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A heady fragrance came off of Cole’s crotch, filling the older man’s nostrils and lungs with the potent scent of the sweaty jock. Coach Charger knew it well. It was the scent of excellence. Of perseverance. Of championship. When a young man pushes himself just right, he leaves a pheromonal trail of his accomplishment, starting from his loins and cascading through the air. He was mere inches from the source, driving the silver daddy wild.Cole’s cock shot up in his jock as Coach Charger’s warm, smooth lips…

Coach Charger’s body definitely got Danny worked up. The experienced, well toned muscle was covered in a salt and pepper fur and tattoos, giving him a hard edge of masculinity that the younger man had only ever dreamed of.When Coach Charger dropped to his knees to start kissing his crotch, the young man was completely in shock, amazed that a man like him was interested in a boy like himself.Coach Charger sniffed at his crotch, taking in the scent of his sweaty balls before pulling down his shorts to give…

Dolf is no stranger to getting a hot young guy naked, and Jack was exactly his type. He loved his bright smile and pleasant demeanor, finding himself crushing on him harder and harder as the session progressed. Once Jack couldn’t take anymore, he let the boy cool off, sitting beside him and showering him with compliments and encouragement.Jack loved it. He loved hearing the positive feedback from his trainer, but also found himself increasingly attracted to him. Once he realized he wasn’t as scary as he…

It’s Saturday and Coach Thirio has invited some of his pupils to watch a game. They’ve been joined by Principal Figata, so everyone’s supposedly on their best behavior…Trouble is, there’s something in the air which is making them all feel horny. Instead of watching the game, they’re checking each other out and getting hard. You can see their dicks straining inside their shorts. Young Eric can’t take his eyes off the principal and rather boldly makes a move.Figata smiles and puts his hand on the boy’s…

Coach Thirio was keenly aware of just how hard Cole was pushing himself. It was clear Cole was becoming more comfortable with him, smiling at his jocks and taking to his touch without reservation. He welcomed the intimacy. And Coach Thirio could tell it was his moment.Seeing a rise in Cole’s shorts, he gave it a friendly pat. Cole didn’t shy away, seemingly comfortable with his junk being handled by the older muscle daddy. Coach Thirio slowly pulled down the band of his shorts, seeing the white mesh cup…

Coach Charger eyed Marcus as he sat and chatted with him. Marcus has been recommended for a number of recognitions and scholarship opportunities based on his athletic prowess, but Charger had to see what more there was beneath the player.Marcus didn’t know how to impress the older man. His stunning, silver hair and tan, muscular physique was well known for making the other boys obsess. In many ways, Marcus was just the average, friendly student and athlete. But for Coach Charger, he saw potential in…

“Have you ever had sex before?” Jack’s face flushed red. He didn’t know what to say that would sound right, so he just told the truth that he hadn’t.”Do you want some pointers?” Grandpa Lance asked, already beginning to remove his clothes. Jack could hardly believe what he was hearing and seeing. It became pretty apparent that this was not going to be a usual birds and bees conversation, nor was it going to be purely theoretical.With Lance’s permission, Jack took a handful of the older man’s member,…

Fresh from a practice and a bit worked up and sweaty, Coaches Cox and Charger immediately began to paw at Tom’s body, feeling his youthful muscles as they got big whiffs of his musky scent. He had the woody fragrance of a champion, something that made them all horny as hell.Principal Ballard pulled off his pants and underwear as he stood tall, enjoying the attention and worship that came from being the hot young top among them. He watched as they took turns swallowing his growing cock, tasting his tight…

I sat Eli down on the couch in my office and it wasn’t long at all before we were kissing. And those lips! What a deep pleasure it is to kiss them…I got him to stand so I could run my hands up the legs of his shorts and bury my head in his sweet-smelling crotch. I slowly rolled his jockstrap down his thighs and his giant dick suddenly bounced up like a jizz-fuelled jack-in-a-box!I immediately got it in my mouth, and within seconds was choking on it.He took control, ordering me down onto the couch and…

My name’s Lance Charger and I coach young people to play baseball. Perhaps I shouldn’t be noticing how sexy some of the boys on my team have become, but it’s hard to ignore all those raging hormones floating about in the locker room after a game! The biggest horn-dog is a young guy called Austin, but I’ve also taken a bit of a shine to a boy called Eli.The three of us were in the locker room the other day. I turned around for a few seconds, and when I turned back, they were kissing! I was astounded when…

Cole sat in a chair facing Principal Matthew Figata, listening to him recount the list of grievances his teachers had with him.”I know what you want,” Cole said. “All day you see young guys like me come in here. I know you check us out, thinking of our big, young, sweaty cocks, desperate for a taste. I’ve got a big one that I know you’d love… and I’m happy to give it to you. All I want in return is a little slack.””No, that’s not appropriate. I’m your principal and you can’t talk to me like that.””Oh…

Tom’s a talented young athlete and I’m the lucky guy who gets to be his coach. Yesterday afternoon, I took him to my office and we kissed. Moments later, I stripped down to my jock and got on my knees to suck the hell out of the boy’s giant, cut dick. I was so confused. I’m his coach. Surely he was meant to be pleasuring me?He pushed me down onto the couch and pulled my legs back so that he could get that talented teenaged tongue of his inside my hole.It wasn’t long before he was feeding his huge dick…

My name’s Principal Figata and I’m the school administrator. I take the well-being of my students incredibly seriously but I’m also a red-blooded male, and some of the boys in this college are nothing but walking hormones!I’ve always been intrigued by Austin. I called him into my office this afternoon to give him a motivational chat about applying himself more as a sportsman. I’m not sure why, or at which point I started openly talking about his dick, but I remember blurting out that I was keen to see…

Oliver came to see me earlier this week. I could tell there was something on his mind.I was a little surprised when he told me he’d planned a hook up with a bottom guy and was worried he wouldn’t know how to top!I told him he could practice on me! The statement just sort of blurted out of my mouth!We got down to it pretty quick. I pulled him towards me and we kissed like a pair of randy teenagers, tearing each other’s clothes off. I started sucking his neat, cut cock. It tasted real good.I explained he…

Coach Knox knew something was up when Maxx brought Cole in for a “massage.” It was highly unusual for the athletes to come in together, and Maxx had already received the older man’s special attention. Cole, too, was no stranger to the muscle daddy’s bare ass and hole.He stripped off their clothes and took a good look at their heavy packages. The pouches of their jocks were overflowing with their swelling members, held up only by the narrow waistband of the underwear wrapped above their hips.He pulled out…

Jack has always been a model student but, in recent weeks, he’s been getting into all kinds of trouble.I called him into my office to see if anything was wrong. The moment he sat down, I felt a rush of blood surging downward. There was something about the way he looked at me with those trusting, puppy-dog eyes.I reached out, placed my hand on his groin and started to run the palm of my hand over the bulge in his loose-fitting soccer shorts. His dick was rock hard.We stood up and started kissing. I kissed…

Trainer Dietrich is the new DILF in town. Muscular, masculine, tanned and covered in tattoos, he turns heads wherever he goes. He’s become particularly interested in young Ian, who he’s been training for several months.Ian is a pint-sized twink with a great body and a big tool. In short, he’s exactly what the trainer wants! A hot encounter in Dietrich’s office at the gym sees the young twink banging and breeding his trainer and discovering that Dietrich’s internal muscles are every bit as well-developed…

Coach Cox lifted up the boy’s shirt, drinking in the tight chest and chiseled abs with his eyes. He couldn’t believe how much Cameron had developed in a single season. As Coach felt up the young body, Cameron, too, ran his hands over the man’s chest. Cox saw a young man in his prime while Cameron saw an experienced daddy he was desperate to fuck!Coach dropped to his knees, pulling down the boy’s shorts releasing his cock. It was enormous! Easily 9 inches long and plenty thick. It was as veiny and hard as…

As Cole removed his sweatpants, his throbbing cock became too hard to hide. It practically broke through his tight, blue jockstrap. Principal Figata was very pleased, feeling his smooth, athletic frame, urging him to remove the last bits of cover he had. Coach Knox was clear that Cole was representing both the coach and the team, not just himself. Cole understood he was supposed to make a good impression, trying his best to hide his nerves as he slid off his jock.They took turns taking it in their…

When handsome young jock Jack propositioned him in their supply room, Coach Cox was reluctant to go along. Despite his rejection, Jack could tell the older man could be swayed. Even before Jack grabbed his crotch, he could see the coach’s eyes sneaking glances at it again and again.”No one needs to know…” Jack smiled. His boyish grin and dimples gave him an irresistible, impish quality, making Coach Cox weak to his charms.Jack was eager, they were completely alone, and no one needed to ever find out.…

Super-hung jock, Maxx Monroe, turns the tables on TwinkTop favorite, Coach Knox. The seduction is slow and intense but as the boy’s cock expands, the coach realizes he needs it inside him.The fucking is brutal. Athletic. The boy throws his coach around the office, fucking him on his back, his front, from the side… It’ll leave you wanting more. A lot more.

Rick is hungry for a young cock in his mouth and ass, and he’s eager to share the young man with his beefy partner.Coach Rick had a horny smile on his face as he ran his hands over Cameron’s body, practically showing off the young man like he was a prize. Cox’s gaze moved across his body, moving from his beautiful long legs up to his handsome, smooth, boyish face. Rick was direct and to the point, offering the boy’s big cock for the mustachioed coach to sample, a proposition that made him both nervous…

Mark couldn’t believe it. His old man was handling his cock, caressing it in his fingers and stroking it to full strength. It sent sensations throughout his body, making him leak precum out of the tip of his shaft. Coach Angus dipped his head toward it, licking up the bead of fluid with his tongue, pouring hot breath over Mark’s cock.Coach Angus could see the boy’s hunger. He’d seen it many times before in the other boys. But now, he felt a swelling of pride from deep within, making him eager to give his…

Finding themselves alone in the sports camp’s private sauna, hung twinks Felix and Austin decide to fool around a bit. Shortly after they open their towels for one another, Director Steele steps in as well.The muscular man sits on the bench between them, and Felix is the first to grip the man’s huge cock. The boys take turns trying to deepthroat the man’s massive meat before Director Steele invites the boys upstairs.Comfortably on the director’s bed, the boys spit roast the big guy, swapping in and out…

Coach Rick is surprised to see a student when he answers the knock at his door, especially a twink he doesn’t recognize. But Jack came by hoping for a spot on the team, and a few simple exercises seem to get the boy pretty worked up.Coach Rick pulls Jack’s shorts and underwear down and the twink’s fat cock swings in the coach’s face. After sucking the big dick, Coach wants to see if the boy knows how to use it. And boy does he ever! Coach Rick throws his legs in the air so Jack can punch his prostate.The…

Lucas has already topped Coach Angus, but it never hurts to get some extra training. Cole has come with him, and he’s armed with several buttplugs and a dildo to help Lucas learn a bit more about dominating their mentor.Soon, however, the toys get tossed aside and the coach is on his knees, sucking the boys’ dicks in turn. It’s not top training without topping the man, so Cole presses his heavy meat into the older man’s ass while Lucas occupies Coach’s mouth. The boys swap places so Lucas can get some…

Coach Rick has been waiting all season to make a move on young Cameron. Now, alone in a musty storage room at the back of the gym, he gets his chance. It turns out to be everything he wanted and so much more.It takes a bit of time for the muscle man’s ass to stretch out, but after some muscle-bulging effort, his thick pecs are bouncing in time to the ripped twink’s deep thrusts. Cameron is a quick study in physical education, and he gets Coach Rick moaning loudly as he plows over his mentor’s…

With a cocky smirk, Marcus starts instructing his coach to do various exercises before pressing on the older man’s taint and teasing Coach’s cock briefly with his mouth.Coach Angus is soon on all fours with Marcus’ tongue in his hole while Marcus lets his own big, heavy cock out of his jockstrap. Coach Angus is is ready to be Marcus’ wide receiver and starts begging for his cock.Coach Angus starts moaning and pressing back onto Marcus’ cock as he enters his hole slowly. Marcus flexes his cock when he’s…

Austin Young is always looking for ways to help out. So when Coach Killian Knox asked him to assist in decorating the school for Christmas, the young twink was more than willing to lend a helping hand.With a reminder to be quiet, Coach Knox quickly peels off Austin’s shirt and kisses down his hairless torso, groping his growing bulge. He soon has Austin’s dick out and in his mouth, while Austin moans above him.”Sssh we’re at school!” Coach Knox reminds the horny boy. After more sucking, he strips down to…

Coach Myles Landon has been looking forward to Austin Young’s smooth, toned body all day. Now that they’re finally alone together, Austin is naked beneath him, and Coach has his dick right at Austin’s hole. But then…”I want to fuck you today,” the twink says to the muscle daddy.Coach is intrigued by this reversal, especially when Austin demands that he turn around and ride him. Sitting on the boy’s cock gets Coach Landon rock hard, and he gets even more excited when he gets on his back, thick thighs up…

Marcus Rivers, Maxx Monroe, Jack Andram, and Cole Blue have to face it–Coach Figata and Coach Knox handily beat all four of them in their impromptu football game. Back inside, they’re reluctant to admit defeat, but the older men reassure them that just because they lost at one thing doesn’t mean they need to sulk. There are plenty of other things these four young jocks are good at, and their coaches are going to enjoy every single one!All six quickly strip down to their socks and jocks, as the older men…

When Angus gets up on the exam table, presenting his meaty, round, muscular ass, Ian’s cock instantly swells with excitement. In any other moment, such a sight would make him immediately worked up and horny to fuck. It’s a little strange to have those feelings in the presence of an observing physician and cameras rolling. Still, it’s what he must do, so he goes along with it.Using his fingers, he begins to open up Angus’ hole, feeling his tough, muscular sphincter tighten around his digits before…

When one of the masked doctors told him to suck the other’s cock, Mark’s eyes went wide. He swore he misheard, but when the doctor repeated the request, Mark’s cock visibly shot up, as if volunteering without saying a word.As Mark began to suck, he looked up at the unnamed man. He worked the shaft with his lips, feeling his own swell up and reach full strength. The tall doctor clearly liked it, causing Mark to swallow copious amounts of his precum.Sitting at a computer and watching intently, the doctor…

Bringing in four of his sexy recruits, he puts himself in the middle of an all-twink fuck fest, splaying out on his bed to let his horny, passionate boys go wild on his body! The handsome, scruffy, older man can’t get enough of their beautiful, smooth, lean bodies; feeling their soft skin rub against his, and bringing his cock to a full throb!The young men have no problem sharing. Having played together on a team, practicing together, exercising together, and exploring their top urges side by side,…

As soon as August’s hands touched Austin’s skin, the young man felt completely at ease. The slick oil moved over his flesh, giving August the smooth pressure needed to make Austin’s legs melt. As he moved up closer to Austin’s butt, August could tell Austin was getting a little worked up from his massage…It didn’t take much for Austin’s cock to fall out of his shorts and into August’s mouth. The young man didn’t seem to mind, growing increasingly hard as August began to swallow his meat down. And when…

Coach Angus placed the boy on the floor and turned himself around, giving him a closer look at the hole deep between his big ass cheeks. Lucas’ mouth watered, staring at the man’s tight hole, desperate for a taste. He leaned his neck forward, pressing his face between his meaty man mounds, licking at him with intensity and fervor that made Coach Angus moan onto the boy’s cock!All it took was a few laps of his sphincter before Lucas was ready to mount up on him, feeling his rock hard shaft press between…

When visiting his cottage, Austin caught the big muscle daddy taking a leak in his bathroom. Stunned, he didn’t know whether to walk away or get closer. Luckily, the older man invited him to watch as he relieved his bladder. It was intense and sexy, making Austin almost too hard to relieve himself as well!”No matter,” said the older camp director. “Plenty of ways to get rid of an erection!”Dallas leaned down and kissed the young man on the lips. Austin loved how small he felt next to him, completely…

The three boys laid on the older man’s bed, presenting their hot asses up like cakes on a tray! Coach Landon felt his heart race, excited at the chance to taste each one, and not sure where to start…Cole and Austin watched on as their friend got bred by the bare cock of their coach, stroking each other’s cocks and making out as the air became thick with their masculine pheromones. But as Coach Landon thrust his cock into Marcus’ hungry hole, they couldn’t take their eyes off the older man’s smooth…

On his back, Marcus watched as Angus held his legs up, stretching them toward the ceiling as he put the weight of his body up against his own. Marcus knew he had to focus on his breathing, but all he could think about was the handsome man’s crotch pressing harder and closer toward his loins.Marcus could feel the heat coming from the coach’s genitals, making his own cock rise inside his jock. As the muscular man worked his body over, Marcus couldn’t help it as his cock grew even harder between his stomach…

It was arousing to see such a young face present such confidence and intensity! They took off their clothes and caressed each other, feeling one another’s bodies, embracing their differences. In turn, Austin was won over by the man’s broad, furry chest and developed muscles. And Agent Robles loved how the boy’s lean frame showed off his perfect six pack and heavy cock!It wasn’t until he got the boy’s meat in his mouth that he understood what the other men had talked about. He wanted to service him and…

Lubing up his dick, Austin followed the thick legs of his burly, bear daddy down to where they met. He slid his cock in, feeling the intense heat and strength of his matured sphincter, practically milking him from its grip. Austin fucked Angus deeper, working his way further inside the big man’s body.Director Wolf took some lube onto his fingers and began playing with the boy’s hole as he worked on Angus’ ass. It was like nothing else seeing Austin work his digits as he filled the older man!Wolf quickly…

Dolf was quick to take off Cole’s clothes. The beautiful young man had a perfectly toned body to match his sweet, boyish face. His long, lean muscles were truly a gift for the eyes.But nothing was more perfect to him than his thick, meaty shaft. Taking it into his mouth, Dolf worshiped the young man’s cock, watching how his heavy nuts perfectly held it up and in place, presented for him to devour.Cole watched as the tattooed daddy swallowed his big cock down. His throat was so tight and velvety smooth…

Lukas was rock hard the moment the two started undressing, groping each other’s athletic bodies and seeing more of their bare flesh. Bending Lukas over on all fours, Dallas stroked the boy’s well-hung shaft as he planted his face firmly into his ass.The older man could hardly stop himself working his slicked member inside the boy’s hole, eager to feel his sphincter work his shaft.Lukas felt a rush of sensation take over his body as Dallas ramped up his intensity and aggression. Steele held the boy…

Robles runs a hand up Cole’s back, feeling the length and strength of his spine. The boy’s neck stands erect, arching as if in offering. Robles leans in and kisses him, smelling his youthful, masculine musk as he comes close. Cole’s cock swells hard in his shorts knowing that he’s going to have a little fun…Robles removes Cole’s clothes, getting a look at his beautiful body, thick cock, and round ass. Taking off his clothes as well, Robles gives Cole the chance to take the older man’s cock into his…

Coach Savage sees a lot of promise in Lukas. The young stud is handsome, confident, athletic, and has a great cock! Lukas is happy to get the silver daddy alone. After all, he’s always had a thing for a man with a whistle! And seeing him in his shorts and polo, Lukas can’t help but be horned up for some hot coach action…Lukas first shows his respect by running his tongue all over his coach’s thick cock. He can taste his experience and expertise as he swallows each inch of the older man. He can see the…

Tom couldn’t contain his excitement. The idea of spending some one-on-one time with Trainer Dietrich was almost too much for him to bear. Tom jerked off on countless nights imagining seeing the daddy bent over with his ass pouring out of his tight jockstrap.He’d seen glimpses in the past, but never had the chance to get an up close look. But he knew his moment had come and was eager to make it happen…Dolf could see the boy’s enthusiasm. He loved seeing a younger guy take charge and own his sexuality!…

Trainer Dietrich smiled as he saw his handsome athlete walk in, happy to see him reciprocate the desire. And without hesitation, the older man leaned in and kissed him, pressing his lips to Austin’s as the young man practically felt his heart stop.The two began to grope each other, running their hands over each other’s flesh, taking off their clothes, and feeling their lean, athletic bodies.Pulling out the boy’s cock, he could feel it pulse in his hand. A small stream of pre-cum escaped from the tip,…

Director Steele took the lead, reaching for Austin to plant a kiss on his lips. The tall man had to lean down to make contact, making his great height seem even greater next to the tiny boy. The rest took the hint and began to embrace each other; Lukas with Cole, Felix with Coach Savage.It wasn’t long before they were caught up in an orgy of kissing and groping, caressing each other’s muscles and cocks, moving from one to the other. Cole, Director Steele, and Coach Savage all felt their hearts race as…

Tom leaned in to kiss him, knowing that Robles was desperate to feel his lips press against his own. The kiss was enough to set off his own cock, getting it rock hard and ready to play! But more than a desire to fuck, he wanted to feel the powerful jock dominate him and fuck him hard.Taking out his cock, Tom watched as the handsome daddy swallowed his massive, monster cock to the back of his throat. Tom flipped him over to pull down his underwear, getting his first look at the older man’s beautiful,…

Steele loved seeing Felix get bold and frisky, taking liberties with the bigger, older man and asserting his own dominance. He wanted to celebrate his good looks, his beautiful, lean body, and feel his vitality and youthful energy fuck his ass deep.As soon as they reconnected, the older man took Felix’s cock into his mouth, feeling it pulse with intense heat against his tongue. He could feel it swell between his lips, building up the energy for deep drilling. With the boy’s cock glistening with his…

Doctor Wolf has known Austin for quite a while. Austin has shared much of his sexual history, even his hopes for his sexual future! Doctor Wolf has taken a special interest in seeing Austin achieve his goals, and offers him some special instruction…Doctor Wolf surprises Austin with camp Director Steele, for the young boy to train with. Austin can’t believe his good fortune, eager to fool around with the hot, silver fox of a muscle daddy!As Director Steele presents his perfect body to the young boy,…

Coach Angus has always enjoyed Austin’s can-do attitude. The young man is eager to try new things and test his limits, but has always been in the bottom role when it comes to sex. Coach Angus didn’t think much of it until Austin mentioned he’d want to give topping a try. He knew he’d need some guidance. But after all, what are coaches for?Stripping Austin down to his underwear, he began the boy’s training, getting him good and hard by taking Austin’s smooth cock to the back of his throat. Angus’ tongue…

Felix walked into his bathroom while he was shaving, catching him standing there in his white briefs. He’d mentioned to his staff that his bathroom was free to use if the main showers were ever busy, but he was surprised to see one of his campers standing before him! He was thrilled to see that young Felix must have heard about his offer through the grapevine.He eyed his body as the water ran over his smooth skin, dripping down over his exposed cock. He saw Felix looking back at him, similarly at the…

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It seems that Jack Bailey and Romeo Davis just can’t get enough of each other! They say opposites attract, and these two guys couldn’t be more different. Flame-haired cutie, Jack, is definitely the sort of boy you’d want your mom to meet, whereas heavily-tattooed, rough-guy Romeo would have her running for her life!They make out on a hotel bed, lips locked, tongues dancing. The sight of the immense bulge in Jack’s shorts sends vigorous waves of lust surging through Romeo’s body. He instantly remembers…

Cheeky, geeky, ginger, pizza-boy, Connor, stumbles into the bedroom of the guy who’s ordered the delivery. He’s shocked to find Bob on the bed, jerking himself into oblivion. Mustachioed, older dude, Bob, has a shaved head and a clipered, well-defined chest. It turns out he’s exactly Connor’s type… and the feeling is mutual.Connor instantly drops his pants and encourages the older guy to get to work on his long, hard dick. Bob wraps his experienced lips around the ginger boy’s meat before taking it…

Cute, twink, Jack Bailey meets bearded, daddy-bear, Killian Knox in this all-raw, red hot encounter. The two men face each other on the bed, legs seductively wrapped around each other, grinding and writhing their sexy bodies together. Before long, they’re tearing off clothes and kissing like their lives depend on it. Their looks of lustful desperation tell us how much they want each other and just how steamy this boy-meets-dad hook up is gonna get.Jack pulls down his boxers and his huge, solid dick…

Pale-skinned, cute boy Troye Jacobs pairs up with tanned, hunkym muscle-DILF, Jax Thiro, in the latest offering from TwinkLoads.The chemistry is instantly off-the-charts as the two guys embrace and kiss passionately on the bed, tearing each other’s clothes off, desperate to feel flesh on flesh. Troye keenly runs his hands over Jax’s perfectly-chiselled body, sensually indulging the feeling in a state of pure ecstasy.Troye then lies on the bed with his legs spread wide, moaning lustfully as Jax adeptly…

Seriously sexy top guy, Johnny Ford, has been paired up with tasty, blond twink, Oliver Carter. These horny stars can’t get enough of each other. Within seconds, they’re on a bed getting down and dirty!After a deep session of passionate kissing, Johnny squats down and energetically starts to suck and slurp on Oliver’s giant, cut dick. It’s certainly a rare treat to see a man like Johnny Ford slowly succumbing to the horny whims of a twink. But there’s a catch: if Oliver’s gonna be the top, Johnny’s gonna…

Sexy, tattooed otter, Romeo Davis, is up for a real treat when he meets the seriously hot, baby-faced twink, Jack Bailey.Jack might look like a harmless angel, but his sex drive is off the charts and he’s well into this rough, masculine hunk. The feeling is, of course, mutual. Romeo wouldn’t normally go for a smooth, innocent-looking boy like Jack, but there’s something about this twink which makes him quiver.They’re immediately all over each other, kissing passionately, tongues exploring every inch of…

Jason Sparks has a lot of stress and is in desperate need for a deep massage and a full release. He asked his friends for a good recommendation and, sure enough, they were all eager to give him many names to try out.Today’s masseur is cute, blond-haired Brent. Jason strips naked and lies on the table while Brent gets to work, vigorously rubbing oil into the older man’s back and thighs. Hot sun streams into the room.Brent takes his top off and continues. His seductive hands glide over every inch of…

Jax Thirio’s dominant demeanor and big daddy dick have more often than not led to him taking the top bunk in the bedroom – particularly with younger guys. But, in the latest scene from TwinkLoads, it seems all that’s about to change…Sexy Jax has found himself in a hotel room with the tall, flame-haired twink, Jack Bailey. The two men kiss passionately. Jack sits on the edge of the bed with Jax standing between his legs. The sexual chemistry is off the charts. These two guys want each other badly but it…

Two men make out on a bed in a hotel room. One, a tanned, bearded DILF with a stocky, well-defined body, is passionately kissing a handsome, lean, young twink, with floppy, mouse-brown hair and long limbs. These two guys are really into each other. In fact, they can’t get their tongues far enough down each other’s throats! The sexy twink is rock hard and bulging in his jeans. The DILF can’t wait to get him naked. Their pants come off and the DILF gets his lips wrapped around the twink’s impressive,…

Connor Taylor is a geeky, skinny, red-headed masseur. He’s very much a boy with sex on the brain and he regularly gives his clients a little more than they’re expecting! Bearded DILF Killian Knox has all the attributes that Connor most appreciates in a man. He’s masculine, bald-headed, and built like a brick shit house. As he undresses for his massage, Connor decides that his tip will need to be a carnal one.The massage itself is relatively short-lived with Connor rapidly becoming horned-up to the max as…

Greg is a bald-headed, buff dude. He’s the very definition of a DILF. Bored in his hotel room, he orders pizza and is surprised to discover that Brent, the skinny blond delivery boy, is someone he’s been trying to hook up with on Grindr! Brent is plainly into Greg as well.Within seconds, the two guys are kissing hungrily, tearing each other’s clothes off, horned up and raring to go. Greg is soon sucking Brent’s impressive long, thick dick. His years of experience make the young Twink gasp…

Connor delivers pizzas for a restaurant across town. He’s a student at the local college and he likes older men!I discovered this for myself a couple of weeks ago when a tall, lanky red-head turned up at my apartment holding a giant pizza box… Let’s just say we fucked like rabbits all afternoon.I ordered pizza again this afternoon, hoping Connor would deliver and was very pleased when I opened the door to find him standing there. Within seconds we were kissing.He took his T-shirt off, exposing his…

Sean looked so hot when he arrived. He’s got a V-shaped torso, enormous thighs and ass cheeks which look like they’ve been carved out of granite! The moment I started to massage him, I boned up big time.I dropped my shorts, went round to the top of the table and allowed my rock hard dick to bounce on the back of Sean’s head. It wasn’t long before he brought one of his hands up to feel it.He pushed himself up onto his elbows and started sucking me off. And boy was he sucking!He got on his back with his…

I couldn’t wait to massage Bob. He was a proper DILF! Tall, shaven-headed with a damned fine torso!Almost as soon as I started the treatment I realized he was getting horny. And the more I massaged, the more I appreciated his body. Every muscle had been worked on.My shorts came off fairly quickly. I moved around to the top of the table and allowed my rock hard dick to subtly bounce on the back of his head. Moments later, his hand was wrapped around it, and pretty soon after that he started to suck me…

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StagHomme are back with star Damien Crosse being barebacked by muscle man Diego Senna

Stag Homme reconnects with its roots in this “30 Loads of Facials” inspired scene. This time Damien Crosse gets to feast on the gorgeous piece of ultra-ripped and perfectly sculpted Darius Ferdynand, who drowns Damien in with his piss and cum. Directed by Francesco D’Macho.

Damien Crosse gulps down all of Diego Summers’s extra thick cock before hungrily taking it raw in just about every position served aggressively hard by Summers until he finally breeds Crosse. Raw Summers stars Diego Summers and Damien Crosse.

Brazilian “safado” Wagner Vittoria comes to Stag Homme for a second round of bareback action. This time he’s looking to stick his monster-thick piece in some lucky anonymous mouth and hole that hungrily awaits on the opposite end of the glory hole. And what better way to be greeted than by another “delicia” of a gluttonous Latino?Yes, Damien Crosse and his eternally insatiable hunger are on the other side of the hole. Damien of course swallows Wagner’s epic cock with pure adoration and an ocean of…

Mario and Wagner are long term buddies since high school times and have had the hots for each other secretly from the start. Today they are doing some cross fit by the beach getting all sweaty and horny spotting each other. They rest by one of the benches and start touching secretly their meat bones. Wagner is hungry and wants to go take a bite but he needs to see his girl afterwards so Mario proposes to go to his place close by and shower quickly before heading for lunch. Over at Mario’s apartment…

Damien Crosse is getting high and asphyxiating himself while he jerks off under the shower, when the doorbell rings. Damien’s fuck date, Antonio Miracle, has just arrived…and he wonders who he’ll have the pleasure of giving permission to do whatever they want to with his body. Damien however will never know. Since Damien will be blindfolded from the point the stranger enters the room until after the stranger cums on his asshole twice before taking all the thick cum from Damien’s hole and lapping it up…

This is without a doubt one of the hottest scenes we have at Stag Homme. First time on Stag Homme Spanish hunk Antonio Miracle hides a camera in his bedroom and invites his fuck buddy Xavi over. What follows is an incredible and real fuck with 100% genuine chemistry between the two. As if it’s not enough Antonio takes out another camera and the two film some very intimate close ups as well. All bareback of course.. Don’t miss it! Starring Antonio Miracle & Xavi Duran. Directed by Francesco D’Macho.

Brand new episode of our best selling bareback series WHEN STAGS BREED starring hung Spanish stud Max Toro and tattooed hunk Ehrik Ortega. Directed by Francesco D’Macho.

StagHomme continue to deliver the hottest content from the continent. Starring Damien Crosse & Sergyo Caruso. Directed by Francesco D’Macho.

When Stags Breed Episode 3 The Broken Condom Stag Homme Studios brings you episode 3 of its raw series “WHEN STAGS BREED”! This time as a flip-fuck scene between Damien Crosse and first time on the site Hugo Arenas in his bottoming debut. A broken condom, internal cumshot, anal creampie and open mouth cumshot! This and more you’ll get this week on Stag Homme. Starring Hugo Arenas and Damien Crosse. Directed by Francesco D’Macho.

Jesse Ares And Xavi directed by Francesco D’macho. Photography by Damien Crosse.

Jesse Ares And Mark Sanz directed by Francesco D’macho.

Europe’s premier studio StagHomme deliver another sizzling scene featuring Porn Star Pedro Andreas and Mark Sanz.

In the second installment of Stag Homme’s “Buenos Aires Series” two young men go to take a piss together around a tree. But Rokko notices that Michael Amerika is more into watching his big fat piece piss than taking a piss of his own. So Rocco starts rubbing his fat cock and easily entices Michael to get down on his knees and put in his mouth exactly what he’s salivating over. What ensues is a hard and delicious suck and fuck outdoor sequence which will make you a instant fan of outdoor fucking and…

In the first of Stag Homme’s BUENOS AIRES series, muscle-boy Louis Ricaute steps onto his balcony to soak in the Argentine summer sun a bit. But the summer sun has the habit if getting Louis a bit riled up. So he takes out his fat rock-hard cock and starts stroking it while watching the action below on Avenida 9 de Julio, the widest and busiest street of all Buenos Aires. Unbeknownst to him his roommate Milo is stroking his own dick from inside the house fantasizing about sucking Louis’s big fat piece…

Flex is home alone watching porn pouring himself few drinks. He gets horny and soon really drunk until he falls asleep with a big hard-on.. Antonio, his roommate, comes back home from the gym and finds his naughty buddy on the couch. He’s been longing for an occasion like this and starts stroking Flex’s dick. Soon he decides to put his meaty hung cock inside his mouth and after that starts fucking his sleeping buddy. But Flex is not asleep he’s just pretending open his eyes and tells his naughty…

The Good Husband 2 stars Flex and Damien Crosse. Directed by Francesco D’Macho.

Stag Homme, the company who put in vogue fucking on Spanish roof tops, returns to its roots in this fiery scene between Bulgarian bodybuilder Goran and newcomer and Argentinian bodybuilder Flex. Lose yourself in the sweat, cum and passion as these boys give you their all in plain view of the entire city. This is what wet summer dreams are made of.

Two very hot and half naked men happen to be stranded in the arid Iberian countryside trying to catch a ride. But with both having no luck Goran decides to hitch a ride on newcomer Juan Lopez instead. Hitchhikers is one hot as fuck outdoor sequence fashioned in a style that is unique to the Stag Homme brand. The Hitchikers stars Goran and Juan Lopez.

Stag Homme returns with another amazing episode of Straight Man Fucks Me this time with a 24 years old thug that cums 3 times!! Once inside Francesco’s mouth, then inside his ass resulting in a lot of the condom full of cum sucking, and lastly after teasing Francesco’s hole with his humongous cock the stud fucks him in 2 positions then pulls out and cums allover his mouth and face in an explosive cumshot that will make you bust a nut in matter of seconds. One of the best episodes from this series. Enjoy…

Gabriel Vanderloo asks his friend Goran to do him a favor: trim the hairs on his ass. Goran is shocked at his request but Vanderloo convinced him to help him out…after all they’re just guys. But when Goran feasts his eyes on Gabriel’s growing boner he figures out that Gabriel has something more in mind…and Goran has no qualms on helping a friend out. Get ready for some ridiculously intense sucking, rimming and fucking that will make you explode like never before.

Bodybuilder Robin Sanchez cruises from his balcony the street below while stroking his cock. From the street, Damien Crosse catches a glimpse of the masturbating hunk. Sanchez then signals Crosse to come up and join him. What follows is an exquisite public exchange of oral talents on the balcony. Then Damien gives Robin quite the pounding before cumming in each others mouths.

Stag Homme brings you a second awaited episode of one of our most popular scenes: “CALLEJEROS” (STREET THUGS). Shot at night on the streets of Madrid Maykel Cash and for the first time on bodybuilder Robin Sanchez go at it hiding behind cars and street corners. You can’t get more public that this. They move the action on a roof top terrace. Rimming, multiple fuck positions and a nasty oral cumshot brought to you in night vision from the twisted mind of director Damien Crosse lover of…

Hunger Bang stars Damien Crosse and 4 Hung and Uncut studs in an amazing gangbang/bukkake scene. Watch as each of the boys fucks and shoots his load in Damien’s mouth!

Lovers of story-line porn will instantly fall in love with “The Math Tutor”. Stag Homme Discovery Manuel Lopez can’t manage to study…and things get worse when his ridiculously hot tutor, Stag Homme Discovery Goran, shows up to give him his private lessons. Goran keeps talking math but all Manuel can think about is getting his tutor undressed. What unfolds is a beautiful suck and fuck sequence with true chemistry and passion which is rare to find. And yes…there tons of gorgeous and sloppy kissing as…

Damien Crosse directs the latest scene on Featuring sexy Antonio Aguilera and Russian adonis Dato Foland this scene gets straight down to business and explodes with sweat and cum.

Francesco D’Macho is moving into a brand new apartment and hires Nicolas Taximan as his mover. See what follows..

Stag Homme presents Nicolas Taximan as Goran’s straight roommate in the the third installment of the series. Goran arrives home to find Nicolas jerking off in the kitchen. He then takes out his dick and starts jerking off to his straight roommate without him noticing. What unravels is that not only does Goran get to suck Nicolas’ big fat Brazilian meat but also gets a pounding he’ll never forget.

The Handyman stars Wagner Victoria and Damien Crosse.

Stag Homme presents Maikel Cash and Francesco D-Macho for the first time together in this deliciously passionate and primal fuck-flick ending with a fat “gulp it all down” oral cumshaw.

30 Loads of Facials comes back in this double-dose episode starring Francesco and Damien and two anonymous men. This time no drop will be wasted.

Russian adonis Dato Foland is back for the sequel of Cum On Over, this time with Brazilian sex-god Wagner Victoria and his beer-can dick which Foland beautifully takes in this passionate flip-flop fuck which finishes with two delicious oral cumshots! Savor it to the very last drop in Cum on Over 2!!

Wanna get rid of those icy winter blues? Stag Homme has exactly what you need: passion and romance in a flip-flop sex-flick thats warmed up with a touch of ambient warm pink light. Starring two very important gosotosos of the industry for the first time together: brazilian sex-god Diego Lauzen for his very first time on Stag Homme alongside uber-hot Bulgarian SH Discovery Goran. The romance is uncripted, its just that these two have a burning chemistry between each other. Everything about this film is…

Could this pairing be any hotter? Stag Homme Superstars discoveries Dato Foland and Abraham Al Malek star in this explosive fuck flick that will blow your mind! The two are on a sex chat session after hooking up online, when Dato tells Abraham to “Cum On Over” to his house. Watch as the 2 suck each other off in Dato’s kitchen and then Abraham bottoms for the very first time on video!! What follows is 2 spectacular fuck positions where you can admire the amazing physiques of the pair and Abraham…

Leo Domenico stars in his second Stag Homme feature, this time as Damien Crosse’s hostage in Stockholm Syndrome 2. Damien kidnaps Domenico only ro treat him like the rag doll he is… and Leo learns to love every minute of it as his huge hefty cock probes every bit of the hotness of being held hostage.

