Elite Smothering – Hot Sexy Girls Smothering these big losers with their big tits and big round asses!

Fucking and Cunt Licking Savannah Stern 78

Hold Your Load for Savannah Stern 75

The New Smothering Boss, Savannah Stern 65

Mistress Orgasm with Olivia Saint 85

Smothering Fun with Olivia Saint 51

Olivia Saint Uses her Ass 13

Brink of Unconsciousness 61

Scissor Fun 47

Slave Wants Pussy and Ass 91

Sandra Romaine’s Explosive Orgasm 63

Intense Smothering with Sandra Romaine 92

Sandra Romaine’s Sex Slave 53

Brain Damage Smothering with Ashley Fires 45

Brutal Tongue Usage for Ashley Fires 86

Ashley Fires’ Powder Room Chair 24

Monica Sweetheart Cums Loud and Hard 79

Kisses, Laps, Tongues for Monica Sweetheart 24

Monica Sweetheart’s Replacement Slave 83

Holly Stevens’ Roaring Orgasm 91

Holly Stevens Rides Slave’s Face 24

Interracial Smothering with Holly Stevens 51

Thank Heidi Mayne’s Asshole 100

Bedroom Facesitting with Heidi Mayne 82

Heidi Mayne Needs a Face Chair 71

Very Intense Orgasm with Sandra Romaine 51

Sandra Romaine’s Strap-on Face Dildo 64

Face Grinding with Sandra Romaine 44

Pain, No Pleasure 12

Cock Torment 40

Horny and Grinding 16

Deeper and Deeper in Laurie Vargas’ Asshole 79

Laurie Vargas Fingers her own Asshole 94

Lapping at Laurie Vargas’ Cunt 24

Overworked Smother Slave 52

Sabrina Smothers Monica 24

Girl on Girl Smothering 5

Probe Whitney Stevens’ Ass 22

Worship Whitney Stevens 99

All-Natural POV with Whitney Stevens 55

Ashley Fires Loves Wimpy Obedience 39

Worship Ashley Fires’ Cunt! 18

Ashley Fires’ Face Chair 7

Tongue Jenaveve Jolie’s Asshole 29

Writhe and Swoon for Jenaveve Jolie 66

Jenaveve Jolie’s Mesh-covered Pussy 63

Mia Bangg’s Flesh Buffet 42

Mia Bangg’s Firm Ass Sliding 89

Present Your Face for Mia Bangg 1

Screaming Orgasm 33

Forward and Reverse 92

Jiggling White Ass 42

Face-dildo Fucking with Monica Sweetheart 80

Never Enough Smothering for Monica Sweetheart 49

Repeated Facesitting with Monica Sweetheart 19

Hungry Slave for Presley Maddox 28

Full-Weight Smothering with Presley Maddox 39

Shackled for Presley Maddox’s Facesitting 24

Female Ass Domination with Sandra Romaine 28

Dangerous Smother Frenzy with Sandra Romaine 34

Sandra Romaine Enjoys Facesitting 47

Jenaveve Jolie’s Bed Shaking Orgasm 92

Jenaveve Jolie Bounces and Grinds Slave’s Face 27

For Jenaveve Jolie’s Pleasure 70

Facesitting and Queening 20

Bubble Butt Smother 30

Rough Day 26

Nylon Cum Soak 50

69 Pussy Worship 84

Smother Foot Job 81

Too Noisy for Sandra Romaine 49

Big Ass and Cropping with Sandra Romaine 11

Riding Crop Training with Sandra Romaine 53

More Smothering Fun with Sandra Romaine! 45

Facesitting and Reading with Sandra Romaine 88

Plenty of Fun with Sandra Romaine 78


Tit Engulfed Slaves 10

Big Breasted Mistresses 97

Dare to Breathe 59

Intense Facesitting 53

Smother Victim 43

More and More of Savannah Stern’s Ass 24

Savannah Stern’s Orbs of Flesh 52

Savannah Stern Smothers the Neighbor 10

Cum on Demand for Sandra Romaine 96

Brutal Ass Worship with Sandra Romaine 1

Aggressive Slave Face Riding with Sandra Romaine 6

Loud Orgasm with Laurie Vargas 78

Laurie Vargas Sits Forward and Reverse 36

Laurie Vargas Jiggles and Spanks 7

Tales from the Clit3

Tales from the Clit1

The Terminatrix 23

The Terminatrix 21

Worship My Ass 13

Worship My Ass 11

Fist and Ass of Fury3

Fist and Ass of Fury

Enjoy the Violence0

Enjoy the Violence2

Adventures in Facesitting 20

Adventures in Facesitting 22

Tongue Fuck My Ass Slave0

Tongue Fuck My Ass Slave2

Assault with a Deadly Ass0

Assault with a Deadly Ass 10

Big Butt Ass Worship0

Big Butt Ass Worship2

When Face Meets Ass 20

