He seems to be enjoying his predicament–he doesn’t struggle at all

The girls bind their submissive up and then smother him some more

“You get what you ask for,” one of the girls tells our little submissive as she gets up and FINALLY lets him fill his lungs with air

Pussylips to smother with

Baldy is buried under pussylips

“How can I breathe?” asks the semi-bald man whom the two blondes are taking turns smothering

When a face is buried under an ass (and some tits), the victim finds it hard to breathe. Struggle scenes

These exercises and positions were surely never taught in any exercise class!

Not only smothering but kicking, too

Butt – twat – hands – you name it. She employs it all as she tries her best to smother him

The blonde continues to smother the balding man in various manners

A blonde in white baby dolls sits on the face of a balding man, then covers his nose and mouth with her hands, and finally smothers him with her tits

Riding his face, the two girls do their best to cut off his air supply with their asses and twats

The girls’ feet provide great smothering power

With two bitches roping him and smothering him, Peter hasn’t a chance

When their victim passes out, the girls bring him around so they can smother him some more

It’s two on one…AND he’s drunk. He hasn’t a chance against the bitches

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More punching, spanking, and hair-pulling…and smothering with hair

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While one girl sits on their captive’s face, the other girl adds weight by sitting on the first girl’s lap

Hands, tits, pillows…whatever works

The two take turns smothering each other using tits, lingerie…one girl even uses the other’s own arms to smother her

One girl tries to smother another