Maykel Cash has just moved to Madrid from Caracas because his company had a position available for him in the Spanish capital. He’s in a rush on his way home one day when he crashes into Bulgarian stud Goran. The incident sends his mail flying everywhere. Goran helps him pick up his letters but Maykel has left one behind. When Goran notices it Maykel has already dashed away. But since Maykel is one hot fucker with a killer smile Goran decides to read the address on the letter and turn it into him. Maykel…

You’ll gag on Araham Al Malek’s fucking debut where he plays the gardner of an angry villa-owner (Damien Crosse). Damien is upset at Abraham for taking a break from work and orders Abraham to refresh himself on Damien’s cock. But at the end its Damien that ends up taking Abraham’s hefty cock up his ass. This fuck flick is definitely one of Stag Homme’s best to date.

Pure real sexual chemistry is captured in this straight to the point fuck out in the sun for first comer on site Leo Domenico and Francesco D’Macho.

Season 3 continues its public route in this very special episode. Casa de Campo is a huge green space inside the heart of Madrid which is an infamous cruising ground. Here Damien Crosse finds his next prey, a hot young man with quite the hefty piece. He follows him while stroking his cock in one of the hottest installments of “30 Loads of Facials”, the world’s nastiest mini-series. Season 3 really raises the bar in reality porn and Episode 3 is the best example. Join Stag Homme now, and you’ll never go…

The world’s nastiest mini-series is back this August in the second episode of the third season. This time Damien Crosse takes a stop on the highway for some very public action. Stag Homme, home of the raunchiest reality porn!!

Stag Homme takes you “Into the Woods” with Bulgarian heart-throb Goran and the delectable Basque Xavi in his bottoming debut. This outdoor masterpiece fuck-flick is all about primal masculine beauty in its zenith. These muscle-studs take turns choking on each other’s shafts in an interplay of sweat, spit and unbridled heat. Goran then devours Xavi’s virgin ass before voraciously tearing it up and then squirting a gallon of thick white cum all over his precious face. However, it’s not just Goran’s cum…

Straight muscle-god Antonio Aguilera steps out onto his balcony and starts stroking his monster-thick cock as he watches the people on the street pass by. This horny exhibitionist is still not satisfied and goes back into his house to jerk off to some porn. Antonio’s roommate, Francesco D’Macho, wakes up from his slumber and catches horny Aguilera with his pants down. What follows is an even hornier Francesco who convinces this straight stud to let himself me blindfolded. Francesco then shows Aguilera…

Dato Foland and Damien Crosse. Directed by Francesco D’Macho.

Stag Homme returns with another episode of Straight Man Fucks Me this time with a 21 years old thug that fucks and cums on Francesco’s face!

After a long day at work Goran comes home to find his boyfriend Damien Crosse sleeping. But after a long day of work a bit of play is good for the soul. Goran begins to caress and kiss Damien’s body softly so as to not wake him, but..

Scorched stars Alejandro Mango and Francesco D’Macho in this outdoor fuck flick complete with oral cumshaws and watersports.

Watch as hung straight Antonio Aguilera pounds Damien in this no edit no cuts casting sesssion only on

Jesse Ares returns to Stag Homme! This time he’s got back problems and visits a masseur, Damien Crosse. What follows is a slow and sensual flick which will drive you mad with passion throughout every second. watch this incredible duo trade blow jobs, rim jobs, and flip-fuck in “The Masseur”. Fall under Jessy’s spell now at

Jesse Ares debuts at Stag Homme in an episode of our popular voyeristic series, “Spycam”, with Francesco D’Macho. Be fly on the wall as these two go at it bringing you raw footage of these two hot hairy-fuckers going at it without all the stress of a porn-set. “Spycam – Jesse Ares”, yet another reality hit exclusively on

Donato Reyes is hired as a model for painting students Goran and Damien Crosse. However if you’ve ever laid eyes on Donato Reyes you know you get an instant hard-on…and that’s exactly what happens to these painters as they tear off their clothes and create truly beautiful art together with Donato. Colors fly and so will your load in “The Muse”, hands down the best threesome of the year! Exclusively at Stag Homme!!

Stag Homme gives you a remake of perhaps the most of classic of porn themes dating pack from the 70s, the pizza boy and a horny customer. “Pizza Pervet – That 70s Porn” goes real oldskool, taking you back to the age of fun and raw sexuality. This time the pizza boy is the hot bearded Catalan, Felix Barca, and the horny fucker is none other than Damien Crosse, in a role which definitely suits him perfectly.

“Serrano” is about gorgeous refined men giving into their primal desires. As the suits come off the intensity rises in this deliciously sensual fuck flick with quite the handsome pairing; Italian porn icon Francesco D’Macho and Donato Reyes, the newcomer from the Canary Islands who’s making quite the print on all-male porn. This scene is an oral-rimming-kissing-fucking masterpiece. Live it up right now in “Serrano” only at Stag Homme!!

Damien Crosse kneels down before a Spanish cop with a quite large piece of Iberian meat. He deep throats the police officer, teases the cop with his ass, gets face-fucked, spit on and of course finally gets all of the cops cum all over that pretty face of his. “Milking the Law”, another hot feature of anonymous facials from the creators of “30 Loads of Facials”.

Francesc D’Macho returns to being in front of the camera again in Stag Hommes’s latest feature, “The Escort”. A very horny D’Macho in a suit calls up a hot Brazilian escort, Billy Baval, and waits for him blindfolded and on all fours with that winking pink hole impatiently waiting to get plowed. “The Escort” contains scorching hot rimming, sucking, fucking and a facial.

Stag Homme brings back its very own discovery Adrian Toledo. This time he’s on his terrace wanking when he gets interrupted by the doorbell. At the door is one fucking hot cop Maikel Cash, whose received a complaint from his neighbors that he’s been masturbating. The cop wants to see exactly what and where he’s been doing what he was doing, so Adrian shows him. In no time Cash takes out his long fat cock so Toledo can choke on it. What comes next is some really gorgeous and intense rimming, oral,…

The World in Gonzo – Episode Two Stag Homme brings you the second episode of its new original series, “The World in Gonzo”. Damien takes the camera once again and brings you on another one of his POV sex adventures. This time he goes at it with obscenely sexy muscle bottom Donato Reyes in this urban-outdoors fuck flick. “The World in Gonzo”…get hooked now!!

Stag Homme brings you Mike, a straight muscle boy who has quite the taste for exhibitionism. But with a perfect body like that who can blame him. He steps out on his Spanish balcony to take out his fat cock and start wanking while eatching the girls on the street pass by. He then goes inside to finish jerking off to titty porn. His roommate, Damien, wakes up and gets an instant boner when he sees his roommate chugging his monkey. Damien sniffs Mike’s shorts and is intoxicated by his man scent, so much…

A sleeping Goran is visited in the night by an extraterrestrial visitor, Donato Reyes. The visitor transports him to his laboratory where he begins to examine the specimen. But Stag Homme superstar Goran isn’t about to let the beefy martian use him as some Guniea pig and instead shows the alien was this earthling what he’s all about as he fucks the hell out of him in this raunchy vignette that brings porn to the beyond!!

Mateo Perez is all horned up cruising the streets when some hot fucker walking his dog catches his eye. Mateo follows Serrano and Serrano looks back, the connection is made. Watch them now in their high-energy adventure, Fuck at First Sight. Mateo got every centimeter he was looking for…to the very last drop!

There’s quite a strong heat wave this autumn in Madrid and Stag Homme has got it all documented for you!! We bring back sex god Maikel Cash for the second time here at Stag Homme, this time making Damien Crosse gag on that moster piece of his as well as giving Crosse quite the pounding in this powerfully beautiful outdoor fuck piece that ends with quite a load all over someone’s face!! Get ready to sweat this fall at Stag Homme, Madrid’s premiere all-male porn house!!

Stag Homme takes you back to Al-Andalus, Moorish Iberia, where Arab passion and beauty flourished. For the second time Stag Homme lets you experience Al-Andalus in its full throbbing glory, this time with Cigano da Cruz and Damien Crosse. And trust, your screen will burn as you see these two go at it with no holds barred in an exquisite chemistry that is rarely seen in fuck flicks today. Stag Homme, always taking it up a notch!!

Xavi invites over his trick, newcomer Mylo, and secretly records their sexual encounter. Voyeurs and hidden cam lovers this is for you.

Stag Homme brings you a new original series, “The World in Gonzo”. The first episode stars Damien Crosse in a gonzo sex adventure with Mike Colucci, an insanely hot muscle bottom with an onscenely hot ass! Directed by Damien Crosse.

Stag Homme presents Diesel O’Green, an Irish stud with an insatiable sexual appetite, alongside with monster-dick Lucio Saints in “Between Brothers”. Diesel plays the role of himself and his twin brother as Lucio Saints takes turn fucking the “twins”. Yep! You’ve heard right. Three players but only two actors. And trust, this is one unforgettable flick with some of the hottest sex you’ve ever seen including the godliest of cumshots. “Between Brothers” is hands down a Stag Homme Masterpiece!

Stag Homme brings you a series of dark-themed and disturbingly sexy flicks entitled “Porn Noir”. The series makes a very twisted splash with its first episode, “The Mechanic”, starring Stag Homme discovery Goran and Max Duran.

Stag Homme presents for the first time together two of the biggest names in today’s adult industry, the Italian super-adonis Alex Marte and the all-American muscle-god Spencer Reed. These two superstars are taking a jog in two different parts of this blazing hot city. Overwhelmed by the sweaty summer they both find a patch of green grass to lay on…as they close their eyes, they both end up meeting one another inside their fantasy’s mind. What follows is exactly what you’ve always wanted to see…some…

Brazilian muscle-daddy Carlos Gustavo sure knows how to have a good time. Enter again that gorgeous and insatiable bubble butt boy Abel Pozsar who’s always up for a good ride. get into the groove right now at stag Homme with “Good Times”.

Stag Homme takes you for quite the hot ride on a spaceship with two crazy hot fuckers. Drop-dead gorgeous and exotic Maikel Cash knows exactly how to remedy his loneliness out in space. Enter Abel Pozsar, the hunky muscle boy with a scrumptious bubble butt, and boy is he eager to serve it to Cash. Naked Space brings you beautiful sucking, rimming and fucking along with a good white thick splooge all over Abel’s face. Get on the spaceship now!! And know how good it is to ride Maikel’s big fat cock!

Stag Homme does it again with this beautiful versatile sexplosion between muscle boys Adrian Toledo and David Dirdam!! The chemistry between these two is sure to light your screen on fire!!

“Eros 2” stars the incredibly delicious muscle-god and Stag Homme Exclusive Goran with perfectly-sculpted Mike Colucci in a sensual and passionate flick about love-making. Goran voraciously devours Mike’s big luscious ass before making tender love to him which climaxes in quite a splash all over the screen. As well as top-notch fucking and rimming “Eros 2” features plenty of intensely consuming kissing and an oral sequence that will surely satiate anyone’s desires.

30 Loads of Facials The Sequel finally comes to an end in this very creamy season finale featuring one obscenely hot straight bodybuilder and a hairy monster-cock thug giving every last drop that they got to Damien Crosse.

Roof Cats begins with TomyHawk & Damien Crosse smoking from the shisha on an outdoor roof terrace. And that’s when all the fire begins!! These two boys will leave you breathless in this latest fuck-piece from Stag Homme.

Stag Homme introduces Carlos Gustavo in his porn debut with David Dirdam in a very hot leather fuck flick full of voracious, fucking ravenous sucking and rim jobs, as well as beer, wax and water sports. “Latin Skin” is bound to be one fucking hot seller!!

Stag Homme presents the arab-themed instant classic Alandalus starring Tomyhawk and Adrian Toledo. The energy between these two boys is beyond belief in this versatile suck and fuck fest which will make you wish a lll your porn had the heat of Andalusia.

“Spunk” stars Adrian Toledo and Damien Crosse in this colorful and vibrant fuck flick that features plenty of hot rimming, sucking, oral cumshots and watersports as well as scorching hot fucking. And of course a feature called Spunk has got to have plenty of spunk…and boy it has plenty…with it’s 4 fat loads splashing the screen in this colorful fuck-piece that will make you an instant Stag Homme fan!!

Stag Homme exclusive Goran shows you how he bakes cupcakes in this playful reality scene from Madrid’s premiere all-male pornhouse. And trust, baking has never been quite so naughty as camera Damien Crosse ends up joining in the baking process. The heat in this kitchen is unsurpassable ending with a ravenous Damien swallowing every last drop of Goran’s fat load!!

Stag Homme presents Ben Brown and Adrian Toledo in this filthy fuck flick which showcases Toledo in his topping debut. With all this ravenous sucking and rimming you won’t be shocked by the hard and intense pounding Toledo gives Brown or the fat creamy load that lands on Ben’s tongue… something he makes sure to not let go to waste as he savors every last drop.

Dirty Caballeros stars David Dirdam and Damien Crosse as two executives with quite an insatiable sexual appetite. The chemistry between these two men is off the charts!! Stag homme does it again in this highly intense and versatile fuck flick!!

The Whistleblower is an explosive fuck flick starring Johnny Hazzard and Stag Homme Exclusive Goran as two gun-toting lovers after their heist. Directed by Damien Crosse

The world’s nastiest miniseries returns with yet another fully loaded cum-soaked episode. This time Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho both star in the episode with two gorgeous big fat cocks which are sure to make even the most strict of tops go down on his knees and suck out every last drop!! Stag Homme is home to the best of reality porn and the highly-acclaimed “30 Loads of Facials” series will prove to you exactly why.

It’s the last day of summer and Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez heads to his usual secluded beach spot in the grounds of an abandoned factory in the outskirts of Barcelona. However the sun is burning bright and it’s a picture perfect day and this usually secluded area is anything but secluded. But Bruno isn’t about to let anyone or anything rain on his last summer day. The scorching sun makes his cock hard and he strips down and starts stroking his monster cock, not paying any mind to all the fishermen and…

Seducing your straight friend is always risky business. Manuel Lopez knows it very well after inviting his buddy Adrian to help him out clean up his attic full of junk and porn magazines. And there together with his childhood football trophies Manuel wishes to add another trophy to his collection of “straight boys whose ass I’ve tapped”. But things don’t go so well at first. Watch and find out what happens next in this hot little tale of closeted encounters.

The world’s nastiest miniseries returns with yet another fully loaded cum-soaked episode. This time Damien Crosse stars in the episode with two gorgeous big fat cocks which are sure to make even the most strict of tops go down on his knees and suck out every last drop!! Stag Homme is home to the best of reality porn and the highly-acclaimed “30 Loads of Facials” series will prove to you exactly why.

Stag Homme introduces tatted up and hairy muscle-god Carlos Gustavo in his porn debut as he takes you a long with him throughout the city wanking his fat cock in the most daring locations all in broad daylight; a laundry mat and public stairwell in a square both of which have full length windows, in a rowboat in a highly-trafficked city park lake, in a shop, and even in the actual streets of the city center with people walking by. Carlos Gustavo is one hot fucker who shows you what balls he has in this…

Haleeb (Milk) is an Arab-themed sex flick which is without a doubt one of the finest works of sex art. The feature begins with Eliad Anastos and Damien Crosse in traditional Arab robes eyeing each other from opposite sides of a tiny river. Eliad washes his face and the water courses down his white robe outlining that big fat semi-erect cock of his under the wet cloth. Damien then pulls up his own robe and starts jerking his thick piece. What follows is a beautiful versatile suck sequence framed by dried…

Damien Crosse invites a boy over for a fuck but little does he know that Damien’s got a hidden cam recording all the action. They’ve got all the lazy afternoon together to have a good time. they suck each other off, Damien cums with out touching himself while they kiss, fuck, and then cum all over each other’s faces. Stag Homme brings you once again the best in reality porn!

Two roman soldiers explore their contradictory passions for each other in this visually-stunning and emotionally-arousing fuck masterpiece directed by Francesco D’Macho. If perfectly-sculpted newcomer Eliad Anastos isn’t enough to win you over, and the over the top sexual energy between Francesco and Eliad isn’t enough to make you cum harder than you ever came before, then the intertwining of two lusts, fight and cum, are sure to make you choke on this big blockbuster piece of sex-art!!

Let this surreal fuck take you on its wild ride on an enormous shaft to fantasy and back! It’s an unbearably hot summer day in Madrid as monster-cock Biktor Vossou lays on his lawn chair to catch some rays. As he flips through the pages of an erotic hardcover the heat starts messing with his mind as one of the boys from the book (Damien Crosse) appears live in the flesh…

Stag Homme is back with another scorching hot episode of Straight Man Fucks Me! Once again Francesco DMacho is on the hunt for hot and horny young straight men that are willing to give him a good pounding with their fat hetero cocks for some money! This time DMacho was able to strike a deal with an incredibly beautiful cable-guy. This is one blindfolded hunk that youd give anything to for an assful of his fat piece! Watch it all come to a warm and gooey chaotic climax all over Francescos face!

Stag Homme exclusive muscle-god Adrian Toledo and Xavi pour themselves a couple of glasses of bubbly while basking in an outdoor canopy bed overlooking Madrid’s main throughway, Gran Via. What occurs in this bed is utter sensual passion which burns up the screen as the lovers explore every inch of each other’s bodies. After they suck each other off Adrian goes for a long ride on Xavi’s beautiful mouth-watering fat cock in two sweltering fuck positions until he gets every last drop of cum fucked out of him.

Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse are back this week with more anonymous straight and bisexual men in another episode of “30 Loads of Facials — The Sequel”! If you’ve never seen an episode of 30 Loads then you’re missing a lot!! It’s the world’s nastiest miniseries that’s all about anonymous men shooting their fat loads in our face after we suck them off or jam their cocks up our ass. The first 30 Loads was so hot that we had to give our members another 30! Join now and see what all the hype is about!!!

Madhunter established itself as one of Madrid hottest nightlife spots for the hunky and masculine all-men crowd in the Spanish Capital ( Following the great sexual vibe we get every time we step a foot into this club, we decided to recreate what seems to be an ongoing situation in the bathroom stalls of this popular venue. What happens behind closed doors of Madhunter’s bathroom stalls? Watch as this question gets answered in the smallest detail. Introducing fresh and hunky…

“30 Loads of Facials — The Sequel” returns this week with the hottest episode yet of the series featuring two incredibly hot anonymous straight and bisexual boys with monster cocks and Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse. The first encounter features D’Macho sucking and getting fucked by one hot Brazilian fucker with an obscenely fat cock. Unbeknownst to him, a neighbor is recording all the action through his window that comes to a climax all over Francesco’s face. The second encounter brings you…

“The Brothers” is a twisted flick which explores raw masculine energy in it’s full aggression. Two young men, Maikel and Jonas, stand before each other in an open field. The violent tension is more than evident as they challenge each other’s space, moving their face into the other’s face as if daring their rival to strike first. As their faces get closer and closer, sexual tension begins to mingle with the aggression until Jonas gives Maikel a kiss. Maikel, who is shocked, shoves Jonas off of him. Jonas…

Stag Homme introduces beefy Madrid-native Adonis in his porn debut as a pizza boy who’s got a delivery to make to Damien Crosse. Only problem is that Adonis doesn’t have change to break Damien’s 50, so he does what any good and quick-thinking pizza boy would do, offers the rest of his services so he can keep the change. Adonis sucks on Damien’s thick uncut cock before taking it up his ass in a climactic fuck sequence. All the unexpected sexual excitement leaves Damien’s ass quite hungry, so Adonis bends…

The world’s nastiest series is back!!! Stag Homme returns with another 30 anonymous straight men to shoot their fat loads all over Francesco and Damien’s faces!! “Episode Three” brings you all the uninhibited action of the world’s nastiest reality porn in a double-screen format which makes sure you dont miss any of the good stuff! It’s all about me sucking, getting fucked and best of all, loads and loads of white thick creamy milky gooey splooge all over my face and the back of my throat!!!

REC is our hottest triple x flick to date! We brought Manuel Lopez back for another fuck, this time with Francesco D’Macho. REC starts off with Manuel Lopez doing some pull-ups on his sunny outdoor terrace while fucking Francesco’s face. What was supposed to be a sweaty two-way fuck scene turns into a three-way when the horny camera man (Damien Crosse) can’t keep himself out of the action in just about any part of the scene including feeding his dick to Manuel while he pounds Francesco on all fours,…

“Holding Sand” opens with Bulgarian Stag Homme exclusive Goran jerking off in his shower, imagining every possible pleasure he could have with that 24 year year old demi-god of a man that he can’t get out of his head (Madrid-native Stag Homme exclusive Adrian Toledo). The feature is as of yet Stag Homme’s greatest accomplishment in capturing beautiful and sensual all-male sex in terms of both aesthetics and sexual chemistry. Join Stag Homme now and get yourself inside Goran’s head! Experience every bit…

Youve seen Basque hottie Xavi go down on Damien Crosse in a cable car in Stag Hommes Thugs in Public series. Now we bring back this hot fucker for his debut fuck flick Polvo starring Francesco DMacho. Xavi not only knows how to swallow all of Francescos big fat cock, but also has quite the hunger for his ass… slipping his fingers in that pink hole and devouring intensely with his tongue until he pounds that ass relentlessly and gets all of Francescos fat load all over his face.

Logan and Francesco were a happy couple who deeply loved each other and shared several cherished years together. Until the day Francesco went missing without a trace. A couple of years passed but Logans heart would keep beating stronger and stronger for his missing lover. Tonight would have been their 10 year anniversary?o Logan sets the table for two in memory of Francesco and him. After one too many drinks Logans mind starts playing tricks with him, and Francesco finally returns. He feeds Logan his…

Stag Homme introduces muscle-god Hungarian newcomer Rob Nelson in a sensual versatile fuck galore with Francesco D’Macho. “Eros” focuses on a higher form of sex. It’s about everything that is beautiful and poetic about sex. This XXX feature is over half an hour of intense and passionate love-making between the two lovers. Stag Homme has done it’s share of envelope-shredding with reality porn and the more agressive and darker sides of sex, but now the studio shreds the envelope once again by bringing you…

The world’s nastiest series is back!!! Stag Homme returns with another 30 anonymous straight men to shoot their fat loads all over Francesco and Damien’s faces!! When the hugely popular

Two hot hairy muscle fuckers with quite the sexual appetite decide its time to give their woodwork a break and start feeding each other their thick cocks instead, until Spencer shoots his fat load into the back of Francescos throat while he face-fucks him. But Spencers still hungry for more action and turns Francesco around to give him the pounding of his life before Francesco takes control and gives himself a ride on that massive cock of his before busting his own load all over Spencers hairy torso.…

“Thugs in Public” returns with Cuban Stag Homme Exclusive Tomyhawk and introduces one of the hottest Middle Eastern men hands down, Abraham Al Malek! Anybody who’s seen Tomyhawk in action knows that he’s got this sexual energy that no one can fuck with, but Tomy never met Abraham. These boys turn it the fuck out!!! And you definitely have to give it up to Abraham who shows you how much of a pig he is in his porn debut; letting Tomy’s jizz hit the back of his throat and coming back at that fat cock for…

“The Good Husband” opens with fully-tatted Logan McCree in bed with his wife (Barbie Star). As the lovers wake Barbie starts caressing her husbands legs and begins to stroke his cock. But Logan pulls her hand away like he always does and tells her that shell be late for work. The unsatisfied wife goes to work, knowing there are problems in their marriage, but never suspecting that theres a male trick on his way. As soon as Damien Crosse steps inside Logan and him start to violently kiss each other while…

Incredibly sexy and fully-tatted Logan McCree goes to his local barber shop to trim his beard. But as the barber is giving Logan a close shave with one hand and holding Logans chin with the other, Logan takes control of the sexual tension as his mouth gets a taste of those fingers resting on his face. The barber, Bulgarian muscle-god and Stag Homme Exclusive Goran, responds with a kiss. Goran then feeds Logan his fat uncut cock before returning the favor and putting that heavy slab of tatted meat in his…

Stag Homme introduces Goran in his porn debut, “From Here To Heaven”. This perfectly sculpted Bulgarian with piercing green eyes and the softest sun-kissed skin is hands down one of the hottest muscle gods youll ever set your eyes on! Goran and Damien Crosse are sunbathing under the intensely blue Spanish sky, rubbing oil on each other, when Damien pulls down Gorans bathing suit to get a taste of those lucious cheeks and that thick uncut cock of his. What follows is one of the hottest verstaile suck and…

Introducing beefy 19 years old Brazilian newcomer William Fox in his porn debut, Dirt Road. Francesco and William are driving through the highway in a sports car when they decide its time for a roadside break. They exit the highway into some podunk Spanish town and come up to some dirt roads that they follow until they reach the top of a hill over-looking the village. While Fox smokes a cigarette DMacho leans over to get a feel of what this teens got between his legs. Happy with what hes found he leans…

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Atonement | APPRENTICE YOUNG | Chapter 5

The Covenant | APPRENTICE BLUE | Chapter 6

Disciplinary Action | APPRENTICE RYAN | Chapter 3

The Anointing | APPRENTICE YOUNG | Chapter 4

Atonement | APPRENTICE BLUE | Chapter 4

The Calling | APPRENTICE RYAN | Chapter 2

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The Calling | APPRENTICE BLUE | Chapter 1

The Interview | APPRENTICE BLUE | Chapter 1

Jock Pussy – Pics and Videos

Who can blame Ari for bringing Landon into his bed? The handsome, lean, furry-chested jock is as handsome as a movie star with the sinful lustfulness of a teenager. Landon wraps his lips around Ari’s practically devouring him from the top down as they press their naked bodies against one another. Landon has his eyes set on the adorable trans man, eager to get closer and press himself inside.Ari moves his hands over Landon’s chest, teasing his nipples and swirling his finger around his chest hair until he..

When Luke and Tom are kissing up on each other, it’s almost hard to tell each other apart! Both are stunning handsome men with sandy-blonde hair, scruffy short beards, fit, compact bodies, and beautiful behinds. They are both adorned in tattoos and piercings and even both kiss with a matching sensuality. It’s not until Tom pulls away from his partner that we see something unique: his raging, hard cock.Stripping off their clothes, Tom’s throbbing member stands on end as he sees his gorgeous FTM’s..

There are very few men in this world as sensual and passionate as Jonah Wheeler. And the only thing that pumps harder than his cock is his heart. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that he instantly became infatuated with the handsome ginger man, Stevie Trixx.The sexy guy’s fire-red beard, beautiful tattoos, and equally passionate personality make the mustachioed man completely gush, crushing hard on his partner and becoming singularly minded on making him happy.The two kiss and cuddle before Jonah maneuvers..

Koda is every bit the classic jock. Toned, strong body, masculine good looks, and a flat brimmed cap atop his head. His heavy cock hangs in his boxer briefs as he leans back in bed, hairy chest and pits open for all to enjoy. Luckily for cute nerdy boy, Ari, he’s right up close with the sexy man, kissing up on him and groping his loins as the two get close.Koda’s lips meet Ari’s as their make out session intensifies, Koda’s arms get all over Ari’s soft, lightly haired body. It’s not long before Koda is..

Jack and Luke are like a couple of horny school boys when they get in front of the camera. Kissing, caressing, and gently pawing at each other’s bodies. At first glance, there appears to be an innocence to their connection–a youthful element of discovery and play. But these two are no strangers to a deep, hardcore fuck. And as they strip off their clothes and reveal more of their smooth, athletic bodies, things become decidedly more carnal.Luke kisses up Jack’s long neck, his soft, auburn beard tickling..

These boys love kissing. From the moment they’re together, they’re unable to resist the urge to get in close and kiss deep. And with their impressive facial hair, the soft, tickling sensation only excites them more.Jonah’s sensual demeanor spreads over Stevie like warm butter, easing him into a passionate sexual encounter he is sure to remember. As their hands freely explore beneath each other’s layers, piece by piece they strip down until they’re completely open and exposed. Their intimacy is a mix of..

The love affair between Gabriel and Tommy is undeniable. Their passion for each other’s bodies jumps off the screen, making every excited breath and hastened heart beat come alive. Gabriel can hardly wait to give Tommy another round of pleasure, eagerly jumping into bed with his tattooed lover to kiss him and tease his warm, wet clit.Tommy’s legs are spread open wide, giving Gabriel an open runway to work his magic on his loins. Gabriel has become an expert in bringing Tommy to climax, taking his own..

Riley and Luke are completely smitten with one another as they make out in bed. It’s clear the two are crushing on each other hard, leading them to quickly move from playful conversation to deep tongue wrestling and over the clothes petting. Young love is always a beauty to behold, and it’s clear these two are about to consummate that connection.As soon as they take off their clothes, Riley is quick to give Luke some intense pleasure, warming up the trans man’s favorite toy and sliding it between his..

Landon is excited to meet his first trans man! He couldn’t be luckier to meet someone as sweet and welcoming as Ari Koyote! Ari is happy to show the furry chested man a good time as well as help him navigate his hot, wet bonus hole!It doesn’t take long for Landon to figure out what to do, starting by kissing his spectacled partner and teasing his nipples. Passions grow as their tongues wrestle and their loins swell up, making Ari hungry to taste his new buddy’s cock.Dropping to his knees, Ari takes a..

Jonah Wheeler is known for his passionate, voracious, enthusiastic fucking. He loves a hot body with a little something extra, and Stevie Trixx is his perfect partner! Stevie’s firm, muscular body, ginger beard, and long legs are all prizes, but it’s his hard clit and tight, wet pussy that makes Jonah’s mouth water.As soon as he gets Stevie on the bed, Jonah’s mouth plants deep between the trans man’s thighs, lapping at his juicy pussy lips like a cat takes to cream. His experienced tongue explores every..

Sean licks his fingers as he teases Ari’s clit. The tattooed bodybuilder loves how his cock feels p against Ari’s wet pussy, horned up and ready to slide it back inside. As they press their bodies together and make out, they find it harder and harder to not fuck!Ari gets down on his knees and takes Sean’s cock in his mouth, feeling its size and girth push apart his lips as it fills his face. Ari strokes him up and down, getting him wet and wild as Sean leans back and watches with delight. He loves seeing..

Spencer Daley is one of those guys you just wanna have sex with. Blond hair, blue eyes, stocky, smooth build, big dick. He’s in a hotel room with Luke Hudson, who’s gotta be the sexiest FTM on the planet!They kneel on the bed, kissing passionately, stripped down to their underwear. These two guys are hot for each other and ready to fuck.Spencer is soon on his knees with his hungry tongue rammed deep into Luke’s quivering pussy. Luke immediately returns the favor, sucking and deep-throating Spencer’s..

Gabriel Clark holds his cock between his thumb and finger, anchoring it by his hand and guiding it inside Tommy Tanner’s pussy. His wet labia yields to his mass, making a path to his belly. Gabriel curls his toes as he senses the initial penetration, dizzy with delight at what the experienced top has yet to deliver.Gabriel slides deeper, feeling his shaft disappear from sight and make a new home in Tommy. He clings to the trans man’s thighs, holding his knees up and bracing him for the full force. And..

Tristan loves to explore and connect on an intimate level. He’s never been stuck on gender identity, sexual orientation, or anatomy. He sees the beauty and possibility in every person he sees… And when he gets hard, he’s good to go!Ari loves knowing that Tristan’s been with men, women, trans men, and trans women. He sees before him a handsome, modern queer man; someone who respects people for who they are, not for what they carry between their legs! Sitting in bed, they talk and laugh, locking eyes,..

Roman and Luke could practically be twins! They’re both lean, athletic, horny guys with close cropped hair and sexy spattering of tattoos. They both love to kiss, suck, and fuck. The biggest difference between them seems to be Luke’s hot, wet jock pussy and Roman’s thick, throbbing cock!As the two kiss and feel each other’s bodies, their loins practically catch fire as they think about tearing off their underwear and getting right to business! Roman immediately dives his tongue between Luke’s legs,..

Ari and Riley are famously good kissers. The two of them can make love with their mouths in ways others can only imagine. As much as they love to grind their loins against each other, they can’t not indulge in a passionate, sensual, seductive session of making out. Besides, it gets them worked up like nothing else!Stripped down and pressing their bodies against one another, the handsome, scruffy jocks are a knot of arms and legs, touching each other’s well maintained bodies, feeling the heat of their..

Oliver is just Luke’s type: tall, lean, scruffy, a little nerdy, and very horny. The two cuddle up in bed, pressing their bare flesh against each other, feeling the soft, sensual contact between them. Oliver’s chest hair trails down to his throb-knob, as if directing Luke right where to go.Kissing and caressing each other, Luke is not shy about exploring Oliver’s body. And Oliver is not shy about returning the favor.Putting Luke on his back, the glasses-wearing stud slides between his legs, planting his..

Gabriel sits back and enjoys every second of cock-worship he gets from Tommy. The young guy is a master at sucking cock, and the way the trans-man looks up at him fills his heart and loins with joy! A giant smile crosses his face as he runs a hand through Tommy’s hair, wishing he could start every day this way.The two can’t help but laugh, enamored with each other and loving their insatiable intimacy. Tommy swallows Gabriel down, filling his throat with man meat and moving a hand to his lubed up pussy…

Watching a hung DILF like Sean Duran fucking a cute FTM like Ari Koyote was always going to be a fairly intense experience. It’s immediately clear that the two men have brilliant chemistry and that they are very very into one another.The first fucking happens from behind, with Ari learning over the bed while Sean powerfully slams his meat into the trans-man’s cunt. He grits his teeth and uses every muscle in his body to fuck as deep as possible. At times it feels frenzied.Sean lies on the bed and Ari..

Brogan Reed is dark and rugged, stubbly, hung like a horse with a smooth, chiseled, oiled chest and a nipple piercing. He sits like a king while he has two handsome young men worshipping his cock. And why not? He’s “Daddy.”One of them, Spencer Daley, is handsome, blond and tall, with a hairless, pale, well-defined body. The other one is Luke Hudson, a cute, nerdy trans man who is known for amazing sex! Luke is masculine with dark hair, a neat side parting and distinctive tattoos on his chest and..

Tommy Tanner is a sexy young man with a killer smile and a body literally covered in tattoos. He emerges from the shower with a towel around his waist and drops it to reveal his pussy. He climbs onto the bed and spreads his muscular, hairy legs and begins fingering himself.His buddy for the afternoon is Jay James, who gets onto the bed with him. Jay is a tall, good-looking jock, with smooth, pale skin and dark features. He’s never been with a trans man before, but he’s horny for it and keen to learn.Jay..

Ryan’s tall body looks out over Ari’s body, watching his back begin to arch, lifting his ass into the air. He reaches out a hand, curving around his perfect backside to play with his soft pussy. Ryan can’t touch without going in for a taste.He props Ari up on the pillows and spreads his legs apart, diving into his groin to tease his partner. Ryan is desperate to get his cock back inside, eager to feel how it expertly works out his massive shaft. Ari can’t wait any longer and begs for Ryan to slide his..

Phoenix loves the trans man’s compact, athletic frame, feeling the firmness of his chest and arms as they kiss. Luke kisses back with absolute passion, making Luke’s cock rock hard. And while he’s eager to feel it deep inside Luke’s hot hole, he’s more interested in making him wet and wild.Leaning his face between Luke’s legs, Phoenix licks his hard clit, teasing it with the tip of his tongue while salivating all over his hot pussy. Luke pushes his pelvis forward, giving Phoenix a mouthful that he’s..

Gabriel Clark wakes up next to a sleeping Tommy Tanner, and caresses Tommy’s broad back slowly. Soon, Tommy is wide awake as Gabriel presses inside, his big, round balls meeting the back of Tommy’s thighs on the first plunge.One ankle on Gabriel’s shoulder, Tommy rubs his clit frantically while the hung top long dicks the tattooed bottom boy. Gabriel uses every inch, deep dicking Tommy’s hole so hard that their bodies make the entire bed bounce. Gabriel drives deep to breed Tommy, then pulls out to see..

Riley’s long, solid cock teases the wet opening of Ari’s pussy as they make out, standing chest to chest. The two move to the bed where Riley pushes his long, veiny cock deep into Ari’s throat, pressing the cocksucker’s face all the way to his bush.Ari gets an equally satisfying treatment with Riley’s face buried between his thighs, lapping at his pierced pussy. Riley licks inside and out, nibbles on Ari’s swollen clit, and uses an open mouth to stimulate the edges of Ari’s pussy with his scruffy face..

Spencer and Luke grind against one another in their briefs before Spencer gets his tongue deep into Luke’s pussy, sucking hard on his clit. Luke eagerly reciprocates, gagging on Spencer’s curved cock.Before long, Luke is on his back with his legs in the air and Spencer between them, before Luke pushes Spencer onto his back to mount his cock. Luke’s rough grinding prompts Spencer to piston fuck him from his prone position, watching the pleasure wash over Luke’s face.Getting close, Spencer begins flicking..

Tommy Tanner brings the heat, riding Jay’s pole like it’s the last time he’s going to get dick. When he leans forward to brace himself on the back of the sofa, Jay kisses Tommy nipples and holds him up to piston fuck him from below.The two flip positions a couple times and Jay gives Tommy a spasming pussygasm before sliding back inside to dump his load deep inside Tommy’s pussy.

Ari sucks Sean’s thick cock bedside, looking up at him past his pecs. Then Sean returns the favor with his head between Ari’s thighs to eat his shaved, pierced jock pussy.The way Sean swirls his tongue and sucks on Ari’s clit makes Ari spasm, moan, and grind into Sean’s face. Sean’s not shy about punching his tongue deep and moaning into Ari’s pussy to get him wet.Then Sean tests Ari’s depths with a toy. Ari rubs his clit, breathing heavy, and Sean sucks Ari’s nipples. The two make out until Ari gasps..

Luke starts out working Patrick’s pole with his mouth as Holden makes out with him. As Patrick grips the back of Luke’s head to pull his mouth down onto his cock, it’s hard to tell who is grunting and groaning as these boys enjoy one another’s bodies.The guys switch things up with Holden between Patrick’s thighs and Luke getting a chance to make out with the newcomer. Holden makes a point of showing Patrick that he can take him into his throat with no issue, causing Patrick’s balls to contract and his..