When Face Meets Ass 22

Nobody Breathes Forever 20

Nobody Breathes Forever 22

Breath of a Salesman 20

Breath of a Salesman 22

Femme Fatal Facesitting 20

Femme Fatal Facesitting 22

Diary of a Facesitter 10

Diary of a Facesitter 12

I Predict Pain0

I Predict Pain2

Ay Papi Facesitting 20

Ay Papi Facesitting 2

Papi Chulo Facesitting 20

Papi Chulo Facesitting 22

The Terminatrix 10

The Terminatrix 10

Worship My Ass 20

Worship My Ass 20

Clash of the Asses0

Clash of the Asses2

Notorious Ass0

Notorious Ass2

Ay Papi Facesitting 10

Ay Papi Facesitting 12

My Big Fat Greek Ass0

My Big Fat Greek Ass2

The Spy Who Smothered Me 10

The Spy Who Smothered Me 12

Drunk Ass Ault0

Drunk Ass Ault0

Facesitting Assault 10

Facesitting Assault 10

From Russia with Ass 10

From Russian with Ass 10

Hopalong Assidy 10

Hopalong Assidy 12

Facesitting Assault 20

Facesitting Assault 22

A Facesitter Is Born 20

A Facesitter Is Born 22

Prelude to a Smother 10

Prelude to a Smother 12

Smothered Sissy Cuckold 20

Smothered Sissy Cuckold 20

Two Sat Over the Cuckoo’s Face 20

Two Sat Over the Cuckoo’s Face 22

Femme Fatal Facesitting0

Femme Fatal Facesitting0

Worship My Pussy an Ass0

Worship My Pussy and Ass0

To Smother a Deadbeat0

To Smother a Deadbeat0

Lick My Ass0

Lick My Ass2

The Face Sitting Queen0

The Face Sitting Queen2

Undercover Smother 10

Undercover Smother 12

A Facesitter Is Born 10

A Facesitter Is Born 12

Hotel Smotherfornia 10

Hotel Smotherfornia 12

Nobody Breathes Forever 10

Nobody Breathes Forever 10

Smothered Sissy Cuckold 10

Smothered Sissy Cuckold 12

Diary of a Facesitter 20

Diary of a Facesitter 22

Lost in Tits and Ass0

Lost in Tits and Ass1

Two Sat Over the Cuckoo’s Face 10

Two Sat Over the Cuckoo’s Face 12

Worship My Latina Ass 20

Worship My Latina Ass 22

For Your Ass Only 20

For Your Ass Only 22

Prelude to a Smother 20

Prelude to a Smother 22

Ass Licking Assault 20

Ass Licking Assault 22

White Men Can’t Breath 20

White Men Can’t Breath 21

Undercover Smother 20

Undercover Smother 20

War of Asses0

War of Asses2

Papi Chulo Facesitting 10

Papi Chulo Facesitting 12

Worship Brazilian Ass 21

Worship Brazilian Ass 22

Dominatrix Diaries0

Dominatrix Diaries2

Hotel Smotherfornia 20

Hotel Smotherfornia 22

Ass Worship 101 20

Ass Worship 101 22

Facesitting Felines 20

Facesitting Felines 20

Ass Licking Assault0

Ass Licking Assault2

Breath of a Salesman 10

Breath of a Salesman 12

Worship Brazilian Ass 10

Worship Brazilian Ass 10

Hopalong Assidy 20

Hopalong Assidy 20

The Good the Bad and the Smothered 10

The Good the Bad and the Smothered 10

Assault with a Deadly Ass 20

Assault with a Deadly Ass 23

Crouching Woman Hidden Face 20

Crouching Woman Hidden Face 22

Worship My Pussy and Ass 20

Worship My Pussy and Ass 22

Beach Blanket Smother 20

Beach Blanket Smother 20

Big But Brazilfs0

Big But Brazilfs2

Along Came a Facesitter0

Along Came a Facesitter2

Satisfy the Boss0

Satisfy the Boss2

When Face Meets Ass 10

When Face Meets Ass 12

Beach Blanket Smother 11

Beach Blanket Smother 12

The Good the Bad and the Smothered 20

The Good the Bad and the Smothered 22

From Russia with Ass 20

From Russia with Ass 20

Night of the Facesitter0

Night of the Facesitter0

Crouching Woman Hidden Face 10

Crouching Woman Hidden Face 12

Ferocious Facesitting 10

Ferocious Facesitting 1 1

For Your Ass Only 10

For Your Ass Only 1

White Men Can’t Breathe 10

White Men Can’t Breathe 12

Adventures in Facesitting 10

Adventures in Facesitting 10

Ferocious Facesitting 20

Ferocious Facesitting 22

Ass Worship 101 10

Ass Worship 101 12

Lick My Ass 20

Lick My Ass 21

Facesitting Felines 10

Facesitting Felines 12