Gabriel Clark and Tommy Tanner are lying on a hotel bed together, in T-shirts and jeans, and they’re so smitten with one another they can’t help making out and laughing. Before long, Gabriel has sexy, tattooed Tommy stripped down to a pair of Pump briefs. “I’ll give you a back rub,” he says teasingly, flipping Tommy onto his stomach.Gabriel starts rubbing Tommy’s shoulders, and he’s so aroused by the sexy guy beneath him that he strips down to just his boxer briefs to feel skin on skin. Before long, he..

Wearing matching briefs and glasses, Sherman Maus and Ari Koyot are passionately kissing one another, enjoying their mutual attraction. But Sherman subtly slides his fingers into Ari’s mouth with just a little bit of force, reminding Ari that although they’re having a romantic, tender moment now, Sherman is still very much in control.Ari thrills at the man’s show of dominance, happily rubbing his pecs and tweaking his nipples as his hands travel further south, grasping Sherman’s bulge. That’s all the..

Luke is in absolute heaven lying in his San Antonio bed. Dawson is a total sweetheart, giving him the softest, most affectionate kisses. While Luke is known for his expert cocksucking skills and velvety hole, he enjoys a more tender, passionate embrace as well. And Dawson is happy to be his romantic lover.Getting to his knees, Luke makes love to Dawson’s cock, kissing it and sucking it while holding his heavy nuts tight. Dawson plays with his hair as Luke gives him exquisite pleasure with his lips and..

Tommy spreads his legs apart to give Jay the green light, noticing that Jay’s cock is already rock hard and throbbing to be inside. One look at Tommy’s wet, warm pussy and Jay can see that he’s ready and eager to be filled up. Positioning himself between Tommy’s thighs, Jay feels himself slide deep into that amazing, warm fuck hole.Tommy rides wave after wave of orgasms as Jay expertly works his cunt, pounding away at it from the inside while his hard clit gets teased and pleasured. He picks up the pace..

Ari is a total horn-dog when it comes to smooth, young tops. He loves feeling their lean bodies and rock hard cocks poking up through their underwear as he kisses them. JJ’s lips greet Ari’s with a similar desire, hungry for the trans boy’s scruffy face and sexy, tattooed body. And as they press closer to each other, JJ can’t hold back his desire to taste him…Ari lies back in bed, opening his legs up for the dark-haired stud to devour his pussy. Lapping at his clit and flicking his piercing, JJ makes..

Spencer and Luke love getting their hands all over each other! With their natural, masculine chemistry, they completely lose sight of the camera as they dive deep into one another’s bodies and get right to action. Spencer loves Luke’s compact, athletic body, kissing between his soft, furry legs to get up to his hard, throbbing clit…Spencer runs his tongue over it, licking Luke’s wet pussy as he arches his back, riding the wave of pleasure. Luke watches as Spencer works over his genitals, turned on by..

Gabriel and Tommy can barely keep their hands off each other long enough to move from the bedroom to the bathroom. But before the water even gets warm for their post-coital shower, Gabriel’s cock is already hard and throbbing again for another hot fuck! And Tommy’s pussy is still wet and ready for the handsome man to take, opening his legs for Gabriel to slide his fingers inside…Gabriel turns Tommy towards the wall, getting down on his knees to devour the tatted jock’s ass and pussy, practically..

Ari drops to his knees, hungry to swallow Ryan’s massive member. The trans boy’s mouth opens to take him in, feeling it reach toward the back of his throat with each thrust of Ryan’s hips. The tatted top feels Ari’s mouth close down around him, massaging him and making him even more excited to fuck. But nothing quite gets him going like the hot, wet, mound between Ari’s legs!Sliding between his legs, Ryan’s mouth plants firmly on Ari’s pussy, lapping at his hard clit while the trans boy moans with..

Luke is a total catch! The scruffy, bearded stud has a great body, insatiable sex drive, and the face of angel. It’s no wonder why the tall, muscled jock, Oliver, can’t keep his hands off of him. The two start off by lying in bed, making out passionately as they feel each other all over, getting worked up for a intense fuck.Oliver stands up and gives Luke his massive cock to suck on and service. Luke can hardly take his eyes off the handsome giant, dutifully focusing on his massive man meat, getting him..

Jay can’t believe how sexy Tommy is. He’s got a perfect smile, great eyes, and a beautiful, tatted body. He radiates sensuality and sex appeal. And as the two strip down, Jay’s swelling cock can’t help but reveal his desire for his trans lover, getting him worked up to return the favor!As they grind their grind together and fool around, Jay can’t stop thinking of his big, throbbing cock sliding into Tommy’s tight, wet pussy! They tear off each other’s underwear, feeling the heat between them build with..

Ari can tell Riley is totally horned up, but nervous to make the first move. Ari continues to kiss him as he touches him all over, exciting his body as he guides the sexy jock around his own. Once they take their clothes off, Riley makes himself right at home between Ari’s legs…Riley gets his first look up-close as he tastes his first man pussy, unable to believe how much he loves it! He explores Ari with his tongue and lips, working Ari’s pierced clit, getting him hot and ready for more. Riley pulls..

JJ slides down between Luke’s legs, spreading his thighs apart to get a look at his hot, wet pussy. Luke puts his hands behind his head as his lover laps at his hard clit, grinding it on his tongue as Luke gets his more and more aroused. JJ wets his fingers and pushes them inside, feeling Luke’s insides tightly grip onto him as his muscle contract and relax…Wanting to feel that grip on his cock, JJ puts Luke on his back, spreading his legs apart and plunging his thick dick deep inside. Luke takes every..

Tommy can’t get enough of Gabriel’s playful sexuality. As the handsome man inches up to him in bed, Tommy is completely smitten with his angelic smile and eyes. As he takes off Gabriel’s shirt, seeing his smooth muscles and strong chest, it makes him desperate to kiss and touch him.The two men take off their clothes, practically glowing in the afternoon light; beaming with desire and passion. Gabriel runs his hands over Tommy’s sexy tattoos and athletic frame, feeling his cock swell up in his underwear..

Ari loves the feel of Sherman’s big cock as it fills the back of his throat. The horny trans boy loves seeing Sherman stand over him, dominating his mouth; getting harder and wetter as he becomes more aggressive. Sherman can see Ari looking up at him with passion and desire, giving him all he needs to bring out his intense sexuality…Bending Ari over on all fours, Sherman devours his submissive buddy’s pussy, flicking his clit with his tongue while running his scruffy face all over his crotch. Ari’s..

Holden is a sweet, college student with a smooth body and a stunning, boy-next-door smile. He’s exactly the type that makes Luke hot and wild. But not only is Holden an adorable young man, he’s got a hot, wet pussy as well!Luke and Holden make out in bed, caressing each other’s firm shoulders and smooth chests, all the while rubbing their hard clits against each other. Holden is hungry to taste Luke’s pussy, stripping off his clothes before lapping at his hard, swollen bean! And Holden knows exactly how..

With their tank tops clinging to their tight bodies, they put down their rackets and immediately begin kissing. Back and forth, their tongues tickle each other as their hands move all over each other’s bodies. Riley brings his hands down by Ari’s ass, grabbing his meaty cheeks as his cock swells up in his shorts.They quickly strip down, getting out of their clothes and giving Ari the chance to fill his mouth with Riley’s cock. It throbs intensely between his lips as he savors the taste of his sweaty..

Ari is hungry for Ryan’s big, hairy cock; looking up at him as he takes it to the back of his throat. Ryan smiles through his long, blonde beard as Ari expertly devours his piece down to his balls. And while Ari is dedicated to taking care of his guest, Ryan is eager to return the favor and tongue fuck the trans boy’s pussy…Ryan can feel Ari buzzing on his tongue, desperate to cum! Getting on the bed, Ari spreads his legs wide, giving Ryan the green light to explore his loins with a vibrating toy. Ari..

Tommy Tanner is the perfect man! A handsome, model-like face with sexy scruff, toned body with hot tattoos, and two holes made for fucking! And Gabriel can’t believe his good fortune to get to roll around with such a hot stud. The two kiss passionately as they slowly disrobe, taking the time to enjoy each other’s smooth, athletic bodies as they get more and more intimate.Gabriel lies back as Tommy kisses his chest, getting his cock hard in his briefs as he inches closer to pulling it out. Every lick and..

Ari throws himself up against Tristan’s beautiful, meaty body as they kiss. Their hands run over each other wildly and passionately, stirred up by their intense connection and attraction. Ari loves Tristan’s furry chest and sprawling tattoos, not to mention his hot daddy mustache and thick, throbbing cock!Lying back on the bed, Tristan closes his eyes as he gets lost in Ari’s impressive cock sucking skills, thinking of how badly he wants to pound at Ari’s hole. But before he mounts up for a deep fuck,..

Sherman feels his cock get harder as he thinks about tasting Ari’s boy pussy. But before he gets his mouth between his scruffy legs, Ari gets to work servicing Sherman’s massive cock. Nothing turns him on quite like seeing a cute guy gag on his dick, and Ari is determined to show off his skilled mouth…Ari then rides Sherman’s tongue, grinding back and forth as the sexy guy laps at his wet dick. Sherman is eager to get him ready for a hot fuck and is happy to do whatever it takes to make his new buddy cum!

Luke’s lean, fit body fits up against Johnny’s perfectly. The sporty trans man is all over his partner’s firm muscles and scruffy face, bringing out his masculine aggression and competitiveness.The two play a fun game as they kiss and slapping each other’s tight asses, jockeying to see who can take it best!Luke’s hunger for Johnny’s cock leads him to suck his thick member down to the base, brushing his nose into Johnny’s hairy pubes as the horny stud holds the back of his head.Johnny teases him and eggs..

Ari and Riley can’t keep their hands off each other! As soon as they’re back in Riley’s room, they tear off each other’s clothes and get right to kissing and groping at each other’s hot, jock bodies.Ari is a passionate type who loves to kiss and suck, making Riley’s cock right at home in his wet mouth. Riley can’t stop smiling, seeing the cute boy devour his member, getting him harder as he plays with his furry nipples…Ari’s tight body is a delight for Riley, watching him sit on top of his cock as he..

Cade slides himself between Xander’s legs, prying apart his wet pussy as he drills himself deep into Xander’s guts.Xander grips onto the covers of the bed, feeling Cade’s many inches penetrate again and again. The trans bottom is shaken to his core, trying hard to withstand the hot, aggressive dicking…Cade gives Xander the chance to ride his thick cock, bouncing up and down on his shaft as he leaks pre-cum all over the stud’s rod. Cade takes full advantage of Xander’s hole, working himself closer to..

Luke grabs onto Scott’s cock as he presses his lips against the scruffy-faced jock. Luke loves Scott’s boyish good looks and tight, toned body… And Scott can’t get enough of feeling Luke’s compact frame and form. Without a doubt, both of these two boys are horned up and ready to fuck!Luke swallows up Scott’s thick meat, feeling it hit the back of his throat as he takes it down to his balls. It’s clear that Scott’s impressed by how well Luke takes it as Scott holds the back of Luke’s neck while he..

Tristan leans back into the pillows, arching his neck as Ari kisses him up and down. The boy’s soft lips graze his skin as they move, sending pulses of pleasure throughout Tristan’s body. He turns his head to Ari’s, meeting his mouth in a kiss, making his cock stand at attention. He loves feeling Ari all over him, eager for more!Ari drops to his knees, taking Tristan’s cock in his mouth, worshipping his heavy balls as the mustached man plays with his hair. Tristan is exactly what Ari loves in a top…

Brogan buries his face deep in Ari’s furry pussy, lapping at his clit as Brogan works his trans lover into a frenzy. Ari looks down at his handsome partner, watching with delight as he expertly gets his hole ready for a hot fuck.Ari gets down on his knees, taking the muscle man’s meat into his mouth and feeling it swell up with each bob of his head. Brogan can’t keep his hands off Ari, affectionately caressing his face and neck. He’s eager to feel himself slide inside Ari’s body, horny to pump out his..

Luke holds onto Finn’s toned body, gripping him tightly as they passionately kiss in bed. He loves how the handsome man feels against him, pressing his pelvis against his to feel his throbbing cock swelling in his underwear. The blonde haired boy’s tight, tan body is a work of art, making Luke hunger to feel him more.As they explore each other’s bodies, Finn slips off Luke’s jock, laying him on the bed to tease his loins with his tongue. Luke clenches his stomach, showing off his abs as Finn laps at his..

Riley crawls on top of Ari, pressing his hard groin up against Ari’s warm, wet pussy as they embrace for a passionate kiss. Their need to fuck can only be held off for so long, leading them to strip out of the clothes and grind into each other for a deep pounding.Riley slides himself in Ari’s hole, feeling his slick lips wrap around Riley’s meat; taking him in and massaging his shaft inch by inch. Ari rides Riley’s cock, feeling it slam deep inside his body, and making him quake with pleasure from the..

Adonis is rocking a tight, toned, muscular body. He likes to work out hard and loves to fool around with others who do as well! Luke’s fit, jock body and beautiful abs get him completely fired up.His hands go to his tight, wet pussy; feeling his clit get harder and bigger as they make out. Adonis is hungry to taste it, planting his mouth between Luke’s legs as the trans jock stands over him, enjoying his skilled tongue.Luke watches as Adonis sends wave after wave of pleasure through his body, admiring..

Owen watches as Ari moves down on his cock, taking the massive meat into his mouth. His big, thick shaft slides easily past Ari’s lips and snugly into his throat. Owen reaches around to feel Ari’s pussy gets wetter and wetter as he swallows him down.Owen then slithers his tongue between Ari’s legs, tasting the boy’s pussy and sucking on his enlarged clit. Ari feels his piercing gently pushed and pulled from Owen’s expert mouth, readying him to take his bare cock deep inside.With his legs up and pussy..

Spencer could not believe his luck as he arrives in Birmingham. Logan and Luke have teamed up to take on the blonde jock’s cock, eager to take it in their hot, wet holes. The two get right to business sucking it as Spencer gets his hands all over their tight, athletic bodies.With one dick between three guys, he loves the attention they give him. Still, he knows just how hot their tight pussies are, fingering them and caressing them as all three roll around bed in complete ecstasy.Luke laps at Logan’s..

Cameron holds Luke by the back of his head, bringing him closer as his tastes his soft lips. His fingers pull at his hair, bracing him in place as he moves passionately kisses down his neck. The tall, lean jock is rock hard, loving every inch of Luke’s body, drinking him in and thinking about squeezing his large cock in his tight, wet pussy.Luke drops to his knees, savoring Cameron’s enormous shaft, feeling it press to the back of his mouth and squeeze into his throat. Despite its challenging size, Luke..

Parker’s a strong, firm fucker who excites him with every breathy kiss. Parker loves grabbing Ari’s round ass, feeling his cheeks spread apart to show his beautiful, wet pussy.Parker gets down, giving it a taste with his long, experienced tongue, worshipping Ari’s clit, watching him twist and turn from pleasure. Ari cannot wait to reciprocate, taking Parker’s enormous, rock hard cock to the back of this throat, teasing it with his tongue and giving him the feel for a hot, wet fuck.Parker can barely wait..

Axel Evans has delicious chocolatey skin. He also has a talented tongue which Luke discovers when the two lock lips and start to kiss.Luke perches above Axel – legs spread – and Axel’s tongue gets to work as he makes our favorite porn star moan.Luke then makes Axel moan as he uses his own tongue and lips to suck on that chocolate rod. Axel’s cock is hard and ready to dive into Luke.The pleasure moans increase as the headboard bangs against the wall with every one of Axel’s strokes until the two boys cum.

Jake Archer literally begged us to meet Luke. He’d seen our sexy boy online and wanted to fuck him BAD. It took a while got get their schedules to align but finally the day came.Jake has incredibly soft lips and the two lay on the bed kissing like a some kind of romantic movie – deep and intense with true desire and passion. Jake then watches as Luke swallows him whole. They switch positions and Luke now watches Jake’s lightly furred face between his own legs.It’s a fuck session Jake will never..

Those fans of Luke Hudson (and we know there are many) will no doubt notice that this is an earlier scene of Luke’s – no tattoo right! But what it does showcase is Luke’s natural talent from the beginning. Luke wraps his lips around Shawn’s cock – the look on Shawn’s face is priceless – he’s never had his dick sucked so well before. Luke jumps on top and rides Shawn like a champion bull rider grabbing the sheets as the friction increases.

Luke’s mouth was made for taking this dick down his throat. You can see it in Victor’s eyes just how much he loves getting sucked by a pro!The scruffy man takes to Luke’s pussy just as deftly, lapping at his wet, swollen labia and sucking on his hard cock! Warmed up and ready, Luke eagerly takes Victor’s thick cock deep into his pelvis, feeling his insides shift to take it deeper inch by inch.Victor can’t get enough of watching Luke ride his big piece, carrying a devilish grin on his handsome face as..

As Zach and Logan make out in their Norfolk bed, their hands can’t help but slide between each other’s legs. Logan grabs hold of his partner’s big, throbbing cock as Zach plays Logan’s wet pussy. Zach feels how his clit is hard and engorged, making him hungry for a taste.Lapping at Logan’s clit, he feels him writhe in pleasure, ready to have more inside him than just a skilled tongue! With Logan on his back, he calls out Zach’s name as his top plunges his huge cock deep inside him, pounding harder and..

Jordan is a tall, sexy, scruffy stud with a big cock and an amazing body. He’s handsome and charming with a beautiful smile, but his real secret weapon is his dexterous, devoted tongue. And he eagerly lets it loose on his cute FTM partner, Luke. Luke moans louder and louder as Jordan laps at his wet pussy, getting his clit fatter and harder as he sends waves of pleasure throughout his body.These two jocks intimately connect in this passionate, sensual exchange. Jordan’s cock fills Luke’s pussy perfectly,..

Ari and Spencer are curled up in their Atlanta bed as they strip down and feel each other’s bodies. Pressing flesh to flesh, their lips lock as they make out passionately and tenderly. This leads Spender’s soft lips to lead their way down to Ari’s hot, wet pussy. Kneeling down with his tongue on fire, Spencer looks up into Ari’s eyes as he sees him moaning in ecstasy. Ari’s mouth waters for the big cock between his friend’s legs. Ari swallows down Spencer’s cock, getting it hard and ready to pound into..

Drew’s monster cock is practically made of steel! Luke’s eyes go wide when they gaze upon his ginger buddy’s huge member, desperate to feel it stretch out his tight hole. Down on his knees, Luke struggles to get the girthy piece in his mouth, feeling it hit the back of his throat well before his lips even come close to its base! Drew’s dick is nearly as thick as the boy’s wrist, but Luke is a trooper and eager to take it! Drew worships Luke’s pussy with his tongue, getting it warmed and ready for a deep..

Joel smiles as he looks up and down Ari’s body. He loves his boyish good looks and athletic frame. They makeout as Ari grabs onto his scruffy friend’s neck, holding him close as their passion ignites. Ari’s skilled mouth shifts from Joel’s lips to his long, strong shaft, bobbing his head up and down as Joel looks on in awe and delight. Joel’s mouth stands agape as he feels his cock worked like never before, leading him to return the favor on his trans buddy. As Joel’s tongue works over his wet, throbbing..

Luke’s lips glide over Travis’ as they passionately make out. Luke’s hands move up Travis’ boxers, stopped only by his rock-hard cock. Travis holds Luke’s head as he works to take it to the back of his throat, feeling extending further and further. Travis’ monster cock might be thick and long, but Luke is an expert at swallowing man meat! Travis watches his erection disappear into Luke’s mouth, exciting him to feel his pussy wrap around it as well!After lapping at his swollen dick, getting him hot and..

Between the two of them Ari and Seamus have some amazing tattoos. The two of them writhing in the bed is like a constantly moving graphic novel of lust and passion. The newest star on – Ari Koyote deepthroat’s Seamus while he licks Ari’s piercings. Ari’s glasses steam up as the action gets hotter and his hairy chest gets covered in Seamus’ cum. An incredible scene!

Meet Ari Koyote. This hot trans boy is a brand new JockPussy discovery that is sure to break a lot of hearts. As Ari and the deliciously fuckable Luke Hudson start kissing you can feel the heat rising from the screen. Luke takes charge of the new boy and fucks him as he moans with pure pleasure. Welcome Ari – what an outstanding introduction to the team!

Oh boy! Meet our newest boy Xander James. He’s a good friend of Luke’s and was curious to try porn. He’s got stunning dark, mysterious looks with a mix of Mexican and Pakistani background. He’s bisexual and only started transitioning a few years ago. Check out his interview on our MEET page! For his debut performance he begins kissing Brogan wearing a jockstrap that frames his sexy ass perfectly. He swallows Brogan’s cock with his mouth and then Brogan fucks him til the two are fully..

WARNING – this scene is so hot it will require multiple viewings and may cause lack of focus and insurmountable feelings of lust. Two of porn’s hottest properties – FTM star Luke Hudson and the ever stunning Jack Hunter have teamed up to show the rest of the world just how it’s done. From their first kisses to the cum dripping out of Luke at the end – this scene delivers that mythical fuck that you had that one time on holiday with that person you’ll never see again. Jack knows just how to turn Luke..

Lip locking with Luke Hudson is the stuff you daydream about. There are guys that can kiss and then there are guys that fill your world with pure lust when your lips collide. Spencer gets Luke moaning when he gets his tongue wrapped around Luke. It’s then that Luke wraps his tongue around Spencer’s cock getting him hard. His cock can’t wait to be inside Luke and he’s rewarded with a fuck that was everything and more that he hoped it could be.

Meet our sexy new trans boy Connor Atlas. Connor is a twin and has been identifying as male since high school. Check out his interview in our MEET section to hear more about Connor and his experiences and peak into his life. In his debut scene Connor shows us a what a sexy fucker he is. Cade Maddox bounces him up and down on the end of his cock. It’s a sensational pairing that is going to have you wanting more of Connor.

Our newest star Logan Philips is not only inspiring people with his life story in the military but is also breaking hearts with his hot on screen performances. In Atlanta he meets Trevor who can’t wait to get his tongue wrapped around Logan. Trevor’s chocolate skin compliments Logan’s perfect pale skin as the two fuck. The steam rises and the moaning increases til both are spent in pure pleasure.

It’s not only Luke Hudson’s good looks that has sexy men lining up to co-star with porn’s hottest commodity. It’s Luke’s intense passion and fucking prowess that has hot things like Brayden stripping naked and jumping into bed with Luke. The two men lock lips and trade licks before Brayden fills Luke with his cock.

Is it just me or is Luke getting even hotter lately? I’m pretty sure that Kory notices by the way his lips are locked on Luke’s lightly furred face at the beginning of this sizzling scene. Luke falls to his knees and wraps his lips around Kory’s cock. “Fuuucccck” he moans as Luke deepthroats the whole thing. Now it’s Luke’s turn and he lies back while Kory puts his tongue to work and makes Luke moan. That in itself is enough to make this a supremely hot scene but when Luke starts riding Kory the..

I’ve got a bone to pick with you! Says Zack in his Halloween costume. Turns out his big cock is way too big for his skeleton costume – nutbuster Luke is to the rescue – ripping Zack’s costume and immediately filling his face with that long schlong. Luke jumps right on top of that rock hard cock – Zack finding just the right spot deep inside Luke. Luke is definitely busting more than ghosts tonight and his treat is a face full of Zack’s cum. Note – this scene contains some bone facts too!

Wow. Just wow. Once in awhile a scene comes along that is so incredibly hot that you have to watch every second of it – over and over again. Just to look at Cade and Luke is serious eye candy – but then there’s a lot of good looking guys out there – even in porn – who just can’t fuck. These two guys deliver that unteachable natural fucking intensity that take it next level. From the moment they are kissing on the bed and Luke is fondling Cade’s swollen underpants to the end where Cade cums all..

We introduced Logan Philips to you recently and the feedback on our new FTM star has been phenomenal. Logan was looking for a departure from his career in the Navy and he sure found it here at This week in Louisville Logan is showing veteran porn star Jason how well he sucks cock. Jason then fingers Logan while licking him and making him moan and squeal. Jason’s bare cock then gets a taste of Logan and he pounds that man pussy.

We can’t get enough of sexy boy Luke Hudson. So this update is 100% pure Luke. Well maybe with a co-star of a dildo. Watch closely as Luke lays back and fingers himself gently – then he plunges the dildo in and out as he keeps fingering with increasing intensity. As the pleasure increases – so does his moaning until he climaxes!

Fox and Luke are making out on the bed – their kisses are so deep and passionate you’d think they hadn’t been laid in a long time. Luke positions himself under Fox’s slender frame and sucks his balls and cock with his trademark adroitness. Fox is in heaven but still can’t get enough of kissing Luke. Luke gets on his knees beside the bed and again swallows Fox. He throws him back on the bed to deepthroat the dark haired boy, making Fox’s eyes roll back into his head. Fox is so horny now all he can..

Everyone meet Logan Philips. Logan is a hot guy we discovered on our travels and wanted to try being filmed – and he loved it! Logan kisses Spencer with deep passionate intensity – their hands feeling each other’s bodies as their tongues explore each other’s mouths. Spencer then puts his tongue to work on Logan as he licks and sucks making Logan moan “Spencer oh yeah”. Spencer then gets to be the one who’s moaning as Logan puts his mouth to work again. But Logan wants to feel Spencer deep inside..

Luke Hudson finds some strange lights and letters on the wall – what can it mean? Through the wall comes the monster – or at least the monster cock of Zack Grayson. “I’m the demogorgon or something – Let’s fuck!” he yells. This monster cock is huge and hard as rock as Luke lies back and deepthroats it’s inches. It’s then Zack’s turn to use his lips and tongue to flick and lick and titillate Luke. The two moan as the heat rises. Zack’s massive bare cock enters Luke and he is in pure ecstasy. ..

Luke Hudson and Scott DeMarco – the sight of these two hot jocks together is one hell of a heavenly vision. As they kiss their hands explore each other’s bodies. Scott kisses Luke’s neck – making him moan. Luke spreads his leg and Scott sucks and licks him – making him moan even more. It’s then Luke’s turn to suck as he devours Scott’s shaft. Every inch of his rock hard cock disappears into his mouth. Luke then jumps on top of Scott and every inch of his rock hard raw cock disappears deep inside..

If there is one thing that makes Luke Hudson stand out from other porn stars – it’s the intense passion in each of his scenes. And this one is no different – as Luke deepthroats Colton’s cock – Colton fingers Luke. Luke lies back and Colton goes to work making Luke moan in pleasure. Colton’s big dick slides bare in and out of Luke. He jumps on top to ride it and then is on his back to get pounded. It’s the fuck session you always hope to have and both guys finish up sweaty and satisfied.

Luke Hudson has found a new playmate Logan Philips. The two trans boys kiss passionately. Both boys are horny and put their tongues to work. Then Luke breaks out his strap on and Logan knows he’s about to be fucked good and hard. Luke knows how to make Logan squeal as he pounds him relentlessly until he climaxes.

Working in an office in Scranton PA is all kinds of boring. Zack Grayson and Jake Archer spend their time checking out guys online but Luke Hudson is an action man and taunts the pair to get their dicks out of their pants. He’s on his knees with Zack’s huge dick in his mouth while Zack and Jake kiss. He then takes Jake’s cock in his mouth – “I don’t think we’re going to get much work done today”. They clear the desk and start fucking on it – making use of all the office furniture as their own..

Dark haired Jackson is totally enamoured with Luke Hudson. When they first met he could hardly keep his eyes off him. The two lie naked in the bed kissing and feeling each other’s bare bodies. Luke stands and leans back on the bed head and Jackson uses his tongue to pleasure him. His bearded face tickles as he licks and sucks Luke. Luke lies back on the bed – Jackson’s big dick in his mouth. Jackson uses his fingers to keep playing with Luke. Luke then climbs on top of Jackson – bouncing up..

In the grand finale of our three part Denver romp Luke Hudson and Jonathan Grey are kissing on the bed. Jonathan’s pierced cock is so hard that Luke throws him on his back and engulfs every inch with his trademark intensity and passion. Jonathan can’t believe how good it feels – Luke knows his way around a cock and it shows. Jonathan wants more he lays Luke back and starts to pound Luke’s hole. The piercing feels good inside and Luke adds to the fun by playing with Jonathan’s pierced nipples. He..

Like a Michelin starred tasting menu – this threesome is an abundance of oral delights. Luke finds himself the center of attention with Brogan’s cock in his mouth and Matt’s tongue between his legs. They switch up positions and Luke watches in awe Brogan’s muscled butt being rimmed as Brogan is licking his lips. But this three course menu is far from over – the main event is about to occur. Luke straps on and jumps back in the middle of Matt and Brogan – getting fucked by Brogan while he fucks Matt. ..

Luke arrives in Baton Rouge and meets tall dark and hairy Aiden who is instantly enamoured with Luke. They embrace on the couch – kissing and feeling up each other’s bodies. Aiden’s hairy chest feels good rubbing against Luke’s freshly tattooed torso. Aiden’s cock is hard and Luke devours it with an intense greed – savouring every inch in his mouth. Then he lies back on the couch while Aiden lubes up Luke with his tongue making Luke moan in pure delight. Now Aiden’s bare cock slides into Luke’s..

Luke Hudson has had enough of watching and Zack Grayson’s invitation to join him on the bed is met with enthusiasm. The two naked men embrace and wrap themselves together as they kiss. Zack’s big dick grows and Luke wraps his soft lips around it. Sliding his mouth up and down the thick shaft, covering it with his saliva. Luke then attempts to sit on top of Zack’s big dick “You’re so big – like really big” he tells Zack and Luke loves it! He gingerly envelopes the full length and then starts to..

Luke Hudson brings you a special Valentine’s Day gift – a glorious creampie scene with the super sexy Jake Archer in conjunctin with Jake and Luke are wrapped in lights as they kiss passionately on the bed. A heady mix of passion and lust the two are bonded together. Luke brings his lips down to Jake’s big cock – swallowing every inch. Jake’s bare cock is wet with Luke’s saliva and ready for Luke Hudson to climb on board. Luke rides that big bare cock on top of Jake and in a..

Here’s two incredibly hot bodies wrapped together in one hell of a sensual session. Luke Hudson finds himself being worshipped by the muscled Mason as Mason lays him down and pleasures him by kissing his body all over then making him moan in ecstasy as he uses his tongue and fingers. Luke then takes Mason’s cock in his mouth and it’s Mason’s turn to voice his delight. Now lubed with Luke’s saliva Mason’s cock enters Luke and the two are joined as one. If you love hot sex and hot guys – this scene..

Jonathan, Zack and Brogan are in a hotel room in Denver messing around, getting hard and horny. Zack notices someone at the door – it’s Luke! “So you wanna come in and watch” Zack asks. Luke doesn’t need a second invitation he’s in that door and settles himself on a chair watching the three boys sucking each other’s cocks. Luke grabs a dildo and starts playing with it as he watches the three start to bare fuck on the bed. It’s a glorious sight as we have a threesome of man flesh on the bed and..

Christmas is one of Luke’s favorite times of the year so to celebrate he’s prepared a special scene for everyone. He’s found a fire to lie in front of and a big ol’ candy cane to play with. Just imagine how sweet Luke’s pussy tastes after he’s been sliding that candy in and out of his favorite fuck hole! Happy Holidays everyone.

Damien and Luke had an instant attraction when they met. The two young guys are both horny creatures who love fucking and so couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel to start fucking. Luke sucks Damien’s cock and he reciprocate by burying his tongue deep inside Luke’s lovely pussy. He lays Luke on the floor and starts to fuck his hole- it feels good and Luke moans. They make the most of the furniture in the room – changing positions to get Damien’s dick as deep inside as is humanly possible.

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and well that’s if it’s not as hot as this scene and posted all over the internet! Jayden D and Luke Hudson find themselves in a hotel room naked – and rubbing each other’s bodies. Jayden’s big ebony cock grows as he plays with Luke’s pussy – Luke grabs Jayden’s cock in his hands and strokes it as they kiss. Jayden’s got a big dick and Luke loves sucking cock and a challenge so he deepthroats the monster dick – only coming up for air every so often. ..

Two young guys kissing on a bed – feeling each other up with their hands down each other pant’s – Luke feels Andy’s cock grow and Andy feels Luke’s pussy. He’s into it but first Luke is going to make sure Andy’s cock is hard and he wraps his lips around it as they strip naked. The passion is intense – the two kissing and feeling each other’s bodies. Luke is a skilled cocksucker and Andy’s moans in pleasure. Andy throws Luke to the bed and fingers his pussy – getting it ready for his hard cock. ..

Jason and Luke and lying on the bed naked, kissing. Jason’s cock grows and Luke swallows it whole to the base. He then lays back and it’s Jason’s turn to lick his dick and get his pussy wet and ready for Jason’s bare cock. Jason has never fucked a pussy before and Luke’s is inviting as all hell! But Luke doesn’t just want to be fucked – he rims Jason’s hole and then gets his strapon ready. It’s a good thing Jason is versatile as Luke fucks his hole like a man possessed. Jason wants to get back inside..

Jason Sparks Live

Logan Carter and Jake Aussie are definitely a promising looking pair. Jake is cute, twinkly-eyed and smooth-skinned. Flame-haired Logan is beefier, hairier, and clearly more experienced than his younger partner. This is actually Jake’s first time on camera, but he claims to be sexually adventurous and incredibly flexible!They kick things off on the bed, Jake, in a well-fitting jockstrap, body wrapped around Logan, kissing the older man lustfully. Logan’s bulge throbs in his underpants. He knows the tasty..

Handsome, tall twink, Cole Blue gets down and very dirty with teen pocket rocket, Eli Bennett, on a sunny veranda in Minneapolis. When you’re as impatient as these two horny boys, you get things moving as quickly as you possibly can. Cole reclines on a sun lounger and encourages Eli to seductively slide onto his lap.They kiss sensuously, their delicate tongues exploring each other’s mouths and then drifting downwards to tenderly nuzzle nipples.It’s not long before Eli is squatting between Cole’s legs,..

Troye’s sexy earring glints in the light as the two guys kiss passionately, throwing caution to the wind, hearts pounding with lust-fuelled excitement. The chemistry is instantly off-the-charts. These two are intimately familiar with each other’s bodies and cannot wait to be locked in carnal action!Twink Troye lies on his back, his long, dancer legs wrapped around his ears as Jax’s probing tongue lodges itself deep in the boy’s tight hole. Tasty Troye is gonna get the ride of his young life!Jax stands..

Tattooed, cute new boy, Johnny Canyon, has been paired up with handsome porn stars Jack Hunter and Zack Grayson in what promises to be a red hot threesome. These guys are seriously sexy, hugely hung, and up for anything.The action starts with a three-way suck-a-thon. Wild-child Johnny’s in the middle, giving and receiving like a true pro. If this first timer is in any way nervous, he’s hiding it brilliantly!A couple of minutes later, we find the three boys eagerly eating each other out. They can’t wait..

Heavily-tattooed, dangerous hunk, Sean Duran is back – and this time he’s been locked in an Atlanta hotel room with cute twink boy, Axel Black. It turns out it’s Axel’s first time on camera, and being paired with a dominant, hugely hung top like Sean, is gonna be one heck of a baptism of fire!The chemistry is off-the-charts. The men kiss passionately, bodies entwined on the bed. Axel excitedly rubs Sean’s big dick and the top man responds by fingering the twink’s tight, enticing ass.Axel soon has his..

Sexy otter Jeremy George is back… and this time he’s not wearing his trademark glasses! His lucky partner today is cute twink-boy Troye Jacobs.The two guys kiss fervidly on the bed, tongues dancing, bodies intertwined. Troye shows off his tight little butt in a tasty red jockstrap.Troye leans back on the bed. Jeremy squats between his legs and starts to service the smooth boy’s rock-hard dick. Troye’s meat is so engorged that Jeremy can’t deep throat it without choking.Troye leans back and raises his..

Cole Blue and Eli Bennet are two of the cutest guys working in the industry at the moment, so seeing them together is ever-likely to get viewer pulses well-and-truly racing.They kiss passionately. Tall, well-built Cole grinds his crotch into shorter boy, Eli, his impressively large dick throbbing and bulging in his tight-fitting underpants. Lustful sparks are already flying…Eli drops to his knees to hungrily suck and service Cole’s perfect penis. Cole gasps appreciatively, astonished by how good Eli’s..

Jax and Jesse hook up in an Atlanta hotel room and get to know each other in the best possible way. Jax is the older and more dominant of the pair. He’s blessed with an almost perfect body – lean, tanned and ripped – and his huge dick can’t wait to burst out of his electric blue jockstrap. Cute twink, Jesse, has pale, smooth skin, blond curly hair and a killer smile.They lock lips and bodies on the bed. Jax takes control, seducing the younger lad with kisses which oscillate between sensual and..

Sexy blond twink, Spencer Daley is back, and this time he’s in an Atlanta motel room with the hugely handsome, muscle otter, Logan Carter. They immediately get down and dirty, stripping to their underwear, kissing deeply, grinding their bodies seductively against each other.Bearded Logan kneels on the bed and encourages Spencer to get to work on his impressive dick. Spencer happily obliges, taking every rock-hard inch of man meat into his hungry, tight throat.Logan is soon lying on his back on the edge..

Tom Bentley is a seriously sexy, pint-sized twink. He is thrilled to be able to meet up with Jack Bailey, a cute, flame-haired boy with a killer smile and a smooth, lean body. Rock hard and eager to play, the cameras turn on and the boys know exactly what to do.The guys strip naked. Tom may be small in height, but his dick is huge. He relaxes as Jack shuffles down the bed to take his bulging meat in his mouth. Tom grits his teeth and grabs the back of Jack’s head, forcing him down onto his donkey dick..

Jeremy George is a seriously sexy, bespectacled guy with dark features and beautiful brown skin. He stands in a hotel room, arms and lips locked sensuously around cute, smooth twink Troye Jacobs. Both men are seriously into each other and desperate for sex. Troye’s rock hard, excited dick pokes out of the top of his trunks.Jeremy sits down on the bed, and throws his head back in intense pleasure as Troye squats between his legs, seductively taking Jeremy’s giant cut dick deep into his throat. Jeremy..

Eli and Cole have been anxiously awaiting the moment they’d finally be able to meet and fool around. They’ve followed each other online for months, sending each other sexy photos and chatting about what their first encounter would be like. Thanks to Jason Sparks, the two were able to finally get together in Minneapolis and experience their chemistry in the flesh!Both young men have beautifully long, lean bodies, smooth skin and silky fine hair up their arms and legs. As they lie down together and start..

Jax and Jesse meet in a hotel in Atlanta. Both are new to porn.The two men stand by the bed, wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing hungrily, pulling apart from time to time to visually drink each other in. Jax smiles, almost arrogantly, he’s gonna enjoy leading this sexy Twink right to the edge!Jax lies on the edge of the bed and Jesse kneels between his legs, slowly sucking the older man’s dick, desperate to please him.Before long, Jesse lies on the bed with his eyes closed and his ass in the air. Jax..

Jason Spark’s sexy American road trip stops off in Georgia pairing relative newcomer, Julian Waits with first timer, Tad Tyler. Tad’s a handsome guy with come-to-bed eyes and a long, long cock!Tad pulls Julian into him and they kiss passionately and sensuously. Tad may be new to porn, but he’s clearly an experienced lover!Now naked, Tad sits on the edge of the bed and moans appreciatively as Julian slowly sucks him, wrapping his lips around Tad’s swelling dick and taking it deep down into his..

Mason’s massive member could barely be contained in his tight jockstrap, becoming even more prominent and bulging as the two began kissing. Mason loves a passionate, hungry bottom, and Jeremy was more than happy to deliver.While Mason caressed Jeremy’s beautiful, tanned body, the furry chested bottom couldn’t keep his hands off Mason’s smooth muscles and throbbing tool. With his perfect ass pouring out of his underwear, Jeremy’s mouth watered not only for more tongue, but Mason’s hard member as well.As..

Sean might look like rough trade with his shaved head, big body, and collection of tattoos, but when his lips are locked with Liam, he’s as gentle as they come. His hands explore Liam’s lean body, feeling around his chest and backside before pulling out his veiny tool. Liam loves the sweet, cuddly way Sean kisses him, but he can’t deny that he’s hungry to see the aggressive alpha-top side as well!Liam swallows down Sean’s meat, tasting its delicious juices as he laps up the sweat and precum it serves up…

Lying on the edge of the bed with his face up, Spencer hangs his head back and opens his throat for Logan’s thick alpha shaft. It’s a massive, meaty shaft that fills his mouth before pushing his tongue down and dominating his neck.Spencer tries his best not to gag, but he can only take so much before his instincts to fight kick in. Logan is there to help, though. He holds his hands down, keeping him locked in a receptive position while he pumps his breeding stick between his lips and down his throat…

Connor Taylor is one of those boys you can’t take your eyes off of. Tall, skinny, pale, red-headed, a little geeky… On paper, you probably wouldn’t give him a second glance, but this hugely hung twink exudes a sort of raw sex appeal that it’s almost impossible to ignore!Mikey Knight is a cute, dark-haired boy with sparkling eyes and a winning smile. He’s a virgin when it comes to porn shoots, but it remains to be seen if Connor will handle him with care or simply treat him like a total bottom whore!The..

Cole’s huge shaft pokes out from the waistband of his briefs as he starts slurping on Marcus’ dick. Marcus murmurs appreciatively, then moves to Cole to return the favor, pulling back the taller lad’s briefs to reveal a meaty, thick, monster cock. Cole smiles almost arrogantly. He knows his dick is world class!Marcus works it like a pro; sucking, licking and rubbing. Cole groans, spreads his long legs wide apart and the two men kiss again. Cole feverishly digs his nails into Marcus’ ass cheeks, then runs..

Jeremy George is all man: Mid twenties, tanned, lean, dark, swarthy looks, just the right amount of hair on his body… He’s worked with Jason Sparks on many occasions, and today he finds himself in Atlanta, in a hotel bedroom, with a young lad called Julian Waits. Julian is not new to porn, but hasn’t worked with Jason before, so this is a voyage of discovery…Julian has sandy, floppy hair and a hairless, almost porcelain-white body. He’s good looking in an artistic kind of way, and it’s little..

Their hands work over their arms and chests as they kiss, holding each other close and enjoying the sensual connection of their hard bodies. Greg lets Liam take charge, submitting to his direction and allowing him the chance to really shine. Liam may be new to filming, but it’s clear he knows exactly what to do with an eager bottom like Greg.While the shaved head man begins to suck Liam’s cock, the freshman model feels his massive member swell up in Greg’s throat. He can’t believe someone so tall,..

These two muscle studs are in peak physical shape, giving them powerful sex drives that make them explosive when put together. Spencer is thrilled to have the scruffy stud fuck him again, and Logan is eager to fill the redheaded bottom with his seed.The two start off kissing, feeling each other’s smooth, muscular bodies and rock-hard cocks, but they can’t wait to go further. Logan drops to his knees to worship Spencer’s manhood. He takes it to the back of his throat, the side of his cheek… anywhere it..

James and Connor make out slowly on the bed in their underwear before getting naked. The guys make valiant efforts to swallow one another’s huge cocks, but they are just too big so Connor gets James on all fours for a rim job.After a few thrusts, James is moaning and flips into missionary, where Connor’s strokes are slow and deliberate. James strokes his cock and Connor picks up speed seeing that it makes James harder.Connor pulls out and shoots several ropes of hot cum all over James’ groin and inner..

Derek Cross is a wholesome, all-American boy, born and raised in the midwest and he’s here to get his amateur gay porn cherry popped by Scott DeMarco!After some heavy making out on the bed, Scott stands over Derek with his cock in the newcomer’s throat. Scott gets Derek to lie back on the bed for similarly expert treatment on his long rod. Scott laps at Derek’s hole and up his taint before mounting him doggy style and pounding into his ass vigorously while Derek rides back to meet his thrusts.Scott..

Jeremy gets down between Sean’s legs on the bed to deep throat the muscle man’s huge meat. He can barely get his hand around the base of the big tool and resorts to holding it with both hands while he sucks.When Sean gets Jeremy on his back to rim his pink hole, Jeremy’s own thick rod falls back against his stomach and Sean gobbles hungrily at Jeremy’s smooth ass and big round nuts. Jeremy flips to all fours so Sean can get his cock in that hole, but he wasn’t expecting it to feel quite so huge. As Sean..

Kyle and Mason happen to be working out in the same area of the park, and a playful kiss is all it takes for them to disappear into the woods together. The two make out and are soon taking turns sucking one another’s cocks.Kyle bends over against a tree to let Mason into his ass with that curved dick, then they flip, and Kyle gets a turn at Mason’s ass. When Mason is ready to pop, Kyle kneels down and takes a nice, thick load across both sides of his face.

Porn newbie Brent Oliver is a versatile twink who loves big dicks. Lucky for him, he’s been paired with Connor Taylor, who has one of the biggest cocks in our studio.After a long and heavy makeout session, Connor gets a bit breathless trying to take as much as he can of Brent’s thick rod into his mouth. When Brent gets a turn on Connor’s knob, Brent deep throats Connor right out the gate and has Connor swearing by how good it feels.When it’s time for the main event, Brent takes Connor’s deep strokes like..

Muscle studs Brogan and Cade make out on their knees in bed, still wearing their revealing underwear. Brogan can’t help but grope Cade’s massive cock through the pouch, and he gasps loudly as Cade pulls his head to one side to suck on his neck. Cade’s big dick is soon in Brogan’s mouth, guiding him with a hand behind his head, while Brogan jerks his own cock.Back on the bed, Cade returns the favor, sucking Brogan’s nicely curved meat while the stud lays back against the pillows. Cade causes Brogan to..

Passionately making out on the bed, Cole looks down as Lucas works his heavy balls and cock before joining him for some 69 action.In that same spirit, they both take turns fucking each other bare. Cole eagerly thrusts his perfect bubble butt back on Lucas’ cock, fucking himself deep while moaning and groaning. “Let me fuck you,” he tells the blissed out twink, who happily gets on his back and takes Cole balls deep.He pounds Lucas’ ass for a while, then pulls out and roughly turns him around to spray jizz..

Standing over the horny bottom, Logan is enjoying the hot, sloppy blowjob Spencer is giving him while worshipping his perfect body. “Fuck yeah,” he whispers as Spencer takes the whole cock down his throat.That’s all Spencer needs to hear, going even deeper on Logan’s dick, getting it ready for his tight hole. Logan repays the favor, sucking Spencer’s dick and then rimming his ass before plunging in balls deep, doggie style. That makes Spencer whimper and moan in awe as his thick cock hits all the right..

Trystan Turner can’t resist the chance to make his on-camera debut with Jason Sparks Live’s Jack Hunter, and who can blame him? After a brief interview (Trystan is a big motorhead), the two hunks start making out on the bed in their briefs.Before too long, Jack has Trystan stripped down and on his back, working his cock while Trystan runs his hands over Jack’s hair. You can see his abs rippling as he shivers with pleasure from the blowjob, before he turns the tables and gets Jack half sitting up in bed,..

Johnny’s smile can light up a room! The adorable, boyish blond twink has never been on camera before, but he’s no virgin when it comes to a hot fuck. And with his impressive height, he definitely turns heads when he’s cruising for fun.Scott DeMarco lays on top of Johnny as the two of them kiss. His soft, gentle caresses get the horny boy’s cock throbbing. And when Scott kneels to swallow the blond giant’s meat, it fills his mouth and works its way to the back of his throat with ease. Johnny can’t believe..

Mikey swallows down Waldo’s shaft, feeling it pulse in his throat as he expertly takes it to the base. Waldo moans as his nuts churn with his hot seed, readying themselves to release all inside Mikey’s mouth. Waldo holds back, however, not wanting to blow his load right then and there. He wants to fully enjoy Mikey’s talents before spraying his man juice all over.Waldo’s tongue navigates Mikey’s hole just as expertly as he does the globe! Mikey arches his back and presents his smooth ass up to his..

Waldo is a tricky man to find! He pops up in all kinds of places; hidden amongst crowds, trees, and buildings. Jason heads out with his camera to find him, catching glimpses of his iconic shirt and hat before he jets off again! But there is one thing that’ll bring the slippery, slender man: a hot stud with a warm mouth and a tight hole!Ashton Wayne makes his Jason Sparks debut, taking Waldo’s big cock in his mouth and down his throat. The freshman cocksucker is truly skilled at swallowing a dick, but..

As soon as Jason hits the record button, Koda and Brogan get right to business! Their lips lock as their bodies touch, teasing each other until their cocks are bursting out of their underwear. Koda isn’t shy about pulling Brogan’s meat out and swallowing it down, salivating over his heavy low-hangers and hard shaft…Brogan puts Koda on his back as the fresh meat holds his legs up, offering up his hole for the horny top to work over. Prying his tongue and fingers inside, Brogan can tell that Koda is..

Connor’s big cock is a challenge for most who encounter it. Never having done porn before, the cute, twink top is excited to show off his giant shaft and to see his newcomer buddy, Baily, take it all. Baily is no stranger to a hot fuck, but Connor’s meat is bigger than he’s ever taken before!Connor leans back and watches Baily polish his knob, sucking and swallowing each inch as he takes more of it down his throat with each bob of his head. But before the brunette bottom can reach the base, Connor is..

Riley’s tan, furry chest presses up against Spencer’s smooth, milky body as they embrace each other and kiss passionately. Their tongues dance around, exciting each other as their cocks swell up between them. The horny jocks love when they have the opportunity to get naked and get off on each other, and we’re lucky enough to see it all play it out…Spencer’s thick cock fills Riley’s mouth as the scruffy stud swallows him down. The hard shaft of his strawberry blonde partner pulses as he works it over..

Joshua recounts his jock days as a wrestler in Cincinnati as the two men get acquainted. Memories of exposed cocks and jockstraps get the two men worked up and horny to get to action! The tall, young man is masculine, horny, and loves to work up a sweat, matching Nick in his desire to fuck hard and deep!Joshua’s long, athletic body is like a tower of testosterone for Nick to traverse, travelling from his strong legs up to his hard cock before passionately kissing him and grinding up against him. Nick..

The three horny guys start by sucking each other off, connecting themselves into a circle that has them tied up in a knot of smooth limbs and throbbing cocks! Their hungry mouths move all over each other, kissing, teasing, and rimming until they’re aching to fuck.Marcus opens up his hole for the massively hung Cole, who in turns takes Lucas’ big dick from behind. The three move together like an engine, pumping back and forth as their bareback fucking builds up steam.As they switch directions to give..

Drew can’t get enough of Logan’s beefy, muscular body, worshipping his broad chest and thick, hard cock as he swallows him down to the back of his throat. Logan loves lying back and watching his meat disappear in Drew’s mouth, feeling his nuts ready themselves to dump out a load in the sexy Brit’s ass.Putting Drew on his back, Logan applies the full weight of his big body down on his buddy’s back as his bare cock slides into his hungry hole. Drew lets out a deep moan as it fills him up, desperate for..

Scott gets off on Oz’s excited energy, feeling his cock swell up in his underwear as they kiss and caress each other’s smooth bodies. Scott takes the lead, pulling Oz’s shaft out and taking it immediately to the back of his throat.Forgetting all about the camera, Oz indulges in having his manhood sucked by a pro! Stroking his meat and playing with his balls, Scott gets the fit country man worked up and ready to be fucked!Bending him over, Scott takes a look at Oz’s beautiful, smooth bubble butt. It feels..

Spencer is in heaven as Riley’s hands caress his body. The scruffy, jock top loves Spencer’s milky, smooth skin; running his fingers over his chest and stomach as they kiss and connect. Riley’s cock swells up as it rubs against Spencer, making the blonde bottom hungry to feel it in his mouth!Riley leans back and watches as Spencer swallows his cock; worshiping his veiny, throbbing shaft as he looks up at him over his washboard abs. Riley grabs a tuft of Spencer’s soft hair, pushing him down further to..

Brogan runs his hands over Seamus’ body, grabbing at his fiery, furry chest. He loves feeling the smaller guy on top of him, kissing him deeply as his cock grows in his underwear. The ginger stud may have the hair, but Brogan has the muscle that Seamus can’t resist!Seamus is hungry for Brogan’s big, smooth, bubble butt; putting the tan bro on his stomach to devour his smooth, tight hole. He ravenously laps at Brogan’s sphincter, spreading the massive, globular cheeks apart to bury his face in between…

Drew crawls on top of Logan’s massive, muscular body, kissing him sweetly as he grips his biceps and shoulders tightly. He loves feeling a powerful man next to him, especially when he can ride him like a wild stallion! As Drew moves over Logan’s body, his mouth waters for the jock’s hot cock. He can feel it swell up besides him, ready to be savored and worshipped…Taking Logan’s cock into his mouth, Drew can feel his large balls swell up with his seed. The two are no strangers to a hot fuck, but they..

Cade Maddox is used to being worshipped and adored. And when you look like him, it’s hard to find a man who’s anywhere near your equal! Nick Ford, however, is hot enough to make the stunning muscle god blush with excitement. It’s as if the two men are statues made of marble, perfectly sculpted works of art; smooth all over, and in peak physical strength…Lying in bed together, Nick is quick to get his hands full of Cade’s massive, monster cock; feeling the veiny beast throb in his tight grip! Cade leans..

Riley and Spencer are staples in Jason Spark’s stable of hot men, always game for a hot fuck wherever their model search takes them! Their sex drive is insatiable, especially when they’re paired up with each other. The hot, blonde Spencer loves feeling Riley’s scruffy face as they kiss, caressing his chest hair as his cock grows larger.Spencer swallows Riley’s thick cock, lapping up its flavor as he inches his mouth further to the base. Riley can’t help but lick his lips and moans watching his..

The smooth muscle jock loves feeling his guest’s hands grope his chest and crotch, getting him rock hard as they make out side by side. Brogan is pleased to see the carpets match the drapes, finding a hot, fiery bush surrounding a massive, thick cock!The two sixty-nine each other, sucking on their throbbing shafts as they build up a passionate, sexual desire to breed.Seamus rides Brogan’s cock like a pro, feeling as it slides bareback into his hole and fucks him deep. Brogan loves seeing Seamus stroke..

Drew swallows down Logan’s shaft, taking it to the back of his throat as he laps up Logan’s sweet pre-cum. He can’t get enough of how Logan’s massive meat feels in his hand and between his lips, slapping it on his tongue to get Logan even harder…Lifting up Logan’s legs, Drew dives between his meaty, muscular cheeks, tongue fucking his tight hole as the tall jock moans for more. Drew is completely obsessed with his ass, getting it good and wet to slide his bare cock deep inside.Logan’s heart pounds in..

Riley’s mouth stretches wide to take Parker’s big cock, feeling it fill his face as it moves to the back of his throat. Parker keeps his scruffy cocksucker’s head between his hands as he fucks his lips; feeling himself getting harder, thinking about breeding his new buddy…Parker tongues Riley’s furry hole, getting it warm and wet before sliding his raw pipe deep between his cheeks. Riley moans and strokes his own cock as Parker grips his hips and drills into his ass deep, pounding away and edging..

Sean is known for his hyper-masculinity and bad boy looks, while Spencer is known as the sweet boy next door with a big cock! They kiss and caress each other’s muscles, getting each other worked up for a hot, sweaty fuck.Sean loves to have his cock sucked, feeling like the big man in charge while being worshipped and serviced by his boyish partner. Spencer is happy to swallow down his big meat, imagining it knocking around inside his ass. But before Sean can slide his raw cock inside, he flips Spencer on..

Marcus devours Max’s ass while the curly-haired stud swallows Travis’ meat, warming him up for the deep fucking to come! Travis slides his bare cock into Max’s hole, pounding against his prostate and making him beg for more.Not wanting to disappoint, Marcus gets into the mix by sliding his cock in beside Travis’ cock, double fucking the hungry bottom! Max’s hole expertly milks the two studs at once, priming them to release their hot, creamy loads!

Drew drops to his knees and worships Logan’s fat cock, grasping his heavy balls as he swallows him down to the root. Logan watches with delight as the British cocksucker makes a meal of his manhood, ready to give him even more to devour…Logan gets on all fours, presenting his round, muscular ass to Drew, giving him the chance to bury his face between his thick cheeks. Logan arches his back, serving it up like a dinner platter as Drew gets lost in his delicious hole.Ultimately, Drew can’t take it..

Scott’s big smile and friendly eyes ease Blake into the shoot as he kisses and caresses him, getting him more comfortable on camera. Scott takes out Blake’s hard cock, filling his mouth with the girthy shaft as the newcomer’s eyes roll back in his head with delight.Blake can’t believe how good it feels to be sucked by a pro, feeling his balls tighten and his meat get even harder! But being a natural bottom, Blake can’t wait to worship his partner’s manhood…Scott’s huge cock is a welcome challenge to..

The tattooed daddy loves Spencer’s smooth, milky skin. Even as Spencer places himself between his legs and worships his manhood, Sean can’t resist running one of his broad hands over the cocksucker’s neck and back.Spencer inhales Sean’s manly musk as he swallows his cock, desperate to take more of him inside. Sean wants to sit back and relax, but his dominant instincts kick in as he grabs at Spencer’s face, holding him down on his cock and making him choke on each alpha inch.Sean then buries his face in..

Ivan Mattel is a beautiful supermodel. With his high cheekbones, narrow waist, and feminine features, he’s absolutely captivating both in-person and on-camera. It’s no wonder that the scruffy, masculine Brogan Reed is stunned by his good looks and tall, lean body.As the two roll around in bed, Ivan grips Brogan’s cock with his delicate hands, feeling its power and thickness contrast with his slender digits. Brogan loves feeling like the big man in bed, and Ivan knows just how to give him what he..

Their passion continues to build as they kiss each other up and down. Riley moves to suck Drew’s cock, getting comfortable between his legs as he swallows the big, uncut meat.As much as Drew loves getting his cock serviced, he breathlessly waits to feel Riley fuck his face with intense passion. It’s not long after Drew’s mouth closes around his furry friend’s meat, that Riley shows the power behind the thrusting of his hips!This only makes Drew hornier and hungrier for Riley’s top skills; presenting his..

Dylan and Josh couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other. As two young, Alabama boys, they have a lot in common, and not just their hunger for cock and cum!Dylan’s never been on camera before, but don’t let his sweet, southern appearance fool you… This first-timer is no stranger to getting a little nasty!As Joshua gobbles down his big cock, Dylan feels it swell in his bottom’s tight throat as he gets more turned on… And when Dylan returns the favor, it’s clear that his passion is for sucking..

The tatted top gets comfortable with his ginger bottom’s body as they lie in bed, answering Jason’s questions, and getting hornier with each passing minute.Sean is desperate to get his dick in a tight, pink hole, and Spencer fits his meat like a glove! The two start making out with Sean pulling Spencer in close.The boyish stud massages Sean’s cock, feeling it pulse in his grip; excited to feel it slip inside his ass.Spencer swallows down Sean’s shaft, working him into a sexual frenzy that only..

Christian wraps his mouth around Scott’s thick, massive cock, feeling it fill his mouth as he lies on the bed. Scott feels Christian’s tongue massage his shaft, all while looking down at his partner’s smooth, round ass.Scott crawls across the bed on all fours, presenting his firm cheeks and tight hole for Christian to devour. Christian slaps Scott’s ass, feeling his meat shake in his hands, as he tongue fucks his scruffy lover. He slides his finger inside, feeling the taut sphincter clench around his..

Hunter’s big cock fills Logan’s throat as he grips the back of his neck and fucks his face hard. Even blindfolded, Logan takes each aggressive inch like a champ, slobbering over Hunter’s shaft; eager for it to fill his hole.Hunter puts Logan on his back, lifting his legs up and using his hole, plunging his massive meat deep inside him as his moans fill the room. Hunter is merciless on his fuck toy’s hole, pounding him hard and deep as he milks out a load from his raw cock. Logan can’t believe how good it..

These lean, scruffy jocks make out and run their hands over their firm, toned bodies, tugging off their underwear to get to their throbbing cocks.Drew can’t get enough of Riley’s soft, full lips, whether they’re kissing his mouth or wrapped around his meat. Riley looks up over Drew’s rock hard abs to see his buddy smiling and enjoying his oral skills.Drew returns the favor by swallowing up Riley’s thick cock, bobbing his head up and down to slurp up his pre-cum. Riley puts Drew on his back, spreading his..

Tyler Connors might be new, but he knows what he likes and exactly how to get it! He takes control of the scene by swallowing Scotty’s big meat as he face fucks Jack.Scott is hungry for ass though, and moves to Jack’s round, firm ass, getting it good and wet with his tongue. Tyler loves seeing Jack get his ass eaten, inspiring his top-nature for the need to breed.With Jack ready to be drilled; Tyler slides his cock deep in his hole, fucking him hard and showing off his dominant jock spirit.As Jack sucks..

Mason kneels to bring his cock to Brogan’s mouth, making it grow bigger as Brogan chokes on his buddy’s meat. Brogan loves feeling Mason fuck his face, gagging on his big cock as he strokes himself.Brogan may love to fuck, but that doesn’t exclude him from enjoying getting his salad tossed! Mason sits Brogan over the edge of a chair and eats his ass from underneath, tongue fucking the beefcake as he moans in ecstasy.Mason then bends over on all fours, feeling Brogan hold his hips in place as he inches..

The Baton Rouge bottom starts by feeling Cade’s soft lips on his own as they make out in bed. Their tight jocks are hard to keep on as they get more and more aroused. Blane is amazed when he gets an up close view of Cade’s legendary huge cock. He struggles to take it down, feeling his throat stretch to make room for the thick inches of Cade’s monster tool.,br />The hung top places his young bottom on all fours, sliding himself past Blane’s tight sphincter; filling his ass with his raw, wet cock. Blane’s..

The lean boys can’t keep their hands off each other as their cocks get harder and harder in their tight underwear. Drew pulls out Riley’s cock and sucks it down his throat, worshipping the horny jock’s body as he devours his meat. Riley drops to his knees to return the favor, feeling Drew’s huge uncut cock in his mouth before he expertly gulps it down.He flips Drew over, burying his face in his round, smooth ass, making a meal of his meaty backside before plunging his raw cock in his tight hole! Riley..

Between large boulders, the horny studs make out and caress each other’s bodies, feeling up their smooth muscles and growing cocks. Kyle drops to his knees to suck Cash’s huge member, swallowing it down to his sweaty balls.The two men continue their walk a little deeper into the trail before stripping down and fucking as raw and natural as the greenery surrounding them!When they finally get back to their hotel room, Kyle continues to ride Cash’s thick meat, grinding it against his prostate as the two..

Brandon spots the handsome concierge of his Omaha hotel, catching his eye as he checks in and notices some flirty, lingering glances. Zack is attentive and friendly and Brandon is curious to see just how accommodating he can be.He orders up some extra towels to his room, knowing that the handsome young man would be the one to deliver. And sure enough, when he answers the door to his room, Zack is there, ready to be of service. Brandon stands in just a towel with nothing else on him, so the only tip he..

Joshua and Lance take it slow in bed as they feel each other’s bodies. Joshua tries to go at the newbie’s pace, but it becomes quickly evident that though it may be his first time in porn, he is no virgin!Lance moans as he holds the young cocksucker’s head in place. He’s quick to show his own skills, flipping over to service Joshua’s big cock. The veteran is impressed with the new kid’s mouth, ramping up his own enthusiasm and aggression as he can see what Lance can handle.All this builds to Lance..

As soon as they start making out, Logan and Riley cannot contain their rock hard cocks. Riley’s wet mouth gets right down on Logan’s meat, taking it down his throat to bring a smile to his scruffy friend’s face. The young jock runs his hands over his broad, full chest, teasing his nipples and feeling his excitement as his cock grows in his mouth.Logan gets on all fours, presenting his firm, full ass to his buddy, giving him the chance to make a meal of his muscle meat. Riley loves feasting on the big..

Spencer sets things off by swallowing up Trevor’s big cock, swapping out for the Brogan’s muscle meat to get them good and hard.The horny blonde is hungry for his scene partner’s smooth, toned bodies, eager to be in the middle of this menage-a-trios. His hunger moves to Brogan’s thick, round ass, devouring it as Trevor gets a taste of his own pink hole.The three men rim each other passionately before their need to breed can no longer be contained. Trevor slides his cock deep into Spencer’s milky, white..

Travis is a tried and true country boy who loves the big state of Texas! But the one thing he loves more is a sexy boy to fool around with. Luckily, his cross-country tour connects with the sweet, adventurous stud, Marcus.Marcus and Travis make out while stroking their cocks, tasting their lips and feeling up their toned, smooth bodies. Marcus sucks on Travis’ hard cock, watching as the cute Texan gets off on his oral service.Travis returns the favor, sucking on Marcus’ cock to get it ready for his tight..

Scott is turned on hearing about Johnny’s off-camera experiences, ready to see what he can take! The two young men make out, feeling each other’s smooth, toned bodies before trading blowjobs.Johnny expertly swallows down Scott’s thick, hard cock, thoroughly impressing Scott as well as making him eager to feel his tight hole. With Johnny bent over on all fours, Scott slides his raw cock inside him, feeling his smooth cheeks meet his hips as he pushes all the way in.Johnny takes his hard, raw pounding like..

Logan loves how perfectly sized Riley is for him. While he’s happy to flip roles of top or bottom, he loves being the taller guy in a pair. Riley’s face lifts up to meet his as they kiss, making the muscle man’s cock rock hard.The tall guy sucks his buddy’s thick cock, feeling it stretch out his throat as it works past his tongue. Logan can’t get enough of how Riley tastes, getting his legs up on the beg to eat out his hot, furry hole.Riley might be shorter, but he’s definitely the aggressor when it..

Kyle’s lean, boyish body is dwarfed by Dustin’s large, smooth muscles. The horny boy can’t get enough of his huge partner as he kisses him, rubs his tan chest, and sucks his big cock! The buff jock loves how his little cocksucker services him, but is also aware that he’s not tiny all over! Kyle’s huge cock is a mouthful for the ripped stud, making the big guy gag as he attempts to take it down his throat. Dustin’s tongue slides over Kyle’s tight, smooth hole, feeling it warm up and ready itself for a..

Heath stud beams as he strokes Jack’s arm, coyly smiling his way through Jason’s questions before getting his first taste of Heath’s lips. The two passionately kiss and caress each other’s smooth bodies before Heath takes Jack’s massive cock in his mouth. He may be a first-timer on camera, but he knows his way around a huge dick! Jack follows up by devouring Heath’s member, getting it hard and wet for his tight hole. When Heath gets his raw cock between Jack’s cheeks, the young top pounds away at his..

Kyle and Brogan serve up a lot of meat in this Asheville suite! Between beefy, broad, muscular bodies and thick, veiny cocks, there’s a lot for them to get their hands and mouths on. Brogan starts by taking his buddy deep into his mouth, sucking on his big cock and the bodybuilder stands tall over him. Kyle then offers up his big, round, muscle ass for Brogan to devour. Warmed up and wet, Brogan slides his cock between those perfect cheeks, watching them shake and bounce as he pounds hard into Kyle’s..

Logan and Riley cannot get enough of each other! Within minutes of returning to their Atlanta hotel room, they’re back doing what they love most: kissing, sucking, and bareback fucking! Riley takes Logan’s huge cock deep in this throat, gleefully gagging on his partner’s monster meat. The tall muscle man loves Riley’s expert mouth and is happy to follow suit with oral service of his own. With a hard, wet cock, Riley’s compelled to put the big hulk on his back and devour his tight, pink hole, getting it..

Mason breaks in newcomer Benji Banks as he makes his porn debut in front of Jason’s camera! The cute, horny beach boy is passionate and adventurous and eager to make out with sensual stud Mason. He moves his mouth down to his partners cock, licking it and polishing it as it moves over his soft lips. Mason can see the spark in the boy’s eyes as he swallows his shaft down his throat! Their chemistry is never more apparent than when Mason pushes his cock in Benji’s tight hole, milking his raw cock in his..

Colton is back on camera, returning to show his hot body and seductive skills. Scott looks on with delight as his handsome partner expertly sucks his big cock, taking him down his throat like a pro! Scott turns Colton on all fours, getting his first taste of his beautiful ass, kissing it and licking it to get it ready for his bare cock! The hung top pushes himself deep, putting pressure on Colton’s prostate as his hole massages his long shaft. Scott kisses his sexy bottom as he deep dicks him again and..

Boy-next-door Mason is more than meets the eye! It may be his first time on camera, but he’s been fantasizing about hot sex forever. He has a wild, uninhibited spirit, making a him a perfect model for Jason Sparks Live! Joshua James is happy to make him comfortable with his sexy body and sweet, southern charm. The two boys seem to have a talent for seeming wholesome and innocent on the outside and then letting loose for some hot, bareback fucking!

Atlanta heats up again as jock studs Logan and Riley return for another hot fuck! The two men are quick to jump into bed together, running their hands over their tight, toned bodies. Logan is hungry for more of Riley’s big cock, ready to bottom for the first time on camera for his sexy scruffy partner! Logan’s arches his long, muscular back, popping his big round ass up for Riley’s tongue. Riley devours his big bottom’s hole, getting it warm and wet for his bare cock to slide inside. Logan’s sphincter..

Porn superstar Cade Maddox is back! Fan-favorite Cade is excited to break in handsome newcomer, Niko. Cade can’t keep his hands off his new bottom as they explore each other’s bodies for the first time. Niko loves Cade’s firm, lean body, groping at his abs and chest before finding his way down to his massive cock. Cade loves a guy who can handle his impressive endowment, watching gleefully as Niko swallows him down to the hilt! Cade is eager to see if his hole is as accommodating as his throat,..

Cameron’s huge cock might be a challenge for some, but blonde haired Spencer rides it like a champ! The two athletic studs love grinding against each other as they make out in their Knoxville hotel room, grabbing at each other’s toned muscles to get closer and closer. Spencer expertly swallows down Cameron’s massive, thick cock before the top rims out his beautiful hole. Spencer moans like a beast in heat, begging for Cameron’s raw cock up inside his tight ass. Cameron pounds his partner deep, watching..

Sebastian can’t stop playing with Cash’s chest as he talks to Jason about his first time on camera. The steel-eyed stud sitting next to him flashes his sexy smile, knowing he’ll have the blonde boy’s cock in mouth. As they begin to make out on the couch, he feels his partner’s massive meat poking in his underwear, compelling him to his knees to to take it down to the back of his throat. Sebastian loves seeing his dick disappear behind Sebastian’s dimples, bringing him closer to the edge. The two swap..

Logan can hardly contain himself when he sees Riley’s perfect bubble butt in his black jockstrap. The tall jock pulls Riley onto his bed and goes right in on his soft lips. The two passionately make out as Logan feels his buddy’s tight body in his big arms. Riley rests his body on Logan’s hairy, muscular chest as his dick gets harder and harder. Logan feels his erection pressing on his abs, bringing his mouth to water as he kneels down to worship Riley’s beautiful cock. Things start getting intense as..

The two start by making out on the sofa in their underwear. Cash then starts blowing Sebastian taking his whole hard cock into his mouth. Then it’s Sebastian’s turn to swallow Cash’s cock. Cash takes back over sucking Sebastian until hr shoots his thick creamy load all over the side of his face and chest. Now it was Sebastian’s turn to help get Cash off. Sebastian plays with and sucks his nipples helping get Cash to climax and he shoots his big ropes of cum all over his stomach, Sebastian gets a taste of..

The boys quickly get down to business, with Alex sucking Brogan while Brogan sucks Scott. Then Scott and brogan stand up to let Alex work on both of them, individually and then at the same time. It isn’t long before Alex gets in position and starts getting fucked by Brogan while still sucking Scott’s hard cock. Brogan gets on his back and Alex slides him inside but not long after Scott sticks his hard cock in too completely filling Alex’s hole with both their dicks. Brogan then pulls out and gets in..

Parker and Lucas are making out in their underwear which leads to Lucas eagerly sucking Parker’s thick cock. After Lucas has sufficiently gotten Parker’s cock nice and hard, Parker eats Lucas’s smooth tight hole. Once Parker has made Lucas’s hole wet and warmed up he sticks his thick cock deep inside him and pounds away. With the sufficient pounding Parker gives Lucas, Lucas cums on his stomach. But being the good bottom that Lucas is he happily takes Parker’s cock until he breeds him and fills him with..

The cute twinky pair up of Chad Porter and Travis Stevens begins with hot making out and leading to Travis sucking Chad’s hard cock and deep throating it. Then it’s Chad’s turn to suck Travis before getting his ass eaten and slicked up so Travis can slide his long hard cock inside and pound Chad’s tight ass. After a hard and deep pounding Travis pulls out and shoots his big load all over Chad’s back.

The amazingly hot pairing of Jack Hunter and Spencer Daley starts off all muscle and sucking as they devour each other’s cocks with some deep throat action taking each other balls deep in their mouths. Jack then pounds Spencer mercilessly before Spencer rides him for extra penetration. To finish, Jack puts Spencer on his back and plows him raw until he drops a big juicy load inside him that dribbles out but gives Jack a milky re-entry.

Nasty pig Cade Maddox is going to show Leo Wyatt the ropes on his first porn shoot. Leo likes them tall and strong and Cade is all that with a big cock to tantalize the bottom boy. Cade is a master fucker and bends Leo in a bunch of ways while he satiates Leo’s love of hard cock. By the size of the load he blows Cade knows how treat a guy.

Newbie alert! You know we love to bring you the freshest faces on the porn scene and discover talent right across the country. Let us introduce to you Chad Voss who got to live out his fantasy of being fucked by two straight boys. He’s a really great character and you’re going to love his introduction. Chad’s ass looks great framed by his jock strap and Scott dives straight in. Scott’s big dick is ready to bareback that spit-sodden hole and he impales Chad’s hungry ass. Chad jumps on top and rides..

Men of action rather than words – Sevian and Brogan get right to feeling each other out with their hands and tongues. Their attention turns to hard dick – and Brogan gets to his knees and worships Sevian’s. Sevian takes charge and sucks Brogan’s cock – then rims his mountainous muscled ass. Sevian’s cock wants in and he bare fucks those fine mounds with such ferocity that Brogan cums all over his own abs.

Neither of these two sexy boys need any introduction so let’s just get to the fucking. These dark haired beauties are hard cocked and ready to go – their bulges looking resplendent in their underpants. Mason’s tongue buried in Owen’s ass as Owen sucks Mason’s cock looks as good as it sounds as the two are just getting warmed up. Owen bounces on Mason’s bare cock – Mason flips him and fucks him hard so he can watch his own cock slide in and out of that perfect ass. He sprays that ass with cum and..

Seamus is only 21 and has two degrees already – he’s a smart guy but also a risk taker with his penchant for public sex. He’s done some porn before but not for a while so given the opportunity to shake the bed with the bearded beauty Vincent Russo – he jumped at the chance. Vincent’s got a big cock and Seamus happily swallows the meaty piece. But wait there’s so much more – Seamus has got a fine cock too and now it’s Vincent’s turn. The two flip flop fuck showing off their outstanding tattoo..

Fabulously furry Brayden O’Brian had his bare dick set on Spencer’s fine ass. Spencer sucks his cock to get it rock hard and ready to fuck. Brayden buries his face in between the vanilla mounds of Spencer’s ass before he bareback fucks the cum out of the two of them.

Peter Marcus may look familiar to you. He’s recently carved out for himself a nice little career in pornshooting for many different studios. This is his very first scene as he is yet another Jason Sparks Live discovery. this hairy hottie gets his ass filled with Scott DeMarco’s load – that surely would be a dream cum true!

The newest recruit to the team is Trent Axton and today he is competing in the pole vault. Zack Grayson’s thick huge cock is a pole that any cock hungry slut would like to impale themselves on. Zack generously lubes Trent’s asshole with his tongue before splitting it wide open with his big cock. What a hell of a ride!

The crowned beefcake of bareback Brogan Reed breaks in another new asshole. Damien Rivers is the latest model find and Brogan throws him around the room like he’s a blow up dummy. The two fuck and sweat til the cum explodes!

Jason Sparks has been travelling the country for many years now discovering hot new talent. And many of them have gone on to become stars. This scene here is the very first time that Ty Thomas appeared on camera and it was obvious that he had great screen presence. Joshua and Ty are well matched and fuck like a par of animals on heat. Enjoy!

It’s hats on to Koda Gold who fucks Spencer’s perfectly pale ass in this sizzling scene. The two guys were so keen to get their cocks out and start fucking that we couldn’t even get to the interview it was time to fuck. Koda’s tanned face is buried deep in Spencer’s ass licking his hole and getting Spencer even hornier than he was when they walked in the door. Spencer blows his load all over himself with Koda still deep inside his ass. We rushed this one out as it’s so hot it’s just got to be..

There’s no need to start this scene with an interview. You know these two and you know just how fucking hot they are. The two dark haired boys kiss in their pants – feeling up each other’s bodies as their lust grows. Scott pushes Kyle’s face onto his hard cock. Kyle swallows his hard dick whole as his own dick grows. Still with their pants on Scott pulls out Kyle’s dick and sucks hard. Enough of these clothes – Scott dives into Kyle’s ass. Damn but it’s sexy as hell watching these stunning guys..

Looking something like a Nordic god – Adam Gage is stunning stunning man. Jack Hunter – you know him – is also a stunning stunning man. Just looking at these two in the interview is enough to get you hard. Don’t skip through this interview it’s a total gem! Blonde Adam sucking on Jack’s big dick as he kneels on the bed. Adam lying back as Jack licks his slightly furry hole. The two kissing as Jack bare fucks Adam. Jack’s cum oozing from Adam’s well pounded hole. These are just some of the..

Adonis by name and Adonis by nature. Adam Adonis has an amazing body and working with Brogan Reed delivers a battle of the muscles bodies. The mirror behind adds an extra dimension to watch this incredible action. My favorite part is where Adam is fucking Brogan – grabbing his throat. Their muscles glisten in sweat and ripple with each movement. Enjoy the massive load sprayed all over Brogan’s abs – it’s a testament to just how hot this scene is!

We have an embarrassment of riches in video footage here at Every so often we like to pull out something for a little ways ago with some of our most popular tour members. You remember Dustin Tyler and Travis Stevens right? Well Travis wanted to climb Dustin’s pole “like a tree” – so hell yeah. Dustin is super muscled and when he’s bent over licking Travis’ hole – the sight of his perfectly muscled ass is INSANELY hot. Travis gets his wish and Dustin fucks that boy every..

Chris Foster is our newest porn find – he’s originally from Switzerland and is well travelled and has an exciting range of hobbies. He moved to America for love – that didn’t work out but that’s good news for us as that means we get to see him bare fuck Spencer Daley. The two ripped guys start kissing before Spencer drops to his knees to suck Chris’ hard cock. That cock feels so good slamming against his tonsils as Chris face fucks Spencer. Chris gets to know Spencer’s perfect pale hole as his..

Lucas Kross is looking for some fun ways to pay for college. What could be more fun than getting Cade Maddox’s big dick in your tight cute young ass? Lucas is a bit of a gamer and he’s a pretty vanilla kind of guy so this is a big thrill for him. He likes confident and passionate men – two words that definitely describe Cade! That ass looks so hot in his jockstrap as they kiss on the bed. Lucas gets to know Cade’s big dick by sucking it and licking his balls. He’s a little scared but after Cade..

Jake had eyes for Declan from the first time he saw him. It seems that the attraction was mutual and the two have insane chemistry in this flip flop fuckathon. You got to see Jake blowing his load over Declan’s ass and then he fucks it back inside that tasty hole. The two boys get to cum but still have plans to meet up after the shoot for even more! Super hot.

Cash Lockhart has been around for some time now but out of the vaults we’ve got his very first scene with the tattooed expert cocksucker Joshua James. It was clear from day one that Cash was born to fuck. He throws Joshua all around the room plowing his ass with his bare cock. He breeds a huge load deep inside which cums dripping out as he pulls his big dick out of that well pounded hole.

Cameron Taylor is the latest find by the Jason Sparks Nationwide Tour. His hobbies include jacking off – well that’s his only hobby really so it seems that fucking on screen is probably a good career choice for him. Brogan swallows Cameron’s big dick – making the new guy squeal with delight. Cameron gets on his knees to repay and then dives deep inside Brogan’s tight ass with an ass licking display that should be on an instructional video of HOW TO FUCK YEAH! He then gets that big dick deep inside..

Canada! They sure do breed a lot of hot boys North of the border and muscled hot thing Nick Ford is a sensational exhibit of that Canuck sexiness. Nick has, of course, done a bunch of shoots before but retired. Our nationwide tour boys coaxed him out of retirement and Spencer was completely stoked to be getting his ass licked by Nick. Spencer’s pale buns also gets plowed by Nick which feels so incredibly good that Spencer cums all over his own abs while Nick breeds a load deep inside.

Cade Maddox has a body to lust over and a big thick dick that you just want to ride all night long. Our latest model find is Brett Warner – who was a hockey player in high school (nothing sexier in my books) and today he gets Cade’s full fuck force. He gets on his knees to worship and Cade’s meat temple before being shoved on his back and having his asshole licked and lubed. Cade has his hand on his throat as he fucks the cum out of the new recruit. What a holy fuck me introduction!

Alec gets straight to his knees and starts deepthroating Lux’s luscious cock. Lux jumps on the bed and Alec climbs on top of his bare dick – Alec’s tight ass looks hot bouncing up and down on the thick shaft. Lux then turns him over and fucks him from behind so he can watch his cock slide in and out of that tight hole. He breeds a massive load deep inside that tight ass – it’s amazingly hot!

There are many great amusement parks right across America. Zack Grayson’s huge cock should be one of them. That thing is massive and there’s a lot of squealing from any guy who rides it. This week’s lucky rider is new porn find Jakob Johnson. This hairy tattooed boy likes puppy play and Zack can’t stop stroking his furry pecs. There’s definitely some chemistry brewing between these two and they can hardly wait for the interview to finish before they start kissing. Jakob’s furry ass is framed..

Oh boy do we have a insanely hot update for you today – threesome are always hot. Threesomes with hot guys even better. Threesomes where Bjorn gets two big dicks deep in his ass – well it’s Christmas all over again. New cummer Adam Keller landed in a threesome that sets the screen on fire and leaves everyone spent. Bjorn Manning plays piggy in the middle of Adam and the super sexy Scott DeMarco as they suck and rim and double penetrate his very hungry hole.

Brogan Reed and Lance Matthews are taking a stroll in the great outdoors one Winter’s afternoon. The chill in the air is dissipated by the heat generated by their embrace. They head indoors to get naked and fuck raw. Lance’s big dick fills Brogan’s muscled ass and the two heat up the screen with a stunning bareback fuck session.

Meet the newest addition to the never ending cavalcade of hot new models discovered on Jason Sparks Live – Phoenix Tanner. The tattooed tanned blondie is ready to play with our resident strawberry blonde hottie Spencer Daley. They trade blow jobs getting each other even harder than they were on first meeting. Phoenix buries his tongue deep inside Spencer’s lilly white ass before shoving his bare cock in so deep that Spencer’s hungry hole will be filled and satisfied like it’s never been before.

Our final update for 2017 features two fan favorites – Mason Lear and Cash Lockhart. The two big dicked boys deliver a fuck session that will make you forget your New Year’s plans as you blow your load watching them bare fuck. We thank you for your memberships this year and wish you a safe and Happy New Year!

All of Owen Powers’ Christmas’s cum at once when Cody Shane bare fucks his hairy ass. Owen sucks Cody’s big fat cock – slamming it against his tonsils as it fills his hungry gob. Cody then wets Owen’s hole with his tongue – getting it ready for the anal assault he is about to receive. His raw cock pounds that ass until it blows a huge load deep inside – as he pulls out the cum drips from his hole.

Tall, tanned and totally ripped Cade Maddox is enlisting an army of fans around the country and indeed the world. From his very first appearance here on JasonSparksLive it was easy to see his natural ability as a lust worthy screen idol. Blonde tattooed Ivan Mattel gets to share his on screen debut with Cade. Ivan’s tight hole gets pounded and filled with Cade’s big dick. Lucky lucky boy

It’s an oral extravaganza this week on as Brogan Reed and Joshua James show the big dicked new model Jacob Madison how absolutely satisfying a great suck and rim can be. The three suck each other cocks and lick each other’s holes until the cum flies all over the new guy.

Jason’s latest find Michael is just itching to fill Jake’s hole with his big cock. Jake makes sure his cock is hard as a rock as he deep throats it before Michael pounds his ass with his raw dick. Jake’s hole is filled with cum that oozes out as Michael removes his cock.

This week we introduce to you a sexy long haired newbie Spencer Grant. Paired with one of our hottest regulars Mason Lear – Spencer’s introduction is a bareback bonanza of ass splitting bareback fucking.

Meet Nico Black the newest member of the bareback roadtrip. He’s never been on camera before but this hairless skinny hawaiian isn’t going to be laid back about it as he takes Spencer Daley on a tour de force fuck fest, kissing passionately and trading blow jobs before giving great rim and driving Spencer’s warm raw hole, finally coating it in a glaze of cum before slopping his cock back in using cum as lube.

Jack Hunter is back! Lured by the opportunity to appear with the very tall and super sexy Cade Maddox – when the Jason Sparks Nationwide Tour was recently in Las Vegas, Jack and Cade got together and the result is this majestic fuck. On his knees with his hands tickling Jack’s balls – Cade’s mouth slides up and down Jack’s big dick. Jack’s breath is heavy with the intense pleasure he receives. He lies Cade down and wraps his talented lips around Cade’s similarly large cock. Cade flips Jack and his..

Meet new porn model Colton Andrews – he’s our latest find and is a bit of a risk taker starting his own business instead of going to college. But risks can pay off like his decision to try porn as he and Colton are so into each other they are hard before the shoot even starts! Both these guys have nice big dicks which they shove down each other’s throats. Then Colton shoves his bare cock deep into Jeremy’s ass. It feels AWESOME and Jeremy moans with pleasure. The two are so in sync that they cum..

Brogan and Scott are taking a walk at Hippie Hollow near Austin. Being close to nature they have discarded their clothes and walk naked through the trees beside a picturesque lake. They stop to kiss but want so much more. Back at their hotel they trade blow jobs and Scott then buries his tongue between the rigid mountains that are Brogan’s buns. Wet with spit Brogan’s hole is ready to receive Scott’s big bare dick. And Scott gives it to him with an increasing intensity. Brogan grabs his own cock..

Aiden and Travis are meant to be working on a history project together but as soon as Travis pulls his laptop out Aiden has landed a huge kiss on him and starts making his own history with him. Both these boys are blessed with big dicks and Travis makes a meal out of Aiden’s thick cock. Aiden then attempts to swallow all of Travis’ meat but is more interested in getting his raw cock deep into Travis’ fine ass. Travis bounces up and down on Aiden’s dick – his own cock swinging. As Aiden fucks him..

We have not one but two new porn models for you Garrett Hunter and Adrian Owens. You wouldn’t know that neither of them have performed on camera before by the show they put on for you. Adrian jumps on top of Garrett and starts kissing him intensely – he then takes Garrett’s cock in his mouth and swallows it whole. Garrett then kneels before Adrian and fulfills one of his fantasies by having a jock suck his cock. Garrett then has his hole lubed by Adrian’s tongue preparing it for his bare cock. ..

Meet Texan Jesse Brooks who is the latest find on the Jason Sparks Nationwide model search. It’s been one of his fantasies to appear in a porn film so here he is. And lucky him gets to appear with one of our faves Landon Wright. As you all well know Landon has a big dick and Jesse gets every bare inch of that cock down his throat and in his ass. He also cops Landon’s load all over his chest. Fantasy cum true – tick that one of your bucket list Jesse.

Here’s two familiar furry faces to everyone – Declan McClain and Alex Mason were begging Jason to do a scene together. These brunette beauties get lip locked from the get go. Declan is then on his knees with his lips locked around Alex’s meaty cock. He fondles his balls tenderly as he swallows every inch. His talented tongue then moves to rimming Alex’s hole – he grabs his tight cheeks and pulls them apart so he can get as deep as humanly possible with his tongue. Alex moans in pure pleasure but..

Eric Morgan cums to us all the way from Pittsburgh and was a diver and swimmer in school. We do love those boys in their speedos! He’s got a super hot locker room story for you in his interview too! He’s a big tall boy and a ball of limbs. He puts those limbs to good use as he wraps them around Joshua James. He’s also got a nice big cock that Joshua manages to swallow completely. Eric’s talented tongue tantalizes Joshua’s hole before he plows his bare dick deep inside. This was the role he was..

Extreme cuteness alert! New porn model find Tony Torres is just about as cute as they come. This sexy twink is about to embark on study abroad but before he heads off to Florence (totally jealous) he’s going to indulge in a flip flop fuck session with our mountain of muscle Brogan Reed. First Brogan rims Tony’s tight hole and then fucks him – but big dicked Tony turns the tables and fucks Brogan’s muscled mounds just as intensely.

It’s an all American buffet of hotness this week when we introduce Cade Maddox to y’all and pair him up with sexy Spencer Daley. Both these guys are currently on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Tour and it’s a credit to the tour just how many new porn stars have been discovered and the two guys are definitely going to be names that everyone will know soon. The devour each other’s mouths as they kiss. Cade’s tanned body wrapped in Spencer’s paler personage. Spencer is soon on his knees sucking Cade’s..

Tanner Wade is a bisexual beast with a passion for martial arts and Eva Longoria. He’s dominate in the boudoir which makes for an interesting match up with one of our favorite tops Scott DeMarco. These two big dicked boys suck each other’s cocks as anticipation builds as to which one is going to get fucked. Scott DeMarco is the one that climbs on top of Tanner’s naked pole and starts getting his ass punished by the new guy’s tool. Tanner pounds Scott’s hole hard and then buried a load deep, deep..

Logan Cage is the hot boy next door you always wish would come and fuck you in the ass with his big cock. And today Alec Shea’s tight ass is the lucky recipient of that big ol dick slamming his hole. These two couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other so we bypassed the interview and they went for it. After some kissing – Alec is on his knees swallowing Logan’s cock to the base. Logan gets Alec on all fours and buries his tongue deep inside his tight cheeks to lube it ready for his raw cock. ..

Luke Hudson finds some strange lights and letters on the wall – what can it mean? Through the wall comes the monster – or at least the monster cock of Zack Grayson. “I’m the demogorgon or something – Let’s fuck!” he yells. This monster cock is huge and hard as rock as Luke lies back and deepthroats it’s inches. It’s then Zack’s turn to use his lips and tongue to flick and lick and titillate Luke. The two moan as the heat rises. Zack’s massive bare cock enters Luke and he is in pure ecstasy. ..

Jobs. Most of us have them and a lot people think they suck. The latest JasonSparksLive model Spencer Daley thought his job sucked and so he thought he’d take one of his great passions – public sex and join the tour to see where it would take him! And the sucking part is good here! In his debut it takes him into bed with muscle hunk Brogan Reed. It’s a hot place to start as his creamy white skin rubs against Brogan’s tanned, muscled physique. Brogan sucks on Spencer’s meaty cock and then Spencer..

Max Bradley and Marcus Ryan were so into each other that they couldn’t wait to chat before starting to kiss and caress each other. Marcus’ big dick is so hard that Max manages barely to fit it in his mouth. That big bare cock pounds Max’s asshole – stretching his ass wider and wider as he keeps fucking him. He buries a huge load deep inside and as he pulls his huge cock from that cum filled orifice it drips down a waterfall of sticky ooze. Hot!

It’s a big dick bonanza this week on as new porn model Baxter Black jerks his own big dick while being bare fucked by the big dick of Tripp Townsend. Tripp has been doing porn for a while now and he’s a total exhibitionist – admitting to getting fucked in front of crowds of people and loving every minute. Baxter himself doesn’t mind onlookers either. They suck each other off before Tripp gets his big raw cock deep inside Baxter’s eager hole. The two tattooed fuckers are loving..

Y’all know Ty Thomas and Cash Lockhart and Cash’s tight hole was soon keen to get to know Ty’s big dick that they went straight for it. These two favorites make for one of the hottest scenes we’ve ever filmed. We scored the penthouse for this part of the Jason Sparks Nationwide tour in St Louis and it was fitting that this outstanding bareback fuck session was filmed there as Ty and Cash had plenty of space to try out a whole heap of new positions. Two hot boys – one awesome fuck session – watch it now!

New cummer Nick Powers tells it like it is. As a wrestler in high school he likes nothing better than the feel of a sweaty muscled body against his. Paired with our resident bastion of beefcake Brogan Reed – it looks like we have a muscled match made in heaven. The two start with some tongue wrestling and then trade blow jobs. Nick finds Brogan’s perfect ass mounds the ideal place for his tongue – and then when it’s lubed up good an even better place for his bare cock. They bare fuck with the..

This week we introduce a brand new porn model Dylan Black. He’s a PI – perhaps it’s some kind of a voyeuristic bent that he has that attracted him to that job and also appearing in this scene with the wonderful Scott DeMarco. Scott tickles Dylan’s hole with his bearded face and tongue. Dylan wants that big bare cock deep inside his hole and Scott pounds him – lets him ride his cock and then buries his sperm load deep inside that bottom.

When some people are asked about their idea of heaven it’s all clouds and harps etc – ask me and it would definitely be being spit roasted in between Mason Lear and Kyle Steele. Having Mason’s cock in your mouth while you look at his gorgeous body – with Kyle barebacking your tight hole is just about as close to the perfect fuck as you can imagine. Somehow new cummer Alex Lane has managed to find himself in the enviable position. He’s a friendly guy so in the middle of a threesome is a great place..

You know both these guys so we’ve dispensed with the customary pre-fuck interview to get straight to the action. What a glorious sight to behold is Dustin’s tanned torso intimately wrapped up with Zach’s pale perfection. Dustin buries his face deep inside Zach’s creamy cheeks getting his twitching hole lubed up with his spit and ready to receive his raw cock fucking. Bent on all fours Zach delights in a relentless pounding that blows his mind and both their cocks.

Oh boy do we have a visual treat for you this week as two muscled boys go at it. You all know Brogan’s beautiful body and this week he introduces another muscled man Aaron Daniels. The two of them kiss and caress each other’s fine physique. Then they exchange blow jobs. Brogan then bends Aaron over and shows him just who’s boss as he bare fucks his fine muscled ass. Aaron cums all over his own ripped abs while Brogan buries his load deep inside Aaron.

Maxx Simms is a lucky guy – for his first time on camera he’s with the ever sexy Scott DeMarco. The two bearded hotties embrace and kiss. Maxx is soon on his knees worshiping Scott’s mighty thick cock. The cock is soon fucking his ass bare – Maxx has great tattoos on his back as Scott can check out with him on all fours as he fucks him. Scott breeds a huge load deep inside the furry faced Maxx which he is stoked to receive!

OK full disclosure we shot this one a while ago but we got so many people asking for more of both Chad Porter and Jake Matthews that we thought we’d spoil y’all and give you a scene with the two of them together. Chad looks incredible with his legs in the air and Jake’s tongue wedged firmly in his ass. Almost as good as he looks bouncing up and down on Jake’s big bare dick. By the simultaneous cum explosion the two have you can tell they had an awesome time!

All the way from Kalamazoo car buff Logan Everett wanted an adrenaline rush and thought that appearing in a porn scene might do the trick. Of course given the opportunity to get into bed with the gorgeous Scotty Knox most guys would jump at the chance! Both these guys have big dicks as you’ll see when they swap blow jobs. Scotty licks Logan’s hole as he prepares it for the bareback fucking it’s about to receive. He then pounds the fuck out of Logan – what an incredible sight it is with his perfect..

Our latest porn star model find is a super sexy power bottom. He’s tattooed and a military boy and loves to be the center of attention of as many tops as he can find! Brogan Reed has no problem giving him orders and he’s soon on all fours sucking Brogan’s cock. Brogan flips him – spits in his hole and rims his tight muscled hole good. It’s now ready to receive its punishment as muscle boy Brogan fucks that hole raw. This is an insanely hot scene!

Seth Taylor is our newest find and he’s a big time car guy. His engine is definitely getting revved by the ever sexy Owen Powers – damn that smile of his is intoxicating. Owen starts by using is mouth to deepthroat Seth’s cock – banging his balls with his chin. Seth then shows off his oral skills by sucking Owen’s cock and then rimming his fine ass. He then gets his rock hard raw cock and shoves it deep inside Owen’s hole – slamming his balls against his ass while he bare fucks him. He blows a huge..

Meet two new porn models today – Aiden Wolfe and Devin Wagner. Devin is a go go dancer with a bit of a wild side – he loves the outdoors but also loves public fucking. Hairy Aiden is also a fan of the great outdoors but doesn’t mind finding himself in a pile of bodies for a good old gangbang. The two boys start kissing and then trade blow jobs – Aiden’s cock is big and hard and Devin jumps on for a ride. That raw cock feels damn good in his ass and he cums all over his chest. The sight of which..

This week’s update is really hot! Whilst we love bringing you brand new porn models – this week we have for you somewhat of a reincarnated porn model – JD Evans. JD launched on the scene some 5 years ago as a twink model and then disappeared. He’d heard about the JasonSparksLive Nationwide Road Trip from Brogan Reed and well here he is on tour and looking MUCH hotter as a hairy bearded fuck puppy. Brogan and him have incredible chemistry and can’t wait to get into the sucking and bareback fucking. ..

Today’s new porn discovery is Mark Kent and he was found by Landon Wright so the two of them already had some chemistry before we even started. There must be something in the ether lately as Landon decided as well that for the first time in 5 years he wanted to bottom! “Son of a bitch – fuck that’s big” he cries as he’s on top of Mark’s cock. His ass is tight and Mark is loving being the one who gets to break it in again. Mark explodes a huge load all over Landon to signify his absolute delight!

Braxton Ryan is the latest Jason Sparks Bareback Road Trip discovery and this sexy frat boy loves to have his shirt off and his sexy hairy bod makes us happy that he does. The big deal with this update is that the lovely Scott DeMarco is bottoming for the first time here! The two brunette beauties look amazing together – they trade blow jobs and as both of their cocks are at full mast Braxton flips Scott over to rim his perfect ass. The touch of his bearded face excites Scott and his hole is now..

For those of you who have been fans of JasonSparksLive for sometime you will be acutely aware of Travis Stevens and that he was discovered right here and went on to have a huge career porn career. Here we have one of his videos and the second one that Road Trip regular Ian Levine shot! Travis is bottoming in this video – the versatile guy is always up for having his ass fucked and as we know Ian is more than willing to accommodate! Enjoy this one!

Today’s update is what happens when the boy next door is fucking the boy you wish lived next door! Our latest Nationwide Model Search find is blonde Caleb Nash who may look all sweet and innocent but he’s got a real dirty side and loves getting fucked! Of course you know the deliciously lightly furred Road Trip regular Mason Lear and together these two deliver a lust-worthy bareback fuck session. Caleb has some serious cock sucking skills and Mason lies back and enjoys every ball sucking, shaft..

We have so many hot guys this month – and our latest find Chandler Mason is not exception. He’s a jock and a singer / dancer – has great ball skills (on the soccer field) that he loves to put to work in bed AND has appeared on American Idol. He’s here with our resident muscled hottie Brogan Reed and together the two of them deliver a sizzling scene that will have you hard as Brogan’s pecs. Chandler does an outstanding job at deepthroating Brogan’s cock – Brogan then face fucks the horny newcomer. ..

The JasonSparksLive discoveries just keep on cumming and today we introduce Kyle James all the way from Texas. Kyle has the longest tongue I think I’ve ever seen so those of you who are fans of rimming are going to blow your minds watching him flick that tongue all the way around Marcus’ lucky hole. These hot and versatile guys then deliver a bareback flip flop fuck fest – satiating the horny couple with cum load being bred deep inside and one spraying all over. You’ll just have to watch to see which..

We’ve got a gorgeous new porn model to introduce to you today all the way from St Louis – Kale Rivers. He’s paired today with Jeremy Adams – and this was actually his first shoot as well! The two are definitely excited to get going and race through the pre-fuck interview. Both boys have big dicks but Jeremy is our power top today and Kale bounces up and down on his thick cock enjoying every inch deep inside his ass. Jeremy blows his load deep inside Kale’s tight ass and slowly pulls it out so we..

Cash discovers Kyle lying on the bed – his naked body barely covered by a robe. His big dick is soon at attention as they strip down. Cash takes Kyle cock in his mouth – whilst his own cock is begging for some attention too. Kyle puts his mouth to work first on Cash’s cock and then Kyle tongue is buried deep inside Cash’s ass. And then the moment Cash has been waiting for – Kyle big bare dick slides into his wet hole. They make the most of the room – the bed, the chair, the mirror as they fuck..

It’s hard to believe but this is Scott DeMarco’s very first shoot – he’s rock hard from the get go, surely a sign that he was meant for a career in porn. And with a big cock like that we’re all the better for it. He’s here today with another big dicked hottie Zack Grayson. The two of them have a bit in common (besides the fact that they both have huge cocks) and really hit it off. Each takes a turn and sucking the other’s cock and then Scott rims Zack’s fine ass. It’s Scott that gets to top today..

Gavin Elliott is all the way from West Virginia and when asked why porn he says why not? Why not indeed – we all watch it – we all secretly want to be in it and he’s living out his fantasy here for you. He’s a dancer so you know he’s got some moves! When Gavin and Colton met their cocks were immediately rock hard and sometimes the sexual tension is soooo strong that well – well they didn’t even get around to fucking! The blow jobs were that hot that they both came! It’s still a hot scene and these..

Logan Cage is our hot new porn star all the way from Austin, Texas. He’s got a great locker room story and Joshua is pretty stoked about being paired with this hot Texan! Joshua is looking fine himself with his glasses on – something sooo sexy about a man with tattoos and glasses! Joshua deep throats Logan’s big dick and tries his best to get every inch down his throat. Logan’s cock is good and hard now and it’s his turn to blow Joshua. But Joshua wants that big raw dick deep in his ass and..

Santa’s jingle balls are blue but here comes Jack Frost and even though his tongue is cold Jack knows how to suck Santa’s dick like a good boy. He deepthroat’s Santa so good that he’s going to permanently make the nice list. Santa smacks him in the face with this bare dick and then rim’s his chilly ass before barebacking Jack Frost. Santa fills Jack’s ass with his bare cock and his mouth with well cookies to stifle Jack’s screams (we don’t want Mrs Claus to hear what’s going on). Then the tables are..

Is there anything better than a superb blow job. One that is meant to be just the start of a night of fucking but their mouth on your cock feels so fucking good that you don’t want them to stop and then … well there’s nothing better is there? Alex sucks Dustin’s cock so well that he cums all over himself – never mind Alex is going to lick that cum up!

Meet Jake Archer – the newest porn star find on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model search. He’s from Houston and is a big ol’ power bottom telling us about being the only bottom in a ten man gang bang! This is his first time on camera but he feels like this was the role he was born to play. He’s here today with muscled man Brogan Reed who lays back and lets Jake suck his cock. He attacks that dick with gusto – first with his mouth and then with his ass as he bounces up and down on Brogan’s muscle. ..

Nature delivers some exquisite vistas – the mountains, streams, sunsets and the site of a big dicked boy jacking off. This week’s episode combines several of those – there’s no sunset but there is a lonely mountain path with a hot blonde big dicked boy walking through it til he finds a solo spot to unleash his big dick and jack it til it blows. How’s the serenity?

CK had a big night last night but that isn’t going to stop him from showing new porn model James Brooks a damn good time. James is true athlete who’s done a bunch of different sports. He’s got a nice fat dick which CK sucks til it’s hard. James then turns CK over to rim his hole and get it ready for that thick dick to penetrate. Although he’s now versatile James is topping today and barebacks CK on the couch until he cums deep inside his ass.

Brett Cash is our new find for this week – this hairy hot thang is paired with dark and handsome Jack Hunter so you know we’re in for a treat! Brett starts by doing his very best to swallow Jack’s huge dick. Jack then lubes up Brett’s hole with his tongue – making sure its wet and ready for the raw cock onslaught he’s about to encounter. Brett jumps right on that big dick and rides it like cowboy swallowing every inch in his ass.

For both Lux and Bret this was their first time on camera. Bret has some hot locker room stories to tell you about the swim team when he was growing up (oh those straight boys). The two of them are totally into each other and Lux is bless with a big dick that Bret swallows with gusto. He then bounces up and down on Lux’s pole which feels sooo good that the two of them cum simultaneously!

Gavin Tyler has never been on camera before and his fantasy is a guy in a jockstrap – well Gavin today’s your lucky day because sexy Aiden Woods has just bought a new jock strap and he’s got it on just for you! The jock strap doesn’t last too long, however, as when Aiden’s hot ass is inside that thing all Gavin wants to do is bare fuck it. He breeds a huge load right inside!

Man oh man is Mason Lear looking HOT these days. The dark haired hottie has been spending time at the gym and his furry pecs are looking, well, impeccable! Today lucky bottom boy Hunter Black gets to lock lips and cocks with him. This is Hunter’s first time on camera and he’s a big ol cock whore so is excited to get fucked on camera.

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen big dicked Zack Grayson here. But when we came through town with muscled fuck god Brogan Reed – Zack couldn’t resist coming back to (and I quote) “tear his hole open”. He starts off with having Brogan choke on his big dick as he attempts to deepthroat it. And then when he climbs on top of the mammoth meat he’s literally squealing OH FUCK as he takes all his inches deep inside his muscled butt.

This is actually the first shoot that Joshua James did for us so we get a great interview with him as he professes his love for Paul Rudd and public sex. Imagine if he could combine both those passions! To be fair though Scott DeMarco isn’t a bad second choice and filming for y’all makes this Alabama boy as horny as hell. After some passionate kissing on the lips and then some even more passionate cock sucking – Scott rims Joshua’s fine ass. It’s now good and lubed so he can pound that fine ass with..

The gorgeous Scotty Knox is paired today with our latest model – Colby Magnum who is all the way from Tennessee. He’s an avid gamer but today’s game is getting fucked in that ass by Scotty’s big bare dick. He’s had some experience growing up with the football team and the guy definitely knows how to suck cock. Scotty gets hard and fucks him raw until the two cum leaving Colby covered in wads!

Have we got an insanely hot scene for you this week. Declan McClain and Jake Matthews are two of the hottest guys we’ve had on the tour – throw into the mix new porn star Cody Shane and we have a barebacking threesome worth locking yourself in your room for a week with. Cody oozes a quiet confidence and quickly finds himself in the center of the threesome sucking and getting sucked. The suckfest turns into a hole licking extravaganza and now with everything wet and lubed bare cocks are going into..

Meet Tyler Cody – he’s a brand new face for you and his biggest fantasy is to appear on camera – so today he’s getting to live out his fantasy. The two start kissing which quickly leads to sucking cock. Tyler’s body is amazing so it’s easy to see why someone would want to worship it! His hole is then licked getting it ready for raw cock fucking. The two cum simultaneously proving what an intense fuck this was!

Oliver Saxon is one of those boy next door gorgeous guys who has wanted to try porn and well – here he is. You’re going to love this guy and with the super gorgeous Kyle Steele this is a super hot pairing. The two start kissing on the bed – wrapped in each other in their underpants is a super sexy sight. Kyle lies back and Oliver starts sucking his cock. Kyle looks magnificent and Kyle savors every inch of him. When the two start their bareback fuckathon it’s difficult not to get lost in how..

Meet Max Bassett – a new talent find for the Jason Sparks Nationwide Tour. He grew up playing hockey – we don’t get a lot of hockey players here and we’re not sure if the roughness of the game led him to a penchant for domination but he does love to be in charge. Today he’s with one of our favorite hairy guys Brandon Atkins and the two waste no time in getting down to business. Brandon is soon sucking on Max’s fine cock- swallowing the whole thing right down to the base. With his big cock now hard..

Landon Wright spent a long time on tour with the Jason Sparks Nationwide Tour but left to settle down in Springfield. So when the tour came through town he was more than happy to catch up with the guys and get back on camera to plow Brogan Reed’s muscled ass. He jumps right back into it and soon has his big dick buried deep inside Brogan. It feels so good that he blows a huge load of cum in Brogan’s fine hole – watching it drip as he pulls his cock out again.

He’s blonde, he’s well travelled, he speaks a bunch of different languages, he’s got a big dick and he loves baseball – meet Porter Bradley. This sexy newcummer fucks like a pro for his first time on camera. He leaves Max Bradley with a huge load of cum up his ass and all of us begging for more!

Although this is the first time you get to see Nick Haynes this is the second time he has shot with us. The tattooed, muscled guy is a little beat up today – why? That’s because he is a competing kick boxer and well you tend to get beat up a bit in that sport. Today though Cash is giving his cock a workout – deepthroating it down to his shaved balls. Cash then fucks his muscled ass filling it with a load of hot sticky cum.

JJ and Jack have gone hiking. The scenery is beautiful and the two of them are stunning so it’s not surprising they take a break to make out. They find a secluded cave and Jack drops to his knees to suck JJ’s thick cock. He repays the blow job in kind but the two want to find a better spot in the sun to fuck. The perfect spot is found and their perfect bodies intertwine as they raw fuck each other in the afternoon sun. Jack cums all over JJ – twice! Let’s hope the stream is nearby so he can wash off.

New porn model Christian Pierce is a man’s man. Throughout this steaming scene he is grunting with pure animal passion as Kyle Steele licks his armpits. The only time we can’t hear his manly groans is when he’s got a mouth full of Kyle’s cock. He gets the full force of Kyle’s dick deep inside his ass as well as a huge load. Super hot!

We sure do love those small town boys here on Jason Sparks Live and we’ve got a super sexy one here for you today – meet Jake Dasher. People say he looks like Ryan Gosling and he played baseball in high school and is a bit of an exhibitonist when it comes to fucking. Today he’s getting fucked by the debonair Mason Lear and the two of them end up covered in cum.

Our latest model find is all the way from Columbia and has a hot body and hot accent. Meet Sean Pierce and his piercing gorgeous eyes! He and Brogan start making out on the couch and Sean wastes no time to start licking Brogan’s muscled ass. Brogan returns the favor getting his tongue deep inside. Their cocks are now both hard – they suck each other off – twisted into a muscled pretzel of hot guy. You have to see Brogan swallowing Sean’s cumload – it’s as sexy as fuck!

Everything’s bigger in Texas and we found Ray Diesel and his big ebony dick in Houston. Zack Grayson instantly wanted to feel that huge monster deep inside his ass as this interracial pairing gets off to a passionate start with some kissing. Zack then attempts to shove as much of that massive cock down his throat as possible. Ray then lubes up Zack’s ass with his tongue before pounding the fuck out of it and filling it with bucketloads of cum. Super hot scene!

Meet Benji Banks – our latest find on the Jason Sparks Model Search. He gets picked up on his way to the gym – which is lucky as it’s pouring a fine ol Florida shower. In the back seat his driver can’t see him horned up and jerking himself off. I guess he’s focused on the road and driving in the rain as Benji gets louder and louder as he strokes out a huge load! A five star ride for sure.

The final installment of our 4th of July Celebration features our good friends Joey D and Johnny V from American Muscle Hunks as well as Jason Sparks Road Trip models Ty Thomas, Cash Lockhart, Ian Levine and Joshua James. The guys are playing Cards Against Humanity in their hotel room – their muscled bodies making this an incredible sight. Someone mentions bukkake and the real game commences. There is cocks in every mouth as the group provide the All American Muscle Buffet you wish you were invited..

Fourth of July holiday is cumming up and the guys on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Trip and filled with patriotism and the desire to have fun outdoors. Making good use of the warm weather – Kyle and Mason are out by the pool – playing frisbee and taking a dip. The sight of each other’s muscled bodies in their stars and stripes shorts is enough to get them super horny so they head back inside for a bareback fuck fest. The two flip-flop in a raw cock pounding that will have you running up..

God Bless America and God Bless Kane Hunter. He is HOT! College football player with a body to die for – he loves cars and sports and openly admits he’s a country boy. Oh did I mention he’s straight. As the first part of our 4th of July special series we are bringing you this hot American boy to watch as he jerks one out just for you.

I just know you guys are going to love our latest find Aaron Hunter – he’s a really good diver who has a ton of locker room stories that he might just share if you suck his cock! But for right now he’s got his mouth full of Scotty Knox’s thick cock and deepthroats it before he gets every inch of it deep inside his hot young ass. Judges give this one a 9.9!

Meet our latest find Paxton Grey – he’s a hot blonde bottom who dreams about being cum on but 30 or 40 guys and just loves to fuck. Today though he’s doing the fucking and he’s pounding our favorite muscle guy Brogan Reed. Brogan’s ass sure takes some punishment from Paxton and he gets covered in a huge load as an extra special treat!

There are a lot of great things about being one of the models on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Trip and seeing the best of what America has to offer is just one of them. Owen Powers and Scott DeMarco are in Tampa Florida enjoying a walk by the beach in the warm sun. They find a quiet spot and start making out – Owen is soon on his knees deep throating Scott’s big thick dick. With their erect cocks hanging outside of their shorts they wander and find a spot closer to the water. Even with..

If you’ve got a hard spot for gymnasts then Jason Sparks’ latest find Mason Lear is going to get you rock hard. He’s a hairy horny boy with a passion for public sex. The site of his dark beard buried in Ty’s creamy white ass is sensational! The two have amazing chemistry which results in a intense fuck session and a tsunami of creamy jizz.

Joshua is feeling “absolutely perfect” today – I’m going to guess that’s got a lot to do with the smart, sexy, buff guy sitting next to him. Kyle Steele is from Dallas and is hoping to get into Med School someday. But for today he’s playing doctor with Joshua and the two hit it off instantly. After a tonsil examination – Joshua sucks Kyle’s cock getting it good and hard. Kyle bends Joshua over and shoves his raw dick deep inside fucking him passionately until he explodes with a huge load. Just what..

Welcome to Pittsburgh which is the latest stop on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Barebackin’ Road Trip. And let us introduce the newest porn discovery Christian Cummings. He’s looking forward to getting Lance Matthew’s big bare dick pounding his cute ass. Christian plays volleyball but it’s Lance’s balls that he’s looking forward to hearing slap on his ass as they empty out a load of cum deep inside his hole.

Chad Porter is back and this time he’s in a flip flop bareback fuck fest with new porn model Devin Rey. Devin’s a mountain climber and has even been to BaseCamp of Everest. But today he’s getting to first base with Chad and the trade blow jobs and bareback fucking until it’s raining cum.

This is another of those REMEMBER WHERE YOU SAW HIM FIRST moments as we introduce Ty Thomas to you this week. He is the newest members of The Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Tour and boy is this toned, thick dicked hottie a great find. He’s making a big debut with his first ever threesome as he and Brogan Reed sandwich lucky Ian Levine to start with. Then Brogan wants Ty’s bare cock in his muscled ass – no problem! But it’s Ian who ends up covered in Brogan’s load -his own load and a big load from..

It’s hard and dirty work travelling around the country on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Tour so what better way to relax at the end of the day with a bubble bath. Of course when you get two hot guys like Alex Mason and Jack Hunter (who by the way have been begging to be paired) it’s bound to end up in a bareback bubble bath fuck session.

Meet Cash Lockhart who is a new member of the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Tour and he’s loving his time with the crew as they travel around the USA. Today they are in Phoenix and the desert air is definitely making these two boys as horny as hell. After starting with some kissing Alec deepthroats Cash’s fine cock – Cash thrusting his hips so it goes all the way down Alec’s eager throat. Cash then lubes up Alec’s hole with his tongue before thrusting his bare dick deep inside as he fuck Alec. We..

There is something wonderfully delicious about a tanned dark haired guy fucking a pale blonde haired guy. The mix of skin tones as they slam against each other is super hot. Brett Cullen is our latest find – a native of Albuquerque he’s excited to try something new and fuck on film for you. Anton deep throats Brett’s cock. Brett tosses him on his stomach and buries his bearded face deep inside Anton’s pale butt cheeks – lubing up his ass with his eager tongue. Anton then jumps on top of Brett’s..

Take one look at that “I’m ready to fuck” look in new porn model Damien Hyde’s eyes and you just KNOW we’re in for a hot ride. He’s whole reason for being here is because “he’s good at sex”. And no – he’s not just boasting – this guy has that je ne cais quoi that you get to experience a few times in your life and find yourself out of breath lying on the floor with a bucket load of cum dripping from your ass. What’s more he’s got the cock to inflict a deep ass pounding that Joshua James is going to be..

If you’ve got a thing for farm boys well our newest discovery Pierce Clark is just the kind of big dicked, corn fed fucker that you’re going to love. He’s got a wild streak (of course) and loves to go to raves. Today he gets to bend muscle god Brogan Reed in all kinds of positions until he breeds a huge load deep in Brogan’s finely toned butt. Super hot scene with a super hot find!

Meet Craig Wayne – a new porn discovery from Idaho who confesses to having sex outside a Mormon church! He’s teamed up with regular Jake Matthews who deepthroats Craig’s ample cock getting it good and hard. Craig then barebacks Jake’s fine ass, spraying it with cum as then scene climaxes.

Travelling around the country on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search can lead to a lot of down time. But when you’re as hot and horny as these guys it’s more like cocks up time. When Zack announces his horny he ends up with JJ’s bare cock in his ass and Scott’s cock gagging his throat. Super hot scene!

We’ve got two brand new members of the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Trip with you this week. Lance Matthews and Alec Shea are stoked to be travelling around the countryside discovering new places and getting to fuck gorgeous guys. The two of them start by kissing passionately – groans of pleasure already emanating! Alec takes Lance’s thick cock in his mouth getting it nice and hard. His ass is just begging for that thick meat and Lance does not disappoint slamming his bare cock deeper and..

Pennsylvania boy Josh Stone had always fantasized about being in porn – so he tried it and he likes it! In college he got to live out every bottom boy’s fantasy of being that pass around guy for a bunch of married guys … so you just know he’s going to be hot on screen. Joshua swallows his whole cock and then lubes his ass up with his tongue. But SURPRISE the guys flip flop fuck and both these bottom boys get filled!

Two new porn models!!! We have Toby Knight and the newest member of the Jason Sparks Nationwide model search Dakota Long. Toby has just spent 7 months in the woods which included a 100 person orgy in the rain… no joke it’s a killer story. These two start kissing each other passionately before trading deep throatin’ blow jobs. Then Toby sits on Dakota’s bare cock and bounces up and down until he cums all over himself and Dakota cums deep inside his hairy ass. SO FUCKING HOT – you can see why we..

Meet Austin Ryder – he likes to be the center of attention and his ultimate fantasy is to be trained by at least 5 guys. He’s pretty damn gorgeous so I’m sure we wouldn’t have too much trouble finding five guys willing to make his dream cum true. He’s pretty fond of Brogan and Brogan likes him too – so much so he cums all over the cute blonde guy!

There’s nothing worse than when your boyfriend is too busy to fuck you. It’s good to know that at those desperate times your buddies are there for you. They’ll take the time to kiss, blow, rim and fuck you even if your boyfriend won’t!

This was the first time we shot Zack Grayson and the lucky guy got paired with Jack Hunter for his first shoot. Zack loves the outdoors and you might not know it but he draws comics in his spare time. The two hit it off instantly and Zack does a great job of deepthroating Jack’s big dick. They flip flop fuck until Jack gets covered in cum.

Meet our latest porn star find Cadence Marshall. He grew up in Germany so has a delicious accent. We often have guys who are great at sports but Cadence has made it to the top level of sports – find out more in the interview! He also has some great locker room stories to share! It’s good to see Travis back as well and the two of them will heat up your chilly January.

This week we have a very special episode for you. Joey D and Johnny V from team up with Scott DeMarco, Brogan Reed and Joshua James from the JasonSparks Nationwide Road Trip in Chicago. First up the guys do a bit of sightseeing around the Windy City but it’s way too cold and too windy to be outside so it’s not long before the five of them are naked and hard as they suck and rim each other is a pile of exceptionally fine masculine physiques!

Usually we like to ease new models into the shoot but we couldn’t stop Brendon and Tanner from jumping on the new find Tyler Walker so they just went for it. Tyler’s fantasy was to be tag teamed by two hot tops ending up with two loads up his ass. Congratulations Tyler today your fantasy came true!

Meet our newest find – Oliver Hudson. He’s a soft spoken musician who was for some adventure and so ended up here with the sexy Scotty Knox. He spreads Scotty’s cheeks and pounds him intensely before finally spraying his entire chest with cum. Pretty impressive display for a first timer!

Nick Tiano likes to take charge. He’s a top who likes to show just who’s boss. Declan is eager to please and deepthroats Nick’s cock. Nick then bends Declan up like a pretzel and licks and kisses his hole – lubing it up for the bareback assault that is about to happen. These two move from position to position – Nick’s bare cock getting deeper and deeper into Declan’s ass. At last Nick breeds Declan’s hole with a bucketful of warm cum.

The holiday season is upon us and it looks like two of Santa’s elves want to give Rudolph his Christmas present early! Wearing nothing but their elf hats and big erect cocks Scott DeMarco and Joshua James treat Brogan Reed to a yuletide threesome that has the three swapping positions and putting the tinsel to good use. Brogan gets his present – a load of cum in his fine ass – just what he asked Santa for! Happy Holidays from all of us at

What can be better than a bubble bath? A bubble bath with two hot guys in it of course! And that’s what we have for you today as Ian and Zach escape the cold in a hot bubble bath. Zach starts by sucking Ian’s erect cock as it poke out from the bubbles. He then moves to burying his face into his bubbly butt as his tongue delves deep inside. The start fucking on the side of the bath – ending up covered in cum – looks like another bath will be in order!

Jason Sparks spends his days travelling across the USA looking for hot models and shooting them for you enjoyment. He’s shot hundreds of scenes and discovers countless new talent – so when he says “This is the hottest scene I have ever shot” you take notice. River’s cock was rock hard from the moment he walked in the door – he’s an exhibitionist with a passion for public sex. Jack is just drop dead gorgeous and the two of them have big dicks and swap deepthroating each other’s fine meat. River..

Just take a look at Brogan and Cole – two muscled guys with no inhibitions who are just itching to get at each other’s fine bodies. Brogan Reed is now a member of the Nationwide tour and Cole is appearing for his first time on camera. But don’t be fooled – Cole is a power bottom who can take 13 inches without a problem and boasts 26 guys in 8 hours. Brogan puts that ass to good use – his muscled physique rippling as he bangs his cum deep inside Cole’s hole.

Well football season is well and truly underway in the US so Nick and Alex figured they’d get into the vibe and do their own version of tailgating. That pretty much consists of flip flop fuck bareback fuck session where their cocks enter each other’s tails. It’s definitely a touchdown for both teams as they finish covered in sweat and cum.

Jack Rivers is our latest Jason Sparks Nationwide Road Trip find and growing up he was a Wide Receiver on his local football team but today he not receiving he’s giving Joshua James every inch of his big bare cock. Joshua does a good job of getting that thick piece of meat hard as he wraps his lips and his hands around it. He then jumps on top of Jack riding him like a possessed cowboy. Jack cums deep inside Joshua’s ass – pulling out slowly to show a cascade of warm man juice.

Today we have two brand new models to introduce to you Colton Rivers and Oz Benjamin. Soft spoken Colton Rivers is from Dallas and likes to travel, fix cars and take part in orgies. Oz Benjamin can woo you with his Portuguese phrases and his hot bod. Neither has any reservations going into this shoot – Oz deep throats Colton’s cock and then Colton does same for Oz. Colton’s tongue then plays with Oz’s wanting hole – preparing it for the bareback onslaught it’s about to receive. They work themselves..

Something scary has happened on the Jason Sparks Bareback Road Trip … Zack Grayson has discovered an abandoned warehouse and is exploring when he meets Jack Hunter and Scott DeMarco. Jack and Scott seduce Zack but little does he know that the two of them are Vampires! He becomes the pig in the middle of their spitroast and they cover him with cum – in his ass and all over his face. The cum turns Zack into a Vampire too! Happy Halloween everyone from all of us here at JasonSparksLive!

Phillip Grant is a self-confessed cum pig bottom. And that is a damn good thing as Max Dylan is full of cum that he just wants to breed deep into Phillip’s ass. They skip the pre-fuck interview as they can’t wait to get to it. There’s some kissing and heaps of fucking leading up to that monumentous cum dump!

Ashton Grant is the man to have in the locker room if you’ve got a raging boner and can’t get your football gear on. But I’ll let him tell you that story. He loves public sex – the riskier the better! He’s just the sort of guy that we love to see here on JasonSparksLive and with his kinky side it’s surprising that this is his very first time on camera! This blonde sexy guy gets bred by Brandon Blake and loves every cum dripping second of it!

Bjorn Manning is Jason Sparks’ latest model find. He’s a muscled firecracker who loves hiking and being the bottom in a bathhouse gangbang! He’s our kind of guy and he struts his first time on film stuff with the deliciously gorgeous Scott DeMarco for you today.

We’ve got a treat for you – porn star Christian Matthews has joined Corbin Riley for a hard fucking, big load breeding scene that will drain your balls. Christian is from Sarasota so when the Nationwide Bareback Road Trip hit town Christian wanted to be part of the action.

Adventurous Anton is a bit of an action sports fan – listing snowboarding and motocross amongst the long list of his sporting interests. His blonde locks are in stark contrast to Declan’s dark looks but the two of them have terrific on screen chemistry as they start kissing passionately. Though the hottest part of this scene is definitely watching a tidal wave of cum flow from Anton’s hole at the end …

Jack Hunter is definitely heating up the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Trip with his smouldering good looks. Today we have him here with new porn model JJ Knight who is smart, sporty and sexy so it’s definitely a great combination. JJ has a thick dick which Jack deepthroats at the start of the scene – and which fills his hole with a huge load at the end!

Because today is such as special day we have a super special update – with two brand new models for you to meet. Porter Jackson is appearing for the first time on camera and he’s fond of dark haired boys so lucky for him he’s teamed up with dark and handsome Scott DeMarco. Scott fill his with cock and cum – just the way to celebrate today!

Palmer Black has that sweet innocent boy next door thing going on. He’s got a smile that will melt your heart and get the blood pumping to your pants. He plays the clarinet – maybe all that woodwind experience is why he sucks cock like a pro! Big dicked Scotty Knox is definitely enjoying the experience! Scotty lubes up Palmer’s ass with his tongue before pounding his ass bare and then exploding in a tsunami of cum all over the cuties chest.

Zack Grayson has recently joined the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Trip – he’s looking forward to checking out Denver and hopefully finding some lumberjacks there! He’s paired today with new to porn model Cannon Cruz who has a great Harry Potter story for you! He also managed to deepthroat Zack’s huge dick so we think this won’t be his last time on camera!

Brendon has been waiting for Antonio all night – as soon as he gets in the door they lock lips and start stripping. Antonio is so hungry for Brendon’s body he bites his lip as they are kissing and then leads him to the bedroom. Antonio takes Brendon’s cock in his mouth and slides his mouth expertly up and down the erect shaft. Brendon bends Antonio over and hungrily devours his ass – thrusting his tongue deeper and deeper. With his hole lubed up he takes his bare cock and slides it in gently at first..

Pierce Blake is our hottest new find who is hoping to help pay off his student loans by doing some porn. He’s from New Orleans and has a great story about a balcony on Bourbon Street. These two hairy guys are really into each other and fuck like crazy until Alex explodes in a tsunami of cum all over Pierce’s tight ass.

You’ve already met Jack today we introduce sexy blonde Lux Archer. He’s got a killer smile and a sexy body with a big cock. So Jack definitely ends up with a big ol’ smile himself after taking Lux’s big bare cock deep inside his ass.

Jason Sparks continues on the Nationwide Model Search across the country discovering the hottest new talent. Today we have two new models for you Brandon Blake and Jeremy Adams. Brandon used to be a stripper so moving onto porn was his next move and we’re certainly glad he made it – watch him lather Jeremy’s hole with his tongue!

Meet new porn model Cody Bailey. His whole reason for doing porn is that he likes fucking – well Cody I think this might be the right place for you sandwiched in between Marcus and Max. Max Bradley gets both Cody and Marcus’ cocks in his ass and the three cum simultaneously in a butt dripping breeding finale!

It’s jockstraps and eye black in this sporty romp where CK and Kenneth wrestle each other on the bed. Of course CK wins and shoves his cock into Kenneth’s mouth. Kenneth is a total cock pig and sucks it like it was his last meal. He throws CK back and rims his ass. CK’s ready though to start fucking Kenneth with his big bare dick. The intensity is insane as Kenneth rides that cock until CK cums deep inside his ass.

Well this episode definitely is a special update for you. Not only do we have new porn model Trent Tyler for you to meet but retired porn star Damon Archer is back for one very special scene. In fact this was the exact hotel where Damon shot his very first scene and after appearing in a multitude of movies he retired for a year. Trent’s fantasy is to be tag teamed by two hot tops and that’s exactly what he gets and these three give you a bareback fuck fest you won’t forget.

It’s the bareback battle of the Jake’s this week on Jason Sparks Live. You all know Jake Matthews of course but today we introduce Jake Bradley who has got a great locker room story for you. Jake Matthews can’t wait to get his tongue and cock deep inside Jake Bradley’s hole. Jake is moaning with absolute pleasure throughout and you should see the cum shot!

Anthony Verusso has just joined the Jason Sparks Nationwide Road Trip. We shot his first scene with Travis Stevens and the result was so hot that we just had to get it out to you as quickly as possible. The two start with a hike on the Appalachian Trail but what they really want is to get back to the hotel and bury their bare dicks deep inside each other’s asses. The pair flip flop burying cum loads into satisfied holes.

Declan McClain has just joined the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Trip and today in Raleigh he gets to play with new porn model Colby Adams. Colby was a swimmer in high school and it shows – he’s got those sexy broad shoulders swimmers have and a speedo tan too! The pair trade blow jobs before Declan lubes up Colby’s ass with his tongue and then pounds it with his bare dick until they both explode in a tsunami of cum.

Cody Ross is the very latest porn discovery and he’s trying porn cause he’s always wanted to cross it off his bucket list. He used to be a swimmer in high school and fondly remembers showering with coach. He gets to top Owen Powers’ sexy tight hole in this bareback romp which Owen loves so much he cums all over himself!

Hola Rich Sebastian! This SUPER SEXY new porn model is from Bolivia and apart from the stunning accent he’s easy on the eyes and the hottest thing he’s done is be part of a 20 person orgy. Lucky Cayden Wyatt gets to appear with him in his first on screen adventure. The two have great chemistry and Rich devours Cayden’s hole like an absolute pro. The grin on Cayden’s face just shows how good that feels and he keeps grinning as Rich fucks him bareback, cums on his ass and then fucks it right back in..

Lucas Wright has been travelling with the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Trip for a few weeks now and he’s the first to have some fun with new porn model Marcus “the Hammer” Ryan. He earned that nickname in the locker room at school and after you watch this scene you’ll know exactly why he got that name. He’s more comfortable being naked – which suits Lucas just fine cause that’s all he wants to do is get him naked and stick his big bare cock deep inside. These two fuck like absolute pros – this..

Jason introduces new porn model Tate Ryker and sets him in the middle of two hot young twinks who are on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Road Trip – Lucas Owens and Aiden Woods. Tate might be new to porn but he’s not new to group sex and cute boys! The three have a ton of fun – sucking, bareback fucking with Lucas being the luck meat in the middle of a big dicked Tate and Aiden raw sandwich. He cops two loads in his fine ass.

Shawn and Corbin can hardly keep their hands off each other on the tour. The chemistry between this pair is quite incredible – they kiss passionately before exchanging blow jobs. Corbin then buries his bearded face deep in Shawn’s fine ass. Shawn contorts in ecstasy as Corbin’s tongue lubes his hole ready for his bareback assault.

Parker James is appearing for the first time on camera doing porn – he’s from a small town but he enjoys public sex so fucking Alex Mason on film is just up his alley! He’s got a wonderfully suckable cock which Alex wastes no time deepthroating -all the time Parker moans with pleasure. Parker throws Alex on the bed and sucks his cock and then rims his ass before shoving his bare cock deep inside Alex.

Looks like we have a hairy new recruit for you to enjoy today! William Isaacs is from Nashville and loves sex so doing porn was a no-brainer. He’s a big fan of sex in public so if you ever catch him near a change room jump on in! He’s a vegan but there is one animal product that he does consume and that’s cum. He shoots a load of cum in Declan’s ass – which drips out for you to see at the end. Damn this is a hot hot scene!

Chad Porter has a great ass. The rest of his body is pretty great too – but Dustin is mesmerized by that ass. After sucking on Chad’s cock he goes to work with his tongue getting Chad’s hole nice and lubed up. Dustin then takes his thick, bare cock and starts fucking Chad – his tanned muscles slamming against Chad’s pale butt. It’s a hot scene we just know you’re going to play over and over and over and over again!

Meet Jason Sparks’ latest porn-star-in-the-making find Kyle Evans. Kyle’s from Omaha and loves country music, likes to travel – oh and he is naturally gifted with a massive cock dangling between his legs. Travis Stevens has no problem in sucking it for him and gets repaid by getting his own big cock sucked by Kyle. Travis gets to top the new boy and blows cum all over his back – then blowing the last few drops back in his ass.

Jake and Austin are lip locked in a passionate kiss as this scene begins. But Jake can’t wait to get his lips around Austin’s monster cock. He deep throat’s that thick meat with skill and pure lust. Austin quickly returns the favor but is more interested in pounding Jake’s ass with his big bare cock. Jake is loving every minute but wants to trade places so he get’s Austin’s hole ready and then fucks him. It’s too much for Austin he flips again and pounds Jake until he explodes in a waterfall of cum.

We have double the treats for you today! First up we have a new porn model – Lucas Zander whose kinkiest sexual experience is a threesome in an elevator in Spain. How hot is that!!! Alex Mason is returning to add some flavour to this threesome. But Owen Powers is the real star here as he takes both Alex and Lucas’s cocks in his hungry ass! And both cum deep inside that wanton cavern!

Carson Reed is appearing for the first time ever on camera and he’s our latest porn star discovery. He loves his sports and he also loves to sing – but the tune he’s singing today is more moans of pleasure as his big bare cock impales Ian Levines fine ass.

Dustin Tyler’s muscled physique is like a wonderful playground for Tanner Bradley to explore. From his lightly furred pecs to his tasty cock Tanner makes the most of every sexy inch. He jumps on top of Dustin and rides that bare cock like the best ever roller coaster he’s been on. Then Dustin turns him over and pounds his ass – exploding in shower of cum all over Tanner.

Dark haired Dallas Jaxson is the latest find on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model search. His porn debut is really hot and he and Zach were so into each other that our usual pre-fuck interview got pushed out to the end. Their chemistry lights up the screen and the two guys cum together to further illustrate just how intense this fuck is for them both!

GunzBlazing announces Travis Stevens live cam shows on JasonSparksLive in March San Francisco, February 24, 2015 – JasonSparksLive, one of the leading sites on GunzBlazing’s global affiliate network, announce today a slew of bareback live shows featuring Spark’s hottest discovery Travis Stevens during March. The Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search continues to travel across America discovering new porn talent and in the last year Sparks discovered 19 year old Travis Stevens who has fast become the..

What are you doing right now – remember that as this is the time when you first say Chad Porter. Who? Get to know as the latest Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search find is destined to be a porn superstar. He’s that super hot jock you always fantasised about in High School who got all the girls but as it turns out was hot for the assistant coach. He is gorgeous and a total sex fiend. He’s here with Travis Stevens who has been building a huge following himself of late – make sure you check out the..

Blond Riley Foster is the latest Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search discovery. He’s a bit of a jock and he hooked up with a college football player in the stands – hot! He’s versatile but as we’ve hooked him up with one of the best bottoms in porn today – Mr Brandon Atkins – today he is all top. Brandon ends up with a butt full of Riley’s cum. Welcome to the tour!

This is Adam’s first time on camera – yet another discovery by Jason Sparks. Adam likes his body and he likes sex – so a career in porn seemed to be a no-brainer. He was a wrestler in school and lost his virginity in an orgy! He’s teamed up with hot-bodied Trace and the two have strong chemistry. Adam’s got a big cock and Trace enjoys every inch of the bare monster in his ass – squealing with pleasure as Adam cums in his hole.

Meet the latest find by the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search – Alex Mason. Alex grew up on a farm and he’s had his fair share of sex on the hay mount. His favourite sport is running but he’s definitely not running away from Landon Wright. Landon gives him a sensual suck and then pounds his ass with his big, raw cock. The two cum almost simultaneously so yes it was as good for both!

Dustin and Jake were so keen on fucking each other that we skipped our usual interview! They kiss each other like men possessed – not surprising for how damn sexy both of them are! Jake goes to work sucking Dustin’s fat cock getting nice and hard so that he can feel it slamming into his ass. Dustin doesn’t disappoint – he muscled physique ripples as he pounds Jake’s ass with his bare cock!

Travis and Zach are really enjoying their time on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search and they are living large in Vegas! These two big dicked hotties start in a 69 sucking on each others cocks. From that point on you know this is a hot scene! It ends with Travis begging Zach to shoot his load in his ass – which he dutiful does! Cum drippingly exquisite ending!

Ryan tells us a little bit more about his high school escapades in the locker room with some of his ‘straight’ buddies before him and Tanner get down to some grade A cock sucking. Ryan buries his tongue deep in Tanner’s grateful hole before fucking it bareback.

This week we have two of the guys on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Trip fucking each other – you guessed it BAREBACK. Shawn and Antonio have been eyeing each other off for a while now so it was inevitable that the two of them would end up nekkid and fucking like bunnies. Sexual tension needs to be eased eventually and by the amount of cum that explodes forth – there was definitely a HUGE amount of sexual tension building between these two.

New model Bo likes to party and I’m sure that this blond haired – blue eyed hottie has NO problem finding guys who want to party with him! He does have one guy who he’d want to fuck (but his straight) – check out who in the pre-fuck interview. This is a hot scene with two all American hot guys going at it bareback with gusto! And Bo ends up with a huge load up his ass.

The Jason Sparks Bareback Road Trip has cum to Charlestown, South Carolina and finds Tristan White in bed with Phillip Grant. The two start kissing passionately before Phillip takes Tristan’s rock hard cock. He then jumps on top of that cock and rides it like a champ. It’s a cum splattering conclusion as Phillip ends up covered with cum!

With a bunch of hot guys traveling the country together on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Trip – it’s no surprise that at some point we’d find them all in the bathroom fucking. The five are crammed into the hotel bathroom and with such little space they have to fill every available hole with either a cock or a tongue. And lucky Zach gets covered with the other four’s cum in the bukkake finale!

Jaxon is a Florida boy and is somewhat of an exhibitionist. Whilst this is his first time ‘officially’ on camera he’s often filmed himself with boyfriends. In his interview he admits to giving his boyfriend head on a ride in Disney World! So going into porn seemed to be a natural progression. The furry combination of Jaxon and Corbin sizzles on screen and both are utterly engrossed in this fuck session.

Cayden Wyatt is a little bit kinky and he wanted to try porn to see if he liked it. Turns out he does and this brand new porn star find has already joined the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Trip with Jake and the rest of the boys. Jake and Cayden were well matched and Jake cums all over Cayden’s hole in a massive explosion of hot man juice!

Meet Max Bradley. He is the latest find on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search. He’s a hot guy and Travis is more than happy to be paired up with him on his very first camera shoot!

Colby Michaels is the latest Jason Sparks discovery and boy does he have a surprise in store for Dillon Anderson. Not only does he have a huge dick that he rams bare into Dillon’s ass but he has a tsunami of cum that spews forth from his meaty monster to cover Dillon’s chest and face!

If you think you recognise the newest model to join the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search – you’re probably right. Meet Ian Levine who has been working in porn for about two years now and Jason has nabbed him for a spot on the tour. Owen Powers is pretty stoked about that as Ian’s hot and the two have some undeniable chemistry in this sizzling scene.

Ethan Stark is Jason Sparks’ latest find on his Nationwide Model Search and he a lean mean tattooed machine. He’s also a total exhibitionist and LOVES to have sex in public. He’s also an aggressive top so Travis is in for an intense pounding from Ethan’s bare cock and a drenching in a bucket load of cum!

Laid back Simon Spark is a hairy guy who dreams of having his hairy chest and face covered in cum by at least four or five guys. But today he’s just going to have to be happy with Lucas’ cum all over his bearded face!

Jason Sparks’ latest new porn star find is Zach Lockhart. Jason was so excited about Zach that he immediately got him to join the Nationwide Model Search and he’s been a hot ass-et to the team!

Cali boy Colin Dean is new to Jason Sparks Live and he loves to travel. He meets Nationwide Bareback Road Trip regular Jake Matthews in Saint Louis and the fun ensues. Colin’s a power bottom and Jake makes good use of his ass with his bare cock.

You know the old adage of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – well if someone’s got a camera then that’s probably not going to happen… But what has happened in this scene is Jason Sparks has porn star Brody Wilde doing his very first bareback scene. Brody has been in porn for years and lucky Owen Powers is the recipient of his bare cock and a buttload of cum in this super hot breeding scene!

We usually start our scenes with a bit of an interview but the chemistry between Dustin and Antonio was so hot they couldn’t keep their hands off each other so we right at it! They trade blow jobs before Dustin lubes up Antonio’s twitching hole with his tongue – he then drives his bare cock deep inside, pounding him relentlessly. A shower of cum sprays all over Antonio … hot and sticky!

This scene is hot off the press so to speak and the reason we had to get this one to you so quickly is to introduce Jason’s latest find and new model on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Tour – Travis Stevens. Not only is Travis new to the tour and to porn (this is his first ever shoot) but he’s only just started having sex with guys! You wouldn’t know from his performance here with hottie Declan McClain! These two sizzle on screen in another great porn debut.

Brian is reading a book when Aiden suggests perhaps a better use of his time would be fucking around. No contest from Brian and he immediately dives deep into Aiden ass with his tongue. They trade blow jobs and then Aiden licks Brian’s furry ass so good that he cums all over his hairy chest!

Tommy Michaels is the latest find from the Jason Sparks Nationwide model search and what a find! This guy is a sexual beast and when he cums deep inside C.K. in this scene you will definitely blow your load too! These guys were so into each other that even after the shoot they were ready to go for round two!

Are you looking for some bareback fucking that culminates in a big hot load of cum in your face? Then this, my friends, is just what you are looking for!

It’s not only you our loyal viewers who keep an eye on where Jason Sparks is traveling and who he’s discovered but the rest of the industry is also watching at who he’s discovered! Check out Eric Clark – he’s a multilingual poet who dances and makes music and loves to fuck. This is his VERY first time on camera and Jason Sparks discovered him – remember where you saw him first!

Zack Ryan is a gamer but one of the best games he ever played was a five-way fuck session! Well today he’s got Dillon Anderson lubing us his hole with spit and his tongue before Dillon takes his fat cock and fucks Zack deep and hard. They guys orgasm pretty much at the same time – Zack all over his stomach and Dillon deep inside of Zack.

Dylan Austin is from a small town and wanted to get out and explore the big wide world – and part of that is being discovered by the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search and getting fucked by Owen Powers. Owen cums right in Dylan’s ass and licks the cum dripping right out of that surprisingly tight hole. Seriously hot!

Grab an extra box of tissues for this update as we’ve got SIX super hot Jason Sparks Models fucking for our first ever road trip ORGY! With so many sexy guys on tour together it was bound to happen so when the models begged Jason for a gang bang scene – how could he refuse. Everywhere you look someone is getting fucked or sucked – a totally cumtastic update!

The Nationwide Model Search is in Wichita, Kansas this week. And this week’s model find is Jake Sheridan who has fantasized about being in porn for a long time and traveled from his hometown to hook up with the Bareback Road Trip. And for his trouble he’s rewarded by being fucked in the ass by smouldering hottie Aiden Woods. Aiden cums in his ass and Jake is stoked – dream and hole full-filled.

Declan McClain is a gymnast – and you just know they have super hot bodies! He’s Jason’s latest porn find and wanted to try porn for the experience. Brendon’s been on the Bareback Road Trip for a while now – so he’s the perfect partner to show the newbie the ropes. Brendon fills Declan’s ass with cum … just what he was hoping for!

Without a doubt this is the hottest scene we’ve delivered to you at Jason Sparks Live. Sure there’s hot new porn models, big cocks and bareback fucking but this episode has so much more. These three are so into each other they are entwined attending to each others cocks and holes in every way imaginable…

Around the country Jason Sparks is scouring every town for the hottest new porn talent and here in Columbus he’s discovered stripper Brogan Reed. Brogan will piss on you if you ask him nicely but he’s also man enough to take Dallas Parker’s big fat bare cock in his hungry ass.

Brandon Atkins is a dirty dirty boy – so it’s somewhat of a surprise that he’s never been fisted before. Thankfully it was on his To-do list so Tyler Page jumped at the chance to take on the challenge …

We have two new All – American hunks for you today. Meet Brandon Reed and Ryan Tyler who might be new to porn but that doesn’t stop them from putting on a hell of a cum splattering show for y’all!

Owen Powers is the latest discovery by the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search and he is known for his magic hands. He also LOVES sucking dick which Corbin Riley is pretty happy about. Corbin’s got a magic tongue and gives Owen’s hole the licking of his life! The bareback fuck is intense as they both stare deep into each others eyes. Steamy scene for sure!

Brand new porn model Tanner Bradley is the fresh meat in the Dustin and Brendon sandwich. He gets all wrapped up in the muscled bodies and skewered on both ends by their thick cocks. Dustin and Brendon then take turns at fucking his newbie ass – covering him in load after load.

Both Landon Wright and Kenneth Blake are blessed with big dicks. Perhaps this kinship through massive cocks is what makes this scene so damn hot. They can’t keep their mouths off each other – constantly kissing and sucking throughout the entire scene. You can smell the chemistry between these two hot guys!

For over a year Jason Sparks has been trying to convince Dustin Tyler that he should join the Nationwide Model Search – Jason Sparks’ Bareback Road Trip and FINALLY Dustin has agreed and both he and Shawn are the newest recruits to the tour. These guys are so hot for each other that Jason has to cut the interview short so they can start the fucking. The result is a steamy scene that will have you as hard as they were!

For over a year Jason Sparks has been trying to convince Dustin Tyler that he should join the Nationwide Model Search – Jason Sparks’ Bareback Road Trip and FINALLY Dustin has agreed and both he and Shawn are the newest recruits to the tour. These guys are so hot for each other that Jason has to cut the interview short so they can start the fucking. The result is a steamy scene that will have you as hard as they were!

The Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search has rolled into Philadelphia and discovered some more hot porn talent in ex Air Force boy Mark Joseph. This is his first time on camera and lucky guy gets a blow job from talented cocksucker C.K. Steel!

The guys on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search just get hotter and hotter. The crew is up to about 8 hot models travelling around the country and I hope you make sure to catch them in your town. If they’re not cumming through your town we have them here on JasonSparksLive fucking each other and this pairing is super super hot!

Meet the latest porn discovery Shawn Andrews. He’s got a great story about having sex on the football field after graduation but his best work is when the camera starts rolling and the guys start fucking.

For our first video this month we have a couple of firsts for you. We have a new porn model Jake Matthews and this is his first time on camera – plus we have the first video from Corbin Riley as he joins the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search. And Jake is a top but today he’s going to bottom and boy does Corbin fuck the hell out of him!

Look out boys and boys its about to get dirty in here. Nick Tiano and Jason Sparks deliver a downright pig filthy scene that has them sucking, rimming, fucking, cumming and then Nick felches that load and shares it with Jason. So very dirty – so very hot!

Ethan Brody is a hot new porn discovery and this is his very first time on camera! There’s so much fun on the Nationwide Bareback tour – trips to monuments and bars but for sure the most fun the guys have is when they are slamming each other’s asses hot and raw and hard and fast!

The Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search continues to uncover hot new porn models around the country. Meet Corbin Riley – his latest discovery. This scruffy hottie is a power top who fantasizes about being the only top in a group load of horny bottoms! Today he’s going to fuck the cum right out of Aiden Woods. And boy does he!

In case you didn’t know The Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search takes hot porn models around the country searching for new porn talent and getting a lot of hardcore fucking in the fun as well. Trace and Antonio have BOTH just joined the tour so it was natural that we had to pair them up and man are they into each other. This scene is super hot so don’t miss a minute of the action

As the Jason Sparks Nationwide Road Trip continues to travel across the countryside, Tyler Page has been paired up with our latest hot discovery. Meet the super sexy Eric Parker – so sexy that even bottom boy Tyler has agreed to top in this scene just to get the chance to be with him.

Jason Sparks has discovered a new porn model who is appearing for his first time – Justin Blair. Justin’s not a shy man – in fact he’s a downright filthy pig bottom who isn’t content with just being fucked by Brendon – he wants Brendon’s fist in his ass too! Super hot kinky scene that we know will get you steaming.

Brandon Atkins is a bit of a kinky fucker so when the chance came to put on some leather he was all up for it. He deep throat’s Kenneth’s cock and Kenneth holds on tight to his collar. Kenneth then lubes up Brandon’s ass with a smattering of spit before slamming his raw cock deep inside. Brandon is rewarded with a face full of cum … good boy.

John Daniels is a straight guy who Jason has discovered on his Nationwide Model Search. He loves to work out as you can tell by his totally buff bod and he also loves to be dominated by women. Check him out in his first onscreen appearance!

Meet the newest porn find on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search – Brandon Andrews. Brandon has just graduated from high school and hasn’t found a job yet so spends most his days walking round the house naked jerking off. So when the Jason Sparks Live Bareback Road Trip rolled into town he jumped at the chance to make his first porn appearance. Paired up with the super sexy C.K. Steel – these have a flip-flop-fuck session that will have you cumming on your keyboard too!

OH BOY! Have we got a super exclusive for you this week! Somehow Jason Sparks has managed to coax the gorgeous Trace Kendall from retirement to perform in his first EVER bareback scene. Trace retired over 2 years ago and my guess is that it was the site of Dallas’ thick-as-fuck cock that made the offer to good to resist. Super super hot hot hot episode!

Phillip Grant is the meat in this big dick sandwich. He’s got Landon Wright and new porn star Tanner Adams swapping ends and giving his whole a punishing! For Tanner’s first time on film he shows no sign of nerves – he’s just ready to pound that hole relentlessly!

Elliott Vance has been looking forward to getting fucked by Alex Woods’ big fat cock for a while now. So much so they bypassed the usual interview to get straight down to getting his lips wrapped around that monster. Horned up and ready to go Alex lubes up Elliott’s hole with a generous amount of spit and loosens it up with his tongue. As he jams his bare cock inside Elliott squeals with pleasure (and a dose of pain) – this is everything he’d been hoping for!

There’s no need for introductions here – both big dicked blond Kip Ryker and power bottom kinky boy Brandon Atkins would be familiar to all Jason Sparks Live followers. These two are just chomping at the dick to get down to it. Brandon rides Kip’s cock like he hasn’t been fucked in days and then licks his balls while Kip explodes in a well deserved cum shower.

The JasonSparksLIVE Nationwide Model Search discovers new talent every week and brings to you the hottest new porn stars. This week is no exception – meet Brendon Scott the latest member of the Bareback Road Trip. He’s a bit of a free spirit and an artist and we’ve teamed him up with one of our favorites C.K. Steel for a scene that will have you painting your keyboard with cum.

Today we have TWO brand new porn models for you. Both of them have never been on camera before so remember where you saw them first on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search. Dallas Parker liked it so much he joined the Bareback Road Trip – he’s new to sex with guys and to travel so its a whole new experience for him but with a big fat dick like that we know there’s going to be guys lining up to ride that monster. Both these guys are tops so we got them to blow each other for your pleasure.

Ex army boy Phillip Grant has always imagined himself in a porn video so when the Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search came to town he jumped at the opportunity to pop his onscreen cherry. He gets fucked by Bareback Road Trip regular big dicked Landon Wright who cums deep inside the piggy bottom’s ass.

Just in time for the Winter Olympics Jason Sparks has made another new porn star discovery. Meet hockey player Corbin Matthews! This horned up hottie is a porn natural and likes to fuck hard – which Nationwide Model Search regular Brandon Atkins is stoked about as he likes to get fucked. Definitely a gold medal performance from these two!

TOTAL HOTTIES ALERT! We’ve actually brought you some of Aiden’s scenes before but this was his very first time on camera. Both Aiden and CK are drop dead gorgeous and the two of them have incredible chemistry in this scene as Aiden fucks CK raw.

All good things cum in threes and this trio of hotties is no exception. Joining Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search regulars Landon Wright and Tyler Page is another new porn discovery Blake Page. He’s a soccer player and has an AMAZING body. Lucky Tyler is meat in this sexy sandwich and takes both big bare cocks in his hungry ass.

The Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search hits Dallas and here we find Tyler Russell who is appearing for the very first time on camera. As we all know Lucas has a big dick and Jason asks if Tyler is ready for it … he’s not sure but as it turns out he takes that big bare cock no problem and loves every minute!

Cody Matthews is a hot guy who likes older guys and has hooked up with one of his professors at college! He’s the latest Nationwide Model Search find and for his first on camera experience he gets to ride Alex Woods’ big dick! What an awesome introduction to porn hey.

Meet tattooed muscle man Jackson Powers – the latest Nationwide Model Search discovery. This prime piece of man meat has met his match in Brandon Atkins and he launches his tongue deep inside Brandon’s ass to lube it up before banging him bareback.

STRAIGHT BOY ALERT! Check out the very latest JasonSparksLive discovery and EXCLUSIVE model – Patrick Burritt. This solo is Patrick’s very first time on camera and this hot straight boy isn’t shy at all. His great body is a feast for the eyes and we hope to be seeing alot more of it here on

There’s no other site out there that delivers brand new porn talent every week. Jason Sparks’ Nationwide Model Search has discovered another new porn star Justen Aaron – check out his hot tattoos! He’s a country boy and gives Jason’s Bareback Road Trip regular C.K. Steel a ride before swallowing all the cum he can muster.

Jason Sparks has got two new hot hot HOT models on his Nationwide Model Search and we’ve got them both here for you to enjoy. Aiden is originally from Romania and has those smouldering chiseled looks from that area – and Lucas is a swimmer who’s got some hot stories to tell about some locker room antics. These two definitely have some intense chemistry and you can see why Jason snapped them up to tour with him on his Bareback Road Trip!

Travis Stone is the latest discovery. This is his very first time on camera. He’s got that super sexy boy-next-door thing about him but don’t let that fool you because he’s a bit of an exhibitionist. He’s got a nice thick dick that Adam is more than happy to chow down on before Travis delves deep inside Adam’s ass with his tongue. Adam then takes every inch of that bare cock in his hungry ass!

It’s incredible how Jason Sparks keeps finding the hottest new porn models BEFORE anyone else. And here’s a new hottie Max Powers who is appearing for his first time on camera – as discovered by Jason’s Nationwide Model Search. Kip makes him feel right at home by deep throating his cock and then getting deep inside his ass with his tongue. Max is wet and ready to receive Kip’s big bare cock which never fails to disappoint!

We have yet ANOTHER new porn model discovery from Jason Sparks’ Nationwide Model Search – Jett Taylor. Jett is just the kind of horny guy we love – he’s a bit of an exhibitionist and loves big cocks. That’s why he’s the perfect partner for big dicked Landon Wright in this blow job scene.

BIG DICK ALERT! Austin Chandler has been blessed with a 10″ cock which is not only long but nice and thick as well. This is the biggest cock that Jason Sparks has ever been fucked by and he enjoyed every raw inch!

Parker Lewis is the latest porn discovery on Jason Sparks’ Nationwide Model Search and boy is he a hot find! This blond cutie from Asheville North Carolina and he’s quite the athlete and gives us a great story about a locker room adventure after a swim meet (with a straight guy no less!) He’s teamed up with Nationwide Model Search regular Brandon Atkins and these guys are locked into a hot 69 position before you can blink! Parker fucks Brandon’s ass bareback before they switch and Brandon jumps on..

Jason Sparks’ Nationwide Model Search is in Nashville and boy have they discovered a hot new star today. Meet Jake Peters – though originally from Arizona he has that Texas drawl down pat and is a big country music fan. The way he rides C.K. Steel’s ass is like he’s riding a bucking bronco and he breeds that sweet hole til the cum drips out! Super hot scene!

This scene was supposed to be just a duo between Jason Sparks Nationwide Model Search regular Tyler Page and the newest find Ethan Phoenix. But after fucking Tyler – Ethan wanted to get his ass filled! Luckily on the Nationwide Model Search there’s always a horny third on hand so Lucas Slade jumps in the bed and fulfils Ethan’s camera debut wishes!

Check out this classic live show featuring Brian Bonds. It was shot in San Francisco during Folsom Street Fair so Brian is naturally dressed in leather with his arms and legs bound. He’s going to try and get fisted – let’s see how he goes!

Jason Sparks has another hot new porn model discovery just for you. Meet Nick Tiano – this hairy hottie is appearing for his very first time on camera but you wouldn’t know it as he fucks Elliott Vance like a pro. This is definitely a high intensity fuck session that will have you cumming all over your keyboard!

Hello Andrew Connor! He is a super HOT new porn model discovered by Jason Sparks on his Nationwide Model Search. He is a stripper and a go-go dancer and that shows by his amazing body (plus he used to wrestle at school). He’s just the kind of hot guy we like here as he’s a total exhibitionist and when paired with yummy Adam Rhodes we got a bareback extravaganzaaa.

Jason Sparks has discovered yet another brand new porn model – Avery Michaels. This is his camera debut and he’s lucky enough to be paired with Nationwide Model Search regular Landon Wright. Avery has a great story about having sex in the bathroom of the library at school – which sounds uber HOT!

Jason has been trying to get Wade Marshall to do porn for a long time now. When he brings hotties Damon Archer and Jake Parker to town on his Bareback Road Trip – Wade jumped at the chance to jump in the middle of this threeway with them.

Jason Sparks has made a monster discovery on his Nationwide Model Search and it’s hiding in Austin Chandler’s pants. Measuring in at 10″ and as thick as they come Austin’s monster is one of the biggest cocks Jason has ever seen in person. And lucky C.K. gets to wrangle that thing on the kitchen counter in this blow job scene.

Have we got a treat for you – Colton James. He’s just graduated from high school and has only had sex with two other guys! Naturally this is his very first time on camera. And who better to pair him with that Bareback Road Trip regular Brandon Atkins. Don’t miss it!

Meet Jake Bolton – the latest hot new porn model to be discovered by Jason Sparks on his Nationwide Model Search. Jake likes to dive and rock climb so he’s an adventurous type of guy which you just know is going to make a hot scene. Make sure you check out the massive cum shot at the end of this scene!

Zack and Rocky have been flirting with each other for a while now – so the sexual tension is at an all time high. The pure aggression with which these two beasts attack each other is incredible. They trade blow jobs and then Rocky throws Zack’s legs up in the air so he can slap his ass and shove his tongue deep into his ass. The bareback fucking is intense as are they groans of pure pleasure when the cum flies. Do not miss this!

This scene was shot live from Club Fort Lauderdale in the bathhouse. It features not only JasonSparksLive favorite Connor Patricks but Logan Vaughn and a massive dildo! It certainly does steam up the place.

Even though we couldn’t wait to bring you a scene with C.K. – this one is actually his very first scene he ever shot. C.K. Steel is definitely one of Jason Sparks’ hottest finds on his Nationwide Model Search – check out his hot body and killer smile! He just wants to express his sexual fantasies for you all on screen and with those abs we’re more than happy for him to.

Meet big dicked Dakota Adams – a brand new porn model discovered by Jason Sparks on his Nation Wide Model Search. He’s a bit of an exhibitionist and is not adverse to sex in a park where the thrill of getting caught makes it just that much hotter! He’s teamed up with Kip Ryker who is on the Bareback Road Trip and the two of them steam up the screen!

Meet new porn model Kenneth Blake – Jason Sparks’ latest hot find. Kenneth is yet another athlete who came out in High School and because of that got to hook up with a heap of other athletes who were perhaps experimenting. All that experience has served him well as this sizzling scene will show!

Anyone who’s been following the Jason Sparks Road Trip would be familiar with hairy hottie Brandon Atkins. Check out how he handles his impressive tool in this solo jerk off.

Meet Dylan Morris – a brand new team member to the Jason Sparks Live Bareback Road Trip team! He hails from Saint Louis and used to play baseball at school and even got fucked in the locker room in high school! He’s a bit of a kinky fucker as is Zack so you just know this pairing is going to sizzle!

This hot live show features the man with the killer smile Connor Patricks and Justin Luck. Luck by name and lucky by nature Justin gets fucked by Connor who grabs him by the dog collar for better traction. Hot scene!

The Jason Sparks live Nationwide Tour is in Columbia South Carolina and Jason has found yet another new porn model – James Essex. James used to be in the military and let’s us in on some stories about the straight boys there. He’s also had sex in a moving ambulance – with the siren on! Hot stuff indeed and the heat intensifies with this bareback romp with one of our favorites Adam Rhodes.

Jason Sparks has got another hot new find! This time it’s big dicked Elliott Vance’s porn debut – in New Orleans no less where the drinks are strong and the boys are loose! These two are definitely in the party mood as they suck and fuck to a sticky conclusion.

Logan Vaughn and Connor Patricks are messing about on the couch. Looks like the couch is gonna get covered in cum in they’re not careful!

Have we got a super hot scene for you this week! We’ve got three hot new porn stars that are all travelling as part of the Jason Sparks live nationwide tour – this is CK Steel’s very first time on camera and it’s Landon’s first fuck on camera. But don’t let that fool you – these guys fuck like pros covering each other in cum! Enjoy

The Jason Sparks live Nationwide Tour is in Columbia South Carolina and Jason has found yet another new porn model – James Essex. James used to be in the military and let’s us in on some stories about the straight boys there. He’s also had sex in a moving ambulance – with the siren on! Hot stuff indeed and the heat intensifies with this bareback romp with one of our favorites Adam Rhodes.

Jason Sparks has a true talent for finding the hottest new porn models BEFORE anyone else does. Meet his latest find Landon Wright. Landon’s got a high sex drive so he thought that porn was just the place for him. He’s got an artistic bent as well – but today’s he’s doing the life modelling for us as he jerks off as an introduction to his hot body.

Jason Sparks continues to find THE hottest models first right around the country. The newest one is skater Carlos Romero. Its a great sport especially for your core workout – as is shown by Carlos’ sweet abs. In fact he is one hell of a hot guy and lucky Brandon gets fucked by him bareback for our viewing pleasures.

Lucas Slade and Tyler Page are joining Jason Sparks – Tyler’s joined the tour and this is Lucas’ first time with Jason. We get to know them a little first – including Lucas’ confession about sex in a confessional! These are definitely some dirty adventurous boys who love to fuck!

Zack Taylor is working on his taxes but luckily Tanner Wayne steps in to provide some distraction. He unzips his pants and Zack dives straight in. Tanner turns him over and starts plowing his ass. Eventually Zack finds his hairy chest covered in cum and has to get back to his taxes…

Jason Sparks Live tour leaves no town unporned as they travel to Milwaukee. We have two tour regulars and they couldn’t decide who would top so they’re planning to flip flop. This is only Kip’s SECOND time bottoming but he’s so into it that he greedily takes all the cock!

Lucky Evan Tanner gets sucked off by the talented mouth of Forest Bolen.

Lucas is new to Jason Sparks Live and he is a swimmer – check out his hot bod! Actually Damon is a swimmer too so the competitive spirit is out from the get go! And perhaps because they are both swimmers these two love to get wet and Damon makes sure that Lucas’ hole is dripping as he slides his cock inside.

Jake Jennings is a real life cowboy who breaks in horses for a living. Looks like he’s looking to break in Zack Taylor too and as we already know Zack is a wild boy who’s not looking to be tamed. This is some steaming hot hairy man-sex right here as Jake pounds the fight out of Zack.

Chase Bennett is yet ANOTHER new porn star discovered by Jason Sparks as he travels around the countryside. Chase is from Baltimore and is teamed up with JSL regular Stephen Price. The two exchange some passionate kissing and intensify the scene with some deep bareback fucking. They jerk off together on the couch to conclude this sticky scene.

There’s no messing around with this scene – these two get straight down to business. After a bit of a kiss and a quick suck its right down to the fucking. And boy do they enjoy it!

We’ve got three hot models here for you – including new find Johnny Lang. You always know that Jason Sparks is finding the hottest new talent first and this kinky guy is no exception.

Super sexy Connor Patricks is in the shower. That should be enough to get you hot but luckily there is more as he’s rock hard and jerking off too!

The Jason Sparks Live show is traveling the country in style and this week they got upgraded to the Presidential Suite in Buffalo so they are taking full advantage of the salubrious surroundings and shooting the scene in the shower. With yet another super hot brand new star – Elliott Vance to introduce this scene will leave everyone wet!

Zack Taylor has been part of Jason Spark’s Nationwide tour for five months and he’s been having a blast traveling the countryside and meeting (and fucking) hot men. But sadly this is his swansong – thankfully though he wanted to try something new for his farewell and agreed to get fisted on camera FOR THE FIRST TIME! Super hot scene indeed!

Rocky Fitch is a new model to Jason Sparks Live and he is from Winston in North Carolina. He’s a soccer player and won a scholarship to college for his skills. He’s paired with Adam Rhodes who is a gymnast – so we just know that these two hot jocks are going to be burning up the screen! Jason finds all the hottest new models first and this pair are no exception.

Big dicked Christian Harper was in the military and has deployed twice overseas. Definitely an interesting interview with him up front but this is only the warm up for his solo where we get to see him stroke his big dick til it explodes. Another brilliant new model find by Jason Sparks’ Live tour.

Since Aiden and Tyler met they have found it difficult to keep their hands off each other. But Jason Sparks has been trying to stop them from going all the way so that their first experience together can be caught on film just for you … and here it is!

Country boy Preston is teamed up with Jason Sparks Live regular Zack Taylor and he likes what he sees! This is a hot scene full of animal intensity.

Stephen Price is traveling around the country with Jason Sparks and here in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania they meet Alex Woods. The magic starts and these two hot boys are kissing in their jocks. There’s instant chemistry here between them and some deep throating ensues followed by some deep in ass fucking.

Big dicked Garrett Cooper has got Aiden Connors in his sights and Aiden is only to happy to slurp on that monster cock and then take it bare in his willing ass.

Michael David is the latest hottie to be discovered by Jason Sparks as he travels the US. Michael used to be a zookeeper and was sometimes worried about getting mauled by tigers but today he’s got Brandon Atkins mauling him which sounds like a whole lot of fun. The cum shot in this scene is incredible as Brandon’s big dick sprays all over Michael’s chest as they’re fucking.

Jason Sparks is fucking the uber-sexy Steven Daigle on the couch. Sparks’ joy is evident by his cheeky grin and with such hot ass on the end of your cock it’s not hard to be happy.

Zack Taylor is travelling with Jason Sparks around the country and they’ve uncovered 6′ 6″ Luke Andrews in Saint Louis. The raw sex between these two is intense and it’s fitting it takes place on the kitchen counters as it definitely sizzles.

Jason Sparks travels the country looking for the hottest new talent and he has here three hot new stars – Brandon Atkins, Kip Ryker and Alex Woods. These three hotties writhe together as a sensual mass – sucking each others cocks with gusto. As the heat intensifies raw cock slides into wanton ass. This scene sizzles so we know you are going to enjoy it.

Jason Sparks is in Kansas City and he has discovered Brandon and Alex. Alex is new to the tour and he’s from Missouri and used to play football. Get to know them and then get off on watching them.

Nothing’s hotter than two hot jocks making out on a couch. These southern boys have outstanding bodies and they’re so into each other that this scene just sizzles with chemistry.

The Jason Sparks Live Nationwide tour continues to find the hottest new models across the country. They’re in Chicago for the Grabby Awards and have discovered Tyler Stone. These two have intense chemistry and the fucking and cum shots are super sexy.

Jason Sparks is in Chicago for the Grabby Awards – for which Jason Sparks Live was nominated! He’s got two hot blonds Jake and Kip who are going to fuck bareback

Porn star Evan Tanner has been away from the porn scene for a while but Jason Sparks has managed to bring him back. And thank goodness too ’cause he is HOT! Adam thinks so too and enjoys every minute of their bareback fuck especially when he swallows his load!

Filmed live on Jason Sparks traveling roadshow of the US Aiden Connors and Joshua Morgan. Coming to you from Greenville in South Carolina.

Garrett and Zack are fucking bareback in Detroit. If this is the rock city then these two definitely get their rocks off in this scene with Garrett cumming deep inside Zack’s ass.

Jason Sparks has got two super hot twinks for this bareback scene. Filmed in Harrisburg Pennsylvania there is great chemistry between these two which heats up when Cooper gets Stephens big cock down his throat.

Have we got a treat for you – a threesome of hot new Twinks. What you say you’re used to Jason Sparks finding the hottest new talent – well how about we throw in some double penetration … now you’re listening! Don’t miss this bareback threesome all the way from South Bend – it’s Jason’s hottest video yet and remember where you saw these guys first!

Check out Jason Sparks in the middle of a bevvy of hot fellas. Kansas City sure knows how to party and this suck-fest is testimony to that!

The Jason Sparks nationwide juggernaut continues to Birmingham where we meet Cody Smith for the first time. A hot twink Cody is perfectly matched with Delvie for the bareback flip flop fuck fest. Enjoy!

Hello Cleveland! And hello Garrett and Scotty. Jason Sparks takes his travelling porn roadshow to Ohio and discovers big cock and bucketloads of cum.

Stephen has never had the pleasure of the tight grip of a fleshjack on his cock. Jason’s got a treat for him as he introduces him to the pleasure device and Stephen takes to it like a pro.

It’s only fair that Jason gets to have some fun as he travels around the country filming live shows for us all. In Omaha he meets up with hairy hunk Tanner Wayne and the cum flies!

Tali is originally from Russia and is a pianist. He’s good with his hands and is a ex-gymnast … every boy’s dream right! Tyler is indeed a lucky boy as Tali dives right into his ass at first with his talented tongue and then with his bare cock. Tyler ends up completely covered in cum as Tali explodes all over his chest.

The perfect butt of Garrett Cooper is on display in this sexy solo. When he turns over he’s got a nice thick cock as well. Shot in Hartford by Jason Sparks

Jason Sparks serves up some HOT man meat with a solo (kind of) featuring Tanner Wayne. I say kind of because his co-star is a luck fleshjack that he pumps full of his hot cum.

Jason is pretty busy these days behind the camera so it’s good to see him back on film for this week’s update. He’s teamed up with Garrett Cooper in footy socks, jock straps and baseball caps for a hot romp in a cold Boston.

Hot geek alert! The Jason Sparks live roadshow is constantly roaming the country looking for new talent. This week Jason’s in Tampa where he’s found a cocksucking geek who not only likes it raw but fancies a bit of piercing pleasure as well. His glasses definitely get fogged up in this hot encounter.

Zack and Nathan met last night in a club but they already have a hot connection. This has to be one of the hottest scenes that Jason Sparks has filmed with pure animal chemistry sparking two huge wads of cum. Nice work fellas.

Connor Patricks finds Wolfie Blue up for anything in Sacremento. The two trade blow jobs and then work themselves into a 69 for more and impressive rim jobs. After fucking for a while they masturbate together til both blow huge loads.

Jason Sparks travels the country to find the hottest new talent. This week he’s in Birmingham where he uncovers Delvie and Andrew – two hot young things who just love to fuck bareback.

Dustin Tyler is buff – he’s a movie buff and this new found hottie is certainly a muscled up gorgeous specimen of a man. Jason Sparks is stoked at his new find and so was Zack Taylor who was practically devoured by Dustin.

Filmed in Chicago

Jason Sparks continues to find the hottest new talent around the country – check out the hot twinks he dug up in Pittsburgh! These two trade blowjobs and then get down to raw fucking til they both cum together.

Jason Sparks travels to Detroit and discovers Zack Taylor. Zack convinces Garrett that there are better things to do than surf the ‘net and he definitely proves he is one of those things. He swallows Garrett’s cock like a pro almost choking on its girth. Zack can’t wait for that dick to be shoved in his tight ass and he is not disappointed. Zack almost pops a gasket as he cums – hot stuff indeed.

Filmed in Washington DC

This sporty pair a ready to rumble in Louisville in a rough and tumble show. Dressed only in their jock straps and sport socks they fuck raw and hard til its game over and Garrett cums in Delvie’s ass.

Filmed in Chicago

Filmed in Saint Louis

Filmed in Philadephia

Filmed in Chicago

Filmed in Portland

Filmed in Raleigh

Jalif Studio – Pics and Videos

A glitzy health club in Central Paris. Two, hung, naked euro studs make out on the edge of a small, dimly-lit, indoor swimming pool. Matt and Malik kiss aggressively, hungrily grasping each other’s rock solid mega-dicks.Matt soon has his lips wrapped around Malik’s extra-thick shaft. Malik responds, grabbing Matt’s hair and thrusting his juicy dick deep into his partner’s throat.Matt stands on a bench and encourages Malik to suck his meat before the two men switch places and an absolute frenzy of…

Dicks as big as Kameron’s are rare, and when those dicks are attached to men as beautiful as Kameron, then all time stands still!The stunning blond man sits in a sex club, hand inside his jeans, watching porn on a large screen. He’s soon joined by Atlant, a cute dude with dark, cropped hair who’s desperate for a piece of Kameron’s dick.Both men casually jerk themselves off for a while. Without taking his eyes off the screen, Kameron nonchalantly reaches across and grabs Atlant’s rock-solid dick.The two…

A gym in a residential district of Paris. Three hot-bodied men work out, totally naked, giant dicks rock solid, ready for anything. Horniness engulfs them and they start to make out. It’s just kissing to begin with, but things rapidly move to the next level.One, Matt, sits on a weights machine while shaven-headed Tony sucks him off. The third guy, Malik, kneels behind Tony and lodges his tongue deep into his pert, muscular ass.Tony is hungry for meat and gets on his knees to serve Malik, whose enormous,…

We’re in central Paris, in a sleazy bar, just around the corner from the Pompidou Centre. Two men sit opposite each other in a darkened corner. Sexy-hunk, Romeo, is covered in impressive tattoos. Ptit has cropped hair and wears sports gear. Both men wear sneakers and it rapidly becomes clear that they’re seriously turned on by the smell and look of them.They kiss passionately, their wet, full lips locking together lustfully. These two guys are seriously hot for each other. Ptit pulls one of his sweaty…

Greg Centuri sits at a bar in a European sex club. He is handed a bandana and told to blindfold himself before being locked in a giant cage.Toufik Mwaka appears in the club. He’s a handsome Moroccan guy with sensuous lips and beautiful skin. He approaches Greg in the cage and drops to his knees, reaching through the metal bars and gently pulling Greg’s giant dick out of his underpants.He hungrily sucks the still-blindfolded Greg, who throws his head back in pure pleasure. Toufik certainly knows how to…

A young man relaxes on a leather couch in the corner of a gay bar. His face is covered with a bandana. He’s inexperienced with men and wants to remain anonymous. He spreads his legs provocatively, undoes his fly, and absentmindedly plays with his dick.Across the bar, Brian is on his knees sucking Morgan’s mega-dick. They are encouraged to join the anonymous man to show him what great sex looks and feels like…Bandana Man casually plays with his dick while watching the Morgan/Brian floor show. He likes…

A shaven-headed, aggressive-looking guy stands naked in a cellar, playing with his dick. You wouldn’t wanna mess with tough guy Enzo Di Karina, that is unless you wanna get pounded within an inch of your life!His victim today is the closed-cropped, cute, skinny dude, Sacha Poliakof, who enters the space and dutifully wraps his lustful lips around Enzo’s giant meat. Enzo plunges his dick hard, fast, and deep into Sacha’s mouth and throat. He tells Sacha how he wants to be sucked and the look on the dom’s…

Cute, blond boy, Kameron, has two secrets. The first is that he’s into men. The second is that he’s hung like a donkey! The only person who knows both things is his best mate, Miguel, who regularly hooks up with Kameron in a ruined farmhouse on the edge of the village.Their meetings are outrageous and intense. Both are excited by the idea of getting caught. Kameron always arrives first. Dark-haired Miguel usually finds him beating his huge, uncut meat, leaning against an old piece of farm…

Businessman Matt loves nothing better than slipping away from work in the early afternoon to take a bit of time out with one of his boys. All of them know the deal: the boys head to a derelict house on the edge of town, strip naked, get on all fours and wait for their hung, suited, sex-mad gentleman to arrive.Today’s lucky sub is Seb, a handsome, tanned dude who’ll do anything to please his master, Matt.Matt finds Seb on all fours in an empty upstairs room and immediately pulls his giant dick out of his…

Two sexy, topless boys kiss passionately in a churchyard. It’s an outrageous place to be making out in broad daylight, but they don’t care. They’re horny and they wanna get nasty.One of them, Nathan, wears a baseball cap and track pants. The other, Andrea, has dirty blond, cropped hair and sensuous lips. They pull their dicks out of their pants and start to suck each other, unaware they’re being watched by Mickael, who stands some distance away.Nathan looks up and notices Mickael, before gesturing for…

A ruined, graffiti-covered factory on the outskirts of a French town. Stany is a devilishly handsome, well-built dude with a winning smile, a six pack to die for and come-to-bed eyes. He leans against a wall, jerking his impressively large dick. He is plainly waiting for someone…Adrian enters the factory. He’s also a very good looking guy and, what’s more, he’s totally up for it. He walks across to Stany, drops to his knees and immediately starts to suck the top’s juicy dick. He gets stuck right in,…

A damp, dark, grimy cellar underneath a French farmhouse. Two workmen enter the space and one of them, a dark-haired boy called Atlan, moves to the corner, undoes the fly of his jeans and unleashes an arc of clear piss against the stone wall.Atlan’s sexy colleague, the shaven-headed, highly-chiseled Enzo, is overcome with extreme horniness. The sight of his cute workmate urinating makes him hard. He can’t help himself. He pulls his giant, stiff dick out of his loose soccer shorts and starts to tug at…

This scene is a wet-dream-come-true for anyone with an interest in sports gear and sneakers. There’s plenty of baseball caps, shiny fabric and general licking and sniffing to keep a sneakerphile entertained!Skinhead Seb Skets discovers Matt Surfer pleasuring himself in a ruined barn and immediately gets on his knees to worship Surfer’s feet. Surfer finds the experience deeply erotic and starts to jerk his giant dick through the soft fabric of his track pants.As the foot job becomes more intense, Surfer…

Morgan stands at the top of a flight of stairs in the attic of a dilapidated French farmhouse. This sexy black dude is horny and ready for some serious action. He seductively unbuttons his jeans and pulls his thick dick out of his underpants.Atlan arrives in the attic and within seconds is hungrily deep-throating Morgan’s massive meat, his full, soft lips gliding up and down the hung hunk’s twitching rod of iron.Atlan knows exactly what Morgan wants. He turns to face the wall and presents his cute butt…

A lithe, young man kneels in a darkened attic. He wears a jockstrap. His ass is prepped and he’s ready to take it however his would-be tops want.Three total strangers arrive to do the honors. All are hot in a dangerous-looking way. They’re hugely hung and totally up for it. They’ve come to get their cocks serviced and the open hole before them is good to go.For a while, they sit in front of the slave boy, making out with each other. Kissing passionately. Getting in the mood. They don’t need to…

A tall, skinny guy in a jockstrap squats on the floor of a seedy French club. Emilio is dark and broodingly handsome. He waits patiently…A man wearing a bandana and trainers enters the space and hovers over the twink, pulling his hard dick out of his shiny track pants. Seb knows what he wants, and it’s on the floor in front of him.He moves to the front of Emilio and thrusts his meat into the slutty, slave boy’s mouth. Emilio dutifully gets busy real quick, sucking his new master’s meat like he’s…

A masked man wearing a security guard’s jacket walks into a darkened apartment. We can see he has cropped, dark hair, a tanned, well-defined body, and a clippered, hairy chest. He drops his pants. A handsome, grey-eyed man with a fine mustache kneels in front of him, hungrily sucking and licking the masked master’s bulge.The master likes it rough. He slaps the sub man’s face and ass cheeks. He removes his mask, revealing a handsome, heavily-stubbled face. He pushes down his underwear and thrusts his dick…

Two horned-up European guys are making out in a darkened barn somewhere in the French countryside.Greg has a giant dick which pokes out of the top of his underpants as he passionately kisses Brian, whose tight jockstrap flawlessly frames his peachy ass.The two men take it in turns to keenly suck each other’s long and perfectly-proportioned dicks, before Brian bends over and presents his slutty ass to his friend. Greg’s talented tongue takes over, probing Brian’s quivering hole, making it wet with saliva…

Billy likes a bit of danger. He particularly loves sex in public places. He regularly makes out with Mathieu, one of work colleagues. They meet on the steps leading up to the workshop where they both work and don’t care who finds them there! Billy and Mathieu are incredibly highly sexed, so when they get horny, there’s nothing and no one stopping them!Mathieu finds Billy on the stairs jerking his giant dick and dutifully gets on his knees to service him, seductively sliding his lips up and down Billy’s…

On a sunny, summer afternoon, Max looks out the window of his family’s farm house estate. He sees Jimy, a sweaty laborer, taking care of some of the plants along the edge. Jimy is sweaty, handsome, and young… just what Max needs. The horny young man can see the worker is in need of a break.Strutting out in just a jockstrap, Max presents himself to the hardworking Jimy. Max’s presence is a welcome distraction and Jimy has no problem pulling out his dick for the hungry house boy. Max drops to his knees,…

A dark, seedy sex club on the outskirts of Paris. Three guys in sports gear are getting down and dirty in a dirty basement room. A guy in a balaclava is on his knees, sucking a well hung, slender man in white Adidas track pants whose face is entirely covered by a fabric mask. A hairy chested guy in a baseball cap watches the action, aggressively spitting, pushing Balaclava Guy down further onto the masked guy’s impressive dick.Baseball Cap suddenly grabs the back of Balaclava Guy’s head and thrusts his…

Claude Next is kneeling on the floor in a leather harness, head bowed among the puddles and used tissues that surround him. He’s eager to show off his bubble butt in its tight jockstrap, as well as his muscular, arching back. He’s already leaking precum by the time Pedro Paliza swaggers in, in his leather chaps and bulging white jockstrap.He roughly grabs Claude by the scruff of his neck and thrusts him forward, mouth open, onto this throbbing cock. Claude eagerly sucks the thick dick, getting it nice…

David knows what he likes and he’s not ashamed about it. He’s a foot pig and a cock sucker and proud of serving dominant men who know how to use him. Sniffing out fun one night, he comes across just such an alpha: Tony.Tony slips off his sneakers and gives David a nose full of his ripe, sweaty feet. The powerful scent is enough to make David dizzy, feeling the heat from his feet on his face as he gets down and services his master. Tony makes sure David sucks out all the sweat from socks before giving him…

A sexy guy in his 30s enters an apartment and strips naked. Malik has a tanned, buff body. He heads into a bedroom. He needs sleep.Ricardo, a young man with a shaved head and heavy stubble, creeps into Malik’s darkened bedroom. He wants sex.Malik is fast asleep, but Ricardo sucks his giant dick. Malik doesn’t wake up, but his dick gets rock hard so Ricardo, naked, licks, tickles and teases Malek’s meat. Malek, now awake, grabs Ricardo’s head and pushes his mouth further onto his throbbing dick. He starts…

A dark, Parisian sex club. A handsome guy in shiny jogging pants stands next to a glory hole in a grubby wooden wall. He realizes someone is standing on the other side of the wall. He smiles to himself and pulls his large dick out of his pants before feeding it through the hole.The stranger on the other side has a dangerous, thuggish look. He wears a hoodie and jeans. He drops to his knees and keenly sucks on the meat which has been fed through the hole. He sucks well. He gets his full, wet lips wrapped…

A dark, sweaty sex club on the outskirts of an un-named French city. A young man sits on a bed and massages his dick through his shorts. Mickael David is sexually charged and full of cum.A tall, topless man in black soccer shorts stands at the lockup door. Fred Sneaker exudes danger.The two men grope each other wantonly. Fred pulls Mickael’s head down to his crotch. Mickael licks Fred’s growing bulge through the shiny fabric of his shorts.Fred lifts the leg of his shorts and pulls his dick out, feeding…

A darkened room in a Parisian apartment. A young slave, wearing nothing but a dog collar, kneels on a low stool.A tanned, taller man stands in the shadows, also naked. He has a rock hard, 9-inch dick. He steps forward and casually pulls a leather flogger from around his neck. He uses the flogger to tap the slave’s ass, then taps it again, this time with more force.The master smiles, using the flogger, then his hands, to deliver more and more blows to his handsome slave’s back. The abuse leaves marks. The…

Hugo presents his bare ass to his uniformed top, Greg, ready to serve as his willing and eager slave. Greg is a tall, handsome soldier home on leave, horned up and missing the feeling of a tight hole wrapped around his cock. More than that, he misses the sensual connection between him and his passionate lover.Hugo shows his adoration for the fatigue-wearing top by kissing him softly on the lips. It’s a tender moment that reminds them what they meant to each other before they get to the business of…

Kameron is a young, handsome, heavy-set, smooth, blond guy. He lies on his bed, naked but for a pair of tight shorts. He’s waiting to see a physio-therapist.The physio arrives. Jimy is a lean, cute, dark-haired lad, dressed in a white, medical uniform. He asks what’s wrong and Kameron explains. Jimy starts to assess Kameron, casually telling him to remove his shorts and underpants to get a better sense of the problem.Jimy examines Kameron’s upper thighs, running his hands seductively over his soft skin.…

Valentin knows how to sell sex! He manufactures dildos and makes a small fortune traveling throughout Europe calling on the guys he knows will take the biggest orders. And because he knows that sex sells, he uses sex to sell it!Rod looks forward to Valentin’s visits. Rod runs a large sex shop in a seedy district of Paris. He knows Valentin charges him double what he ought to be paying… but he also knows it’ll be worth it!Valentin is looking particularly hot when he calls in on Rod. He’s wearing a…

Greg Centuri is a tall, dark, handsome Frenchman in his early 30s. He’s invited his friend Picwik over to his apartment for an afternoon of intense, sleazy pleasure! Picwik is the same age as Greg, with slightly fairer hair, a tattoo-covered body and a very excited glint in his eye!The two men settle on Greg’s bed and immediately start kissing passionately. Moments later, the two are naked and Picwik is sucking Greg’s immensely impressive, upward-curving shaft.Picwik delivers an intense blow job, almost…

I’ve always had a thing for Valentin. We’ve been friends for years but he’s always maintained that he’s completely straight.He turned up at my house unannounced one evening last week. He looked incredibly sexy. He was wearing a black T-shirt and a black pair of track pants made from some sort of shiny fabric.He sat next to me on the couch looking a bit nervous. I’ve never seen Valentin looking nervous, so I instantly knew what he wanted…I leant in and started kissing him. He responded with intense, wet…

T-Bow is a carpenter in a small workshop in France. He doesn’t like his boss, Picwik, who’s permanently on his case, making unreasonable requests. T-Bow is not a man who you want to be on the wrong side of. He’s tall and fit and he’s also into cage fighting!Picwik arrives in the workshop on Friday, just before the end of T-Bow’s shift. As usual, he’s railing at T-Bow as soon as he’s in the room.T-Bow stands. He’s a good 6 inches taller than his boss. He unzips his overalls and they fall to his waist…

Maxxime kneels, naked, in a dungeon, in the basement of a sleazy sex club. This sexy blond twink is horned-up and ready for sex…Billy’s a young otter with thick stubble and a well-sculpted chest. He enters the dungeon holding a long, black rope. He wants Maxxime.Billy ties the twink’s wrists together before adeptly using the rope to fully incapacitate his prey. Maxxime moves his mouth towards his master’s crotch and eagerly runs his soft lips over the bulge in Billy’s sweats.He pulls Maxxime onto a…

Matt can hardly contain his insatiable urge to cum while waiting for his friend, Kameron, to arrive. The two picked out a discreet place for a quick, midday bang and Matt was just counting down the seconds until he could taste the handsome man’s beautiful shaft in his mouth. Dressed in a suit and tie, Kameron makes a powerful entrance, ready to give Matt exactly what he needs.Kameron’s manhood is enormous. A thick, throbbing, veiny shaft with two massive, heavy nuts weighing it down. It’s long and uncut,…

These two sexy French studs are just what JAL fans are looking for: early twenties, sex-crazed, rough around the edges and up for anything. These guys live to fuck!Alex and Emilien kiss passionately on the couch; locking lips and locking minds. Their jeans and T-shirts show off the thick silver chains around their necks. Stud Alex has a diamond stud in his ear. They’re both horned up and ready to roll.Emilien cups one of Alex’s sneakers in his hand before pulling it off and bringing it up to his nose to…

Jimy is a pervy, edgy-looking fucker with a big, uncut dick and dark, spiky hair. He’s highly-sexed and if he hasn’t fucked by about 4pm, he gets in a bad mood. Fortunately, he knows that his work pal, Valentin, is into him. So into him, in fact, he’s willing to risk his job and his relationship to regularly satisfy Jimy in the yard behind the shop.They have to be quick and totally silent. Anyone could be watching.Jimy likes the way Valentin sucks. He goes at it real fast and hard and has learned all the…

Seb showed up to Romeo’s place after chatting online. When he got inside, he was impressed with Romeo’s tall, tatted body and handsome face. He greeted Seb with a smile before dropping to his knees. He wasted no time in pulling out his guest’s cock, taking it deep in his mouth to get it good and fat.Stroking his big meat, Romeo was equally impressed with just how massive Seb’s cock was. Pictures rarely do justice to how girthy someone’s cock can be, and this was a total prize! Seb looked down as his sexy…

Emilio is a handsome guy: tanned and thin, with dark, cropped haired. He’s got a big night planned. He’s horny as hell and he wants to spend the night getting fucked in every conceivable position on every conceivable surface in his place!As he starts to get himself ready, he phones his good friend, Greg. Greg has always kinda fancied Emilio and finds himself getting turned on when he starts talking about sex. It’s actually never occurred to Emilio that Greg might be into him. They’ve been friends for a…

A grubby-looking lockup in a French town. A young, uneasy-looking, hairless twink, Lopsa, is on his knees, naked but for a jockstrap, blindfolded by a bandana.T-bow, a dangerous-looking man, enters the space. He unzips his pants and forces the twink to suck his giant dick before aggressively fingering his ass. T-bow is in his late 30s and has a careworn, stubble-covered face. His huge, curved, uncut dick is a thing of great beauty. He means business. He’s as horny as fuck and he’ll continue to abuse his…

Alex gets onto his knees and licks Billy’s sweaty sneakers. He then moves up to Billy’s lap and starts sucking his large cock bulge through the damp fabric of his pants. He removes one of Billy’s sneakers and seductively rubs it over the bulge. Billy throws his head back and moans appreciatively.Alex pulls Billy’s uncut, neatly-curved cock out of his jock strap and runs his soft lips up and down the shaft. This guy knows how to give good head! Billy’s large dick twitches in response.They get naked, but…

When Atlant Adam pushed open the door, Seb was immediately caught off guard, thinking he was alone and able to nut in private. The dark haired man told him not to stop, even offering his hungry mouth to help assist him in his sock service. Seb was not about to turn down a blowjob, especially when he’s already primed and ready to get his cock wet.Adam bobbed his head up and down on the handsome man’s shaft, feeling his saliva slick his movements back and forth. He could feel the thick meat fill his mouth,…

Valentin subtly nods and vanishes into the ruined building while Leo follows. Valentin finds him leaning against a post in the middle of the space, his camo pants pulled down. A white jockstrap frames his muscular bubble butt. He wants it.Leo can’t believe his luck. His cock throbs as he walks across. The fair-haired lad wastes no time. Within seconds, he’s turned his baseball cap around and is on his knees, tongue rammed into the dark-haired lad’s ass, making it wet and ready for the ride of its…

A lucky camera-carrying voyeur goes to one of these hot spots looking to catch some public fucking, only to find Rod Malek and Stany Falcone sucking and fucking!Rod and Stany weren’t far off from the road when they pulled out their dicks to start sucking each other off. The proximity to passing cars made it all the more exciting. They didn’t even mind the cameraman watching, so long as they could keep swallowing each other’s hard meat.Stany held Rod’s mouth down on his cock, feeling the horny young man…

As luck would have it, Cyril was just arriving before Romeo could grab his bag to leave. The handsome dark-haired man had yet to get a workout in, but he was still musky and sexy in his athletic wear. Romeo gave him a long look with his fuck-me eyes, something Cyril knew well in that gym.Immediately, Cyril took advantage of the moment and leaned in to kiss the horny player. Romeo’s mouth salivated as he thought of sucking the man’s hard cock, something his new friend didn’t make him wait long to taste.…

Malik pulls off his pants, showing off his thick, raging hard-on to his buddy. Simply from the sight of the throbbing cock, Thomas can’t resist taking it in his mouth. Thomas loves how it feels on his tongue, tasting it as it makes its way to the back of his throat. The hung man’s nuts hang large beneath his massive member, giving Thomas something to hold on to as he salivates over each girthy inch.Malik gives his cocksucker only a moment to worship him before his dominant streak comes out, holding the…

Public sex can be hot, but it’s even hotter when you WANT to be seen! Stany gets a deepthroat blowjob from Valentin in the backseat of a car while going through a fast food drive through.The guys have to leave without their food as a result, but it was good for a laugh at least. Stany gets more top-notch head on the highway before fucking Valentin’s hole in the woods in plain view of a busy road.

Mailk and Romeo spar for wrestling practice in matching singlets, eventually leaning in for some high-testosterone kissing as the two practically tear out of their singlets. Romeo finds Malik’s monster cock with his mouth, stroking and sucking all the way to the root!Then Malik rolls Romeo over to get a taste of that uncut cock and to shove a few fingers into Romeo’s wet, pink hole to get him ready for the main event. Romeo mounts Malik in cowboy position first, taking a deep pounding from below before…

David is on his hands and knees wearing nothing but a jockstrap and a blindfold while jerks his cock in the next room. David perks up when he hears Scally Boy approach and is greeted with an aggressive slap across the face, but David barely flinches.Scally Boy immediately grips David behind the neck and forces his cock to the back of David’s throat, then pulls him off to spit in his face. David takes the treatment silently, giving impressively resilient deepthroat. Scally Boy is just as aggressive…

Pedro’s thick, uncut cock nearly slams into Xenus’ face when it springs out of his shorts, but Xenus waits with an open mouth and gets Pedro’s cock jammed in as far as it can go on the first thrust. Moving his fuck buddy into the positions he wants, Pedro drags him to his knees in the center of the room so he can plunge Xenus’ throat.Pedro treats Xenus’ hole just as aggressively, pounding hard the minute he sinks his cock in. He even pulls out to finger fuck Xenus fitting four of his fingers into Xenus’…

Stany heads downstairs naked with a rock hard erection and finds Isaac Jones doing the dishes in nothing but a jockstrap. The two muscled jocks make out in the kitchen, groping one another’s cocks and asses.The guys swap blowjobs around the kitchen and Stany rims Isaac’s ass before strapping a thick, leather cockring around his package. Stany bends Isaac over the counter for an aggressive fuck that ends up doggy style on the floor.Isaac lays back against the cabinets and launches a massive load of cum…

Kriss Lope sits alone in a dark room fingering his hole and staring at the hard, heavy cock that’s being presented through a small window. Kriss approaches to suck it, and the stranger plows his face.Kriss gets on all fours as the cock withdraws, and Master Hard enters the room with his wet meat hanging out of his pants. After some aggressive spanking, Master Hard rams Kriss’ hole, causing the bottom’s entire body to rock.Master Hard coats the bottom’s abs with a big load of cum and leaves Kriss to…

It’s no wonder that Pedro notices. When he gets his buddy’s cock out, Malik’s knob barely fits in Pedro’s mouth.The two trade blowjobs, and then Pedros gives Malik his thick, uncut cock in several positions before the two paint the padded floor with massive loads of cum.

Pedro and Romeo are alone in the gym for wrestling practice–but the two get boned up almost immediately and soon two huge, uncut cocks are swinging in the air dripping with one another’s spit.Pedro is thicker and Romeo is longer, but it soon becomes apparent who needs more training. Pedro mounts Romeo’s ass and fucks him as aggressively as he face-fucked him earlier. This is a hot pairing you won’t want to miss!

Tomas soon realizes that Cyril is naked under his robe and gets down on his knees to suck his trainer’s uncut dick.Cyril eventually gets to his knees as well to take Tomas’ his rock hard, cock-ringed dick into his mouth. Then the two switch places, with Tomas looking up at Cyril while he gets his face fucked.Cyril spins Tomas around to rim his ass before getting his trainee up against the punching bag to fuck him. While he pounds Tomas’ ass from behind, Cyril gets him off with a reach-around, and then he…

The two hunks take turns going after one another’s nice, long cocks with their mouths, back and forth in several positions. When the shirts come off, they both get more eager. Issac deepthroats Jake’s cock, then encourages Jake to suck his uncut cock deeper with a hand behind the head.With the same enthusiasm they displayed for cocksucking, they move into some hot flip-fucking. Jake starts out sitting on Isaac’s cock in cowboy position, then Isaac wants in on the action. Standing, sitting, and lying…

His hole is already lubed up and waiting for a stranger to use it when Leo arrives and strips down, cock already hard by the time enters the darkened room. He slips on a condom, not saying a word, and slaps his cock against Nico’s hole.Nico pushes back, testing Leo’s cock, and shakes his ass temptingly. Taking the bait, Leo drives his cock to the hilt with no preamble, and starts thrusting powerfully doggy style. Nico begs for more and Leo grabs the bottom’s hips and fucks him more forcefully.Leo pulls…

Martin finds Stany stroking in a chair, where he quickly bends over to take that gorgeous cock in his mouth. It doesn’t take long before he’s desperate to get throat fucked, and Stany stands up to ram his cock into Martin’s mouth, his perfect six-pack rippling with the effort.After Stany makes Martin rim his hole and then sucks him, he turns the eager bottom around and goes hard and deep into his ass, making no effort to keep the noise down. Martin is groaning in pleasure, pushing back hard to get that…

Finding a secluded place in the cliffs, they start passionately kissing before Smoke Boy guides Andy down to his knees to suck his dick. Pulling his jeans and boxer briefs down, Smoke Boy puts his hand on the back of Andy’s head and guides him up and down his big dick in broad daylight.After cramming his cock down the fuck boy’s throat for a few minutes, Smoke Boy strips naked and pulls Andy’s pants down to jerk him off as they kiss. Then he bends Andy over a boulder and starts fucking the toned twink’s…

Anthony is just where Pedro wants him. Tied up and gagged, the boyish bottom is at the hung top’s mercy. Pedro loves the rush he feels having Anthony all to himself, helpless and vulnerable. Dropping him to his knees, Pedro takes Anthony’s gag out of his mouth, only to quickly replace it with his hard, horny cock.Anthony feels the dominant man’s meat penetrate his mouth, poking him in the back of his throat as he thrusts deep. Every time it falls out, Pedro gives him a slap, reminding him who’s in charge…

Leo Helios and Greg Diesel don’t need much to be all over one another–but an audience definitely helps! Especially when it’s straight-but-curious Jessy Dog, sitting in a chair and watching them kissing and sucking one another until he can’t take it anymore and hauls his own cock out to stroke.After that, they’re performing as much for Jessy as for their own pleasure, fucking and grunting extra hard. It doesn’t take long before both guys are close to cumming, making sure they give Jessy the grand finale…

If he’s being honest, Isaac Torrid is a little bit nervous, standing in the cluttered garage with Hard Master and Mike Eventz. Or maybe he’s feeling pure excitement, knowing that soon he’ll be stripped naked and used by these two horny men, all captured on camera.Kneeling on the concrete floor, he presents his round ass to Hard Master. Still wearing his leather jacket, the bald daddy squirts a generous amount of lube on his hand and easily fits four fingers into Isaac’s hole… all while Isaac swallows…

Tony’s cock can barely be contained in his track pants as he sits on the couch. His mouth is watering and his hole is hungry for a hot fuck. Fortunately, Big Fred is just a call away and shows up in a moment’s notice, ready to use Tony just the way he likes.As Big Fred enters, he sees Tony bent over the edge of his couch, ass up and pants pulled down to show off his smooth, round bubble butt. Fred’s immediately ready to take control and get his dick wet. Tony’s mouth envelops Fred’s thick, veiny cock,…

Leo is used to making strange deliveries. Part of his job is bringing things to people in places where regular mail carriers don’t go. However, it’s not often that he has to bring something to an abandoned building. Arriving at the broken down, graffitied concrete structure, he calls out to Desire, hoping he can get back in his car and head out. But as soon as he sees the handsome man, he finds himself in no rush.The two are completely alone, horny, and seeing a perfect opportunity to seize the moment.…

Yules sits in bed, trying to catch up on his reading, but his throbbing cock distracts him from anything else. He’s been hard at work for hours and his nuts are full of cum. He casually plays with himself, not wanting to give up his goal, but it soon becomes clear that he won’t be able to continue until he spills his seed.He gives his shaft a good stroking, getting it big and hard. As he does, he gets a text from one his favorite fuck buddies. Yules figures why not–he’s horny, and Stephane is an amazing…

Nico is a very passionate person. He loves lots of kissing, body contact, and making his partner feel good. Luckily for Matt, he’s also pretty good at sucking cock, too. When the two strip down and get into bed together, Nico immediately wants to massage Matt’s body and starts salivating over his dick.Matt loves the attention, especially the feeling of his thick, uncut cock sliding between the sexy man’s lips. But as much as he loves a massage, he loves to fuck even more.As Nico gets on his knees and…

Theo and Anthony are shy in front of the camera’s light, squinting as they look into its brightness. But when they focus on each other, they lose all inhibition! Theo watches Anthony take off his shirt, revealing his toned six pack and smooth chest. The fit man returns the stare with a couple kisses before dropping to his knees and taking Theo’s hard, uncut cock in his mouth.Bobbing up and down on his meat, Anthony focuses on swallowing down the boyish top’s cock. Theo is in heaven, feeling his shaft…

Jessy and Adrian can’t help themselves sometimes… When they’re turned on, they need to cum, regardless of who’s around and whether or not the camera is on them! When Jessy, Leo, and their friend, Adrian, head in after a day of being out in the sun, they’re all aching for some action and ready to get busy with each other in a moment’s notice.Leo and Adrian begin by playfully making out, compelling Jessy to pull out his cock and watch. Leo is desperate for a nap, but Adrian needs to get off now! Adrian…

Leo has no worries about whipping out his cock for Andy to shove in his mouth. The two had been eyeing each other from across the pool and the moment seemed just as good as any to bust out a midday load. Even as a looky-loo watched on, Andy bobbed up and down on Leo’s shaft, seemingly excited by the voyeur even more!Andy’s jaw stretches wide in the bright sunlight as he tries to take all of Leo down his throat. The handsome top’s meat is thick and meaty, making it a pleasant struggle for the hungry…

Ding-dong! Who’s there? Just a man with a camera catching Malik TN doing what he does best… Getting serviced! The handsome, European top has his thick cock out as his hungry, horny pup, Tristian Dog, gleefully worships his manhood. Malik leans back, playing with his passionate cocksucker’s hair as he devours his massive shaft.Malik can see in Tristian’s eyes just how much he wants it. He loves his heavy nuts and wide head, doing everything he can to make his hung top happy! And Malik is more than happy…

Matt can’t help himself. Even when he’s got work to do in his garage, he can’t resist when he has the urge to play with his dick! And who can blame him? When it’s as big and thick as his, it’s hard to ignore. Pulling it out to give it a casual midday stroke, he gets the attention of his horny buddy, Adrian…Adrian is impressed with Matt’s thick shaft, licking his lips as he imagines taking it into his mouth. Matt is happy to let him worship his cock. After all, Adrian is a sexy, athletic guy. And what…

Retreating to his car, Theo brings Adrian into the backseat, opening up his pants and giving him his hard, uncut cock to suck and service..Adrian bobs up and down on Theo’s meat, getting off on the open air felatio and on the hung stud’s throbbing member. As cars drive by, Adrian gets Theo charged up and primed for a hard fuck…Bending his bottom over in the middle of the woods, Theo slides his cock between Adrian’s round cheeks, pumping him full of his manhood. The sound of balls slapping ass get lost…

Theo leans back on his bed, pulling out his cock as Gabbo’s mouth waters for his shaft. The young cocksucker loves the look of Theo’s thick, uncut meat; taking it between his lips as it works its way to the back of his throat. He can feel it swell up in his palm, getting bigger and harder with each bob of his head. Theo watches with delight, enjoying the full servicing from his handsome buddy…Gabbo knows the best way to get Theo’s thick cock between his soft, smooth cheeks is a good blowjob. He’s horny…

Brian sets himself on the floor, blindfolded as he patiently waits for his sexy Latin masters to work him over. Khenzo and Bigdick stroke their thick, uncut cocks; staring at their submissive, European bottom, and thinking of all the ways they’re going to use his body. Brian can hear their fat cocks smack against their flat stomachs, making his heart pound in anticipation…Khenzo calls the blinded cocksucker over to break his jaw on his thick, alpha meat. Brian can barely fit it between his lips,…

Leo touches himself as he strokes his cock in a dark, dirty, graffiti-covered building. The concrete shelter proves to be a nice cover from the rain as well as a chance to work out some sexual energy! Theo finds himself similarly inclined to sneak off into the abandoned building, pleased to see the horny, sexy Leo with his cock out and ready to be worked over…Theo takes out his own cock, giving the fatigue-wearer something to suck on as he continues to stroke his meat. The cute civilian fills Leo’s…

Brian and Martin felt the steam of the hot tub fill the air as they stroked their cocks under the water. They eyed each other intently, turning off the bubbles so they could see each other’s naked body clearly from across the tub. Martin stood up to show his massive cock, glistening and ready to be taken down a hungry cocksucker’s throat…Brian couldn’t resist the temptation of the lean man’s cock, sucking it down as he massaged it between his lips. Feeling himself edge closer to orgasm, Martin brought…

Sam Minotaure strips down and readies himself for a hot fuck while Stany settles up his tab at the bar upstairs. Stany’s cock aches for some hot man ass, prompting him to head down to the dungeon and take advantage of Sam’s beautiful backside. Sam’s smooth cheeks pour out of his jockstrap beautifully, making Stany’s mouth water with desire to taste his tight, exposed hole…Stripping down next to Sam, Stany devours his ass before sliding his throbbing piece between Sam’s round globes. Sam holds himself…

Hetero wraps his mouth around the monster sausage, slobbering all over it as Junior pumps his fuck stick deeper into his throat. As Hetero fills his mouth with Junior’s meat, Emilio watches on, furiously stroking his cock as he watches his buddy in action.Soon the bystander feels compelled to get some of what Emilio is serving up, pulling his friend away to fuck his face with his own thick meat. Emilio gladly resumes stroking the stranger’s shaft as they share Hetero’s tongue.But Junior needs more than…

Jess has the biggest smile on his face as Sam begins to explore his massive cock. Concealed in his tight briefs, the horny stud is eager to feel his thick meat swallowed up by the tan, hungry cocksucker.Sam’s fingers grip around Jess’ monster shaft, feeling its hardness as he brings it close to his mouth. Sam struggles to take the entire cock deep to the back of his throat, making Jess smile all the more.As the two strip down, Sam can’t stop worshipping Jess’ huge cock, desperate to feel it pound deep…

Claude has a total jock fetish. He loves the gear, the uniforms, the bodies, and the competitiveness of it all! But even without all those trappings, he can smell an alpha jock a mile away. Atlant gives him exactly what he needs, dominating his mouth with his big cock and by giving him a heavy, sweaty pair of balls to worship.Claude gets on his knees to suck Atlant’s thick meat, feeling it pulse between his lips as it leaks pre-cum onto his tongue. The jock’s fresh fluids only drive him more wild, making…

Brian grips the back of Stany’s neck, holding him close as he pumps his cock into his mouth. As Stany bobs up and down, the dominant jock gets even harder thinking of the buttoned-up cocksucker worshipping his body and masculinity. He strips him down as Stany continues to gag on his shaft, turning him into a total bottom pig on the end of his manhood.Stany will do whatever Brian asks of him, honored to be a hole for his cock to fill. Seeing his desire to submit, Brian bends him over and pushes his cock…

The two Diegos are closing up when they get the insatiable desire to fuck! Salar has been locked up in a cage, showing off his hot body and Tak has been catching his eye all night, turned on by the sexy man’s skills. And now that everyone’s gone, he’s eager to show off some skills of his own…Tak swallows Salar’s cock, servicing it through the bars of the cage, taking it down to the balls. Salar lets him inside his little love nest, stripping him down piece by piece as he gets serviced and worshipped.…

Ptit is obsessed with a hot pair of trainers. Malik didn’t have to do anything more than walk his fresh pair over to him to get the horny, euro stud rock hard and hungry for cock! Running his sneakers over his crotch, Malik puts the shoe sub in his place, getting him mentally and physically psyched to be Malik’s total sex slave.Ptit gets to work on Malik’s sneakers, kissing them and sniffing them as he grips the sporty stud’s massively thick cock. Torn between his two passions, the young cocksucker could…

Pedro was wiping down the bar when his fellow bartender, German, offered him a cold drink. All night long, the two had seen horny guys making out and fooling around in dark corners, getting the two studs worked up for a little action! And with no one else around, the two men can’t resist working off a little tension from the night…Pedro follows German into the backroom, finding him ass up in his jockstrap and boots, presenting his backside like it was a late night snack.Pedro devours his sweaty hole,…

Waiting for his buddy Stany to show up for a little distraction, Tony kills time in an alleyway. He can feel his cock tingling for some action just as the handsome man comes through the door! And without a moment’s hesitation, the two horny euro studs unzip their jeans and immediately get to action sucking each other off…Tony drops to his knees to swallow Stany’s meat, tasting it as it passes over his tongue and fills his throat. Stany watches as Tony handles his massive member, dropping his pants and…

Stroking his cock, Tony Rekins, watches as the hung stud pulls out his massive manhood, tempting him with his thick shaft and heavy, sweaty balls…Tony can see the look in Ptit’s eyes. As if both insult and compliment, the Dom top gives a simple command, “come here, cocksucker”. Ptit knows the effect he has on a guy like Tony, taking full advantage of his power by spitting in his mouth as he gags him with his meat.The sub would take any kind of abuse and humiliation to worship Ptit’s sneakers, and…

Jess sees Rudgy standing on the side of the road, hitchhiking for a ride to get home. He normally doesn’t stop for strangers, but the tan man is simply too handsome to pass up. And as soon as he gets in his car, it’s clear the hitchhiker is after a different kind of ride! The two pull off the road and find a quiet clearing to get better acquainted…Jess can’t help getting rock hard as he kisses Rudgy, feeling his shorts tug on his loins as his cock swells up. Rudgy notices his partner’s excitement,…

Brian and Laurent are two playful, flirty French men with a total exhibitionist streak! They love to strip down and show off their bodies for the camera, knowing that men all over the world are stroking their cocks. And it doesn’t take much prodding to get Brian’s mouth on Laurent’s hard cock, showing off his incredible oral skills!Laurent loves the sensation of his hard shaft pumping into Brian’s mouth, feeling his tongue tease the head of his cock as he pushes to the back of his throat. Getting worked…

Alejandro loves Kid Chocolate’s body. His toned, defined muscles and dark, smooth skin make him absolutely melt! He can’t help but be turned on as he peels off each layer of his clothing, revealing more and more of the beautiful man sitting on his couch.Alejandro presses his lips to Kid’s, kissing and tasting him as his hand explores his crotch. Alejandro can feel him grow harder from his touch, making his mouth water in turn…Sucking the handsome man’s cock, Alejandro slobbers up and down the shaft, as…

Antonio pulls out Mailk’s cock, feeling its girth and heat in his hands before taking it to his lips. As he kisses it, he can feel it pulse and harden, making his own member rise in his pants! Malik is quick to his knees to return the favor and worship his muscle daddy’s cock, kissing and sucking as Antonio frees the beast from his underwear.Malik loves how Antonio’s meat fills his mouth, fucking his face as he takes it all the way down. As his lips touch the muscle stud’s balls, he feels his heart race…

Theo gets to work on Morgan’s cock, pulling it out and feeling it rise between his lips. Morgan can’t help but be turned on by Theo’s expert sucking, quickly dropping to his knees to reciprocate. The two are careful to keep quiet and not arouse the attention of the others, knowing full well they’re headed toward a hot, secret fuck…Morgan bends Theo over, pressing his slick cock between his round, smooth cheeks as he feels it slip inside his tight hole. With Morgan’s member encased in Theo’s hot body,…

David’s eyes are barely open as he feels Theo’s lips press against his. Waking up from an afternoon nap, he feels his lover snuggle up beside him, caressing his smooth chest and rousing him from his sleep. David cracks a wry smile, turned on by his hunger and desire. He feels his cock swell up instantly, something that Theo is quick to notice.Theo takes David’s cock into his mouth, swallowing it down as it continues to harden and grow, coaxing it to rise with the tip of his tongue. David runs his hand on…

Ricky is hanging out on his patio, finishing up a cigarette when his friend Jimmy stops by. The two guys enjoy the quiet, peaceful night, horned up from the late night heat.It doesn’t take him long to get Rick to agree to a little fun, pulling out his cock for Jimmy to get nice and hard! Jimmy runs his hands over Ricky’s body as he worships his shaft and balls, lapping at their smooth size and feeling his buddy get harder as he does…Ricky lays Jimmy on the patio table, lifting his legs so he can see…

Matt and Jess can practically feel the vitamin D absorbing into their skin after a long day by the pool. With their bronzed, muscular bodies taking in all the sun, it’s not surprising that they felt that familiar stirring in their loins! Jess drops to his knees by the water’s edge to take Matt’s thick surfer cock deep in his throat.The shaggy-haired stud pulls his member out from his bathing suit to serve it up to his handsome buddy.Jess rocks his own massive meat, making Matt’s mouth water at the sight…

Stef is hanging out at his home, alone and bored, when the door rings unexpectedly. Getting up, he sees a sexy courier waiting for him with a package. The hung man is surprised to find a dildo inside, prompting the courier to comment on it’s large size, but Stef can’t help but brag that his is bigger. The courier is intrigued, giving Stef the idea to invite him inside to prove it.Stef whips out his massive, hard cock, sending the courier to his knees, eager to suck it. Stef watches as he swallows his…

Pickwik waits in his little cubby, bent over with his lubed up hole perfectly presented as he waits for a hot dom to take him hard. Hard Master loves seeing a horny bottom, open and ready for a thick cock to push inside. Hard Master strokes his big, uncut meat, watching as Pickwik gets hungrier by the minute.It doesn’t take long before the giant member needs to be swallowed down, giving Pickwik the meal he’s been waiting for! Taking Hard Master’s cock in his hand, Pickwik slobbers all over it as he…

It’s hard to beat the beautiful, sunny day that Max and Anthony find themselves in. They love feeling the warm rays of sun on their skin, enjoying the breeze, and getting away from the busier areas of their city. But the one thing that Max truly can’t resist is the urge to get out a good afternoon nut!Pulling down his shorts, he offers up his hard cock for Anthony to swallow and savour. Anthony wastes no time taking his buddy’s shaft into his throat, turned on by the open air around them. Max gets his…

Claude sits down on his couch as Mickael drops to the floor, planting his face right up against the sweaty player’s socks. He’s watched Claude running around all day, and now gets to inhale the sweet stench of his hard work! Claude loves seeing Mickael inhale his scent, as he takes it in and worships his masculinity.As his cock rises, he can feel the sweat on his nuts. Claude offers them up for Mickael to worship as well, an offer the horny player can’t refuse! As his nose becomes full of his buddy’s…

Jimy and Desire hang out by the pool, enjoying the hot day with a little sunbathing and swimming. But as the heat rises, so do their libidos!Desire’s mouth waters as he sees Jimy’s cock rise in his shorts, eager to taste the handsome young man on his tongue. He leans over to take the thick meat into his mouth, pulling it out to get it good and wet.Desire wants more than just a mouthful, spreading his cheeks apart as he bends over a pool chair, desperate to be fucked. Jimy’s nuts are primed to let loose,…

Hard Master quickly sizes up his prize, feeling the wet hole of his bottom’s ass, pleases with how readily it accepts his probing fingers into his bottom’s guts. Sathia cannot see just who is invading his body, but he knows his job is to take it and like it.Hard Master’s cock gets rock hard as he slides around inside Sathia’s hole, thinking of how it will feel to pry his cock between his round, furry cheeks. But before he fucks him, the dom master feeds the willing sub his cock to suck and slobber…

Philippe and Craig can’t contain their horny behavior, even in the backseat of an outdoor car. As they feel the warm sunlight pour into the windows, the two boys are quick to pull out their cocks and service each other for the camera.They love getting off outdoors, knowing that anyone could walk by at any time. Philippe and Craig trade blowjobs, worshipping each other’s meaty cocks before pulling down their pants for a hot, impromptu fuck!

Retreating into a backroom, Jordan pulls along his cocksucker, Nathan, to do his job and service his massive meat. Jordan wastes no time on pleasantries, getting out his thick member for Nathan to suck.Nathan holds his mouth open as Jordan shoves his face down on his groin, choking his willing bottom with his impressive endowment, and aggressively pushing it to the back of his throat.Nathan steals opportunities to catch his breath while lapping at his top’s full balls. Jordan leans back, basking in his…

Andy pulls out his big cock, giving Theo the opportunity to take it into his mouth and suck it as it grows. Theo’s own member starts to pop out of his pants, making Andy eager to return the favor for his handsome partner.They continue to fool around until the rain clears up enough for them to venture out to a clearing in the woods in order to get down to some serious fucking!Andy bends Theo over, prying his smooth cheeks apart with his cock as he clings on to a tree for support. The young men enjoy a…

Floboy gets in the backseat without saying a word. Jess quickly follows, hungry for his cock. Floboy can tell his sub is ready, pushing his face into his crotch to give him the chance to worship his meat.Jess pulls it out, huffing on the masculine man’s musky scent before sucking on his cock. It grows in his throat as he’d held down on it, taking it with all his might to please his master…The huge cock is almost more than he can handle, stretching out this mouth as he slides up and down on the massive…

Gabriel smiles, happy with his good fortune to have such a handsome man show up at his door. He drops to his knees, pulling out the boy’s cock and taking it into his mouth. He sucks on it as it swells in his mouth, reacting to the warmth of his tongue and hands.Pedro gets more and more excited, dropping his pen and paper to enjoy his surprise blowjob. Gabriel keeps sucking, feeling Pedro get harder as he goes, gearing up for a hot, afternoon fuck!Gabriel bends over his counter, opening up his hole for…

After a long night of flirting and teasing, Stef and Morgan sneak away from the dance floor to get down to action. These two horned up young men can’t wait to get home to fool around, finding a dark corner of the basement to strip down and suck each other’s cocks.Lying back in a sling, Morgan watches as Stef swallows his big, thick meat, slobbering all over it as he moans. Morgan bends Stef over, eating out his ass as he puts his tongue to work, thinking about plowing his bottom hard.With Stef’s hole…

Max loves getting his dick sucked. He can’t resist the feeling of a mouth on his shaft, working his load out slowly and sensually… But nothing gets him off quite like the thrill of some anonymous, outdoor fun! Emilio has never met Max before, but he’s eager to answer his ad for some public service.Following Max’s orders, Emilio goes out by his pool, kneels down with a blindfold on, and waits for the lean stud to come by to fuck his face. When Max finds him, he’s rock hard and ready to use his mouth…

Sexy Frenchman Brian is enjoying a beautiful morning in his kitchen when he feels a stir in his loins for some fun. His cock is barely contained by his tight briefs Max sits down at the table, feeling a little horny himself.The two studs need little prompting to get them going, moving quickly to take out their hard cocks, and savor each other’s meat. Max begins devouring Brian’s shaft, feeling it fill his throat as he takes it down to his furry balls.Max can hardly pulls himself away from it, wanting to…

Julien heads to the basement to meet up with his sexy new friend, Morgan. Julien, just off work, is horned up out of his mind! He needs to get his dick sucked and, fortunately, Morgan is hungry for his meat and happy to help!Morgan pulls out Julien’s cock, sucking off the sweat and musk from being tucked away all day; worshipping it as it grows between his lips. Julien loves how his hard cock looks poking out of his dress pants with his friendly cocksucker dutifully servicing it.He puts his hands on…

Something about the dark lets horny men lose all inhibitions… Even when they’re alone, the idea of not being seen is a special thrill! Tony and Malik shut off the lights and pull out their cocks for a special fuck session, all while being filmed in night vision.Relying only on scent, sound, and touch, the two men navigate each other’s bodies, kissing and groping, licking and sniffing. Tony loves how Malik’s ass feels in his hands, wasting no time to eat his ass and slide his cock inside for a…

Bodybuilder Luc welcomes Ptit into his bed; feeling up his big, uncut cock and getting him worked up with his hungry mouth. The big guy fills his throat with his partner’s meat, swallowing it down and feeling it harden between his lips.Ptit is eager to worship the muscle man’s cock, stripping off his underwear and giving him reciprocal oral service.The two men roll around in bed, swapping blowjobs and kisses as they get more and more aroused.Their passion builds, leading to a hot, sensual fuck where Luc…

Julien sits in bed, flipping through TV channels and playing with himself as his friend Billy finishes up a late night shower. Julien’s idle tugs have gotten him pretty hard, arousing a desire for some quick, casual cock. Luckily, Billy comes out just in time to give his buddy what he needs.Billy sees Julien’s swollen member, giving it a friendly grope as he removes his towel. Still warm and wet from the shower; Julien watches as Billy’s cock grows instantly, becoming hard and thick to fill his…

His sphincter might still swollen and worn from the last time it was opened up, but he’s ready to push it even further! Alex huffs his poppers as the tough top spanks his ass, getting it bright red before taking out his top’s swollen cock.Alex’s mouth waters for the stranger’s piece, wanting to feel it pulse on his tongue as it gets harder. Alex comes up from his master’s cock only to get a good buzz going before swallowing down his uncut meat yet again. The gloved top can hardly wait to see his…

Stef heads down to his building’s basement, wearing nothing but a jockstrap and blindfold as he waits for his guests to arrive. Having found two, hot, horny guys online willing to pound his tight hole; he sets the tone for what’s to come.Alex and Marco find their hungry bottom just as they hoped, bringing out their dominant inclinations as they smack his ass and rough up his pretty face.Alex takes out his cock and feeds it to Stef, making him gag on his big meat as Marco reddens his smooth bubble butt.…

Julien peeks through the opening of the gloryhole, desperate for a massive cock to present itself for service. His mouth waters thinking of taking a thick dick between his lips. Luckily, Stany is just on the other side, rock hard and ready for some oral service!Julien is quick to bring the stud’s meat to his mouth, swallowing it down past his tongue as he savors Stany’s pre-cum. Stany closes his eyes and enjoys the warm, wet, velvety feel of Julian’s blowjob; feeling his nuts churn with hot cum, aching…

Enzo’s mouth waters for what they hold, desperate to feel a thick piece of man meat filling his mouth! Jean knows there’s an eager cocksucker on the other side, just begging to service his cock. He pulls out his shaft, presenting it to the hole, feeling Jean’s lips quickly wrap around it.He can’t see who it is who is swallowing him down, but he loves how his smooth, wet mouth massages his swollen member. Enzo pumps his hips up against the wall, feeling his cock drive deeper in Jean’s face.Jean can only…

Fred takes full advantage of Alex’s need to please, running the soles of his shoes all over his hard, throbbing cock and wet tongue. Alex strokes himself as he tastes the rubber and leather of Fred’s sneakers, showing his worship and submission as Fred steps on his neck and back.Fred’s cock swells in his jeans seeing Alex take care of his feet, desperate to be let out. When he unzips his fly, Alex is quick to put his tongue to work on his shaft, getting it wet and hard as he swallows it down his throat.…

When Jordan gets horny, his mind goes to his favorite fetish… Fucking outside. Luckily for the hung, blonde top, he’s very good at finding submissive bottoms to fuck how he likes!After finding Richy online, he tells him to meet him at an abandoned building, pants down, ass out, and wait for him to arrive. When Jordan sees his bottom faithfully following his commands, he gets super hard and ready to use and abuse him.He smacks him around before feeding him his monster cock, making the brutal top feel…

It’s a quiet day in the gym when Julien and Pedro see each other building up a sweat. With no one else around, their eyes become fixated on their swelling muscles and tight, athletic bodies.Worked up and horny, they get off their machines to grab each other’s hard cocks and make out. Pedro leans back as Julien takes his cock in his mouth, sucking off the alpha jock sweat, and milking out his protein-rich pre-cum.Pedro then bends Julian over a bench; exposing Julien’s smooth, round, hot ass for his ass…

Jimy and Emilio can’t resist heading out into the woods on a beautiful afternoon, wanting to take in the fresh air and sense of isolation. Being around all the green nature brings out their adventurous sides, leading them to start making out beneath the forest canopy. Jimy’s cock grows instantly hard in his pants, excited by the unique opportunity before them.They stand by their car and whip out their cocks, sucking each other off in the wide open space. Jim bends Emilio over the hood of his car, pulls…

Big Fred is a massive giant who towers over Pit. His impressive height is paired nicely with his big, thick cock. Fred stands high above his young cocksucker as he feeds him his monster meat.Pit is moved around like a ragdoll by the horny titan, gagging on his cock as Fred holds his head against his rock hard rod. Fred is used to being worshipped and serviced by the smaller bottoms he encounters, and Pit is eager to get on his knees and please him.The shorter stud struggles to take him down his throat,…

Franco rubs his cock through his tight jeans, feeling it swell as he waits for someone to give it a good suck. Stany emerges from the dark, hungry and happy to take the sexy man in his mouth. Stany stretches his throat wider and wider to take Franco deep down, feeling his hips thrust up against his face, fucking his lips with total dominance.Franco’s nuts are full of alpha seed, ready to spill out in the dark dungeon, primed by Stany’s expert sucking. Franco bends his bottom over, fingering his hole and…

Julien’s cock hangs low in his sweatpants; loose and free to get hard as he makes out with his submissive buddy, Alex. Seeing the steady rise in the heather gray fabric, Alex drops to his knees, hungry to take it in his mouth. Julien whips out his hung meat, pressing his shaft between Alex’s lips.Alex worships Julien’s cock, taking in its musky scent and taste as it fills his face. Julien’s moves Alex down to his feet, ordering him to kiss his sneakers and act as his footstool. Julien loves being in…

Evan’s huge cock fills up Mathieu’s mouth as he bobs back and forth on it, tasting his thick, uncut meat as it moves over his tongue. Mathieu savors every inch of his manhood, swallowing it down with passion and intensity.Evan returns the favor by pulling Mathieu’s shorts down to get his shaft good and hard, readying it to stretch out his tight hole. Mathieu bends Evan over, mounting his ass like a wild animal, pounding away at his prostate as he drips pre-cum over the forest floor!

Max and Julien are relaxing in their apartment when the urge to fuck takes over strongly and quickly. Max pulls down Julien’s pants, taking his hard cock into his mouth and sucking it passionately as his partner holds his head in place.The sexy Frenchman loves seeing Max service his meat, playfully laughing as he gags on his shaft from enthusiasm. The young men keep the passion going, kissing and feeling each other’s smooth, toned bodies as they strip down for more skin to skin contact.Julien returns the…

Jordan is constantly horned up and ready for action. And with his smooth, muscular body and handsome face, he’s always able to find a willing cocksucker to service his huge meat.After heading into the woods for a piss, he finds Philippe, a cute young sub waiting for someone to dominate his mouth and ass. Jordan fucks his face with his thick shaft, getting off on having his cock worshipped in the great outdoors.The sexy selfish top bends Philippe against a tree, shoving himself deep in his tight hole,…

Matt and Pedro feel up each other’s crotches, caressing their cocks and nuts as they make out. Matt runs his hands over Pedro’s smooth chest, getting more and more excited as his young lover gets harder in his baggy shorts. They peel off each other’s clothes piece by piece as they become more turned on by the other’s eagerness and growing cocks.Matt pulls off Pedro’s shorts and sucks on his cock deep, taking it to the back of his throat. Pedro returns the favor, sucking on Matt’s meat and getting it hard…

Jess and Pedro snuggle in bed for a little fun, grabbing at each other’s growing cocks as they kiss and become more and more intimate. Jess loves the feel of Pedro’s furry chest, caressing it as he tastes his lips.When Jess pulls out his big cock, Pedro takes it down his throat instantly, swallowing down the sexy man’s meat. Pedro pulls out his own cock, giving Jess the chance to give it a taste. They swap blowjobs again and again, worshipping their thick, hard shafts and heavy, sweaty balls.Jess’s heart…

Jordan is a notorious horndog and can find a hot stud to fuck almost anywhere he goes. When he spots Sahaj taking a break from his construction work, he quickly seduces him with his raw, alpha sexuality. Jordan brings him to a private, shady spot to feed him his massive, thick, uncut cock, fucking his face hard and rough.Sahaj’s mouth drools for the studs meat, willing to do whatever he wants to be his submissive bitch. Jordan wastes no time in pulling down the worker’s pants and plunging his monster…

Jimy lies out in the summer sun feeling his skin become warmed and bronzed. As the day lingers on, he can’t help but feel his body come alive and aroused.Luckily, his friend Nathan come to join him poolside. The two young men kiss and caress each other’s beautiful bodies, taking advantage of their private backyard oasis and their smooth, tanned bodies.Jimy pulls down Nathan’s briefs to take his cock into his mouth. The hard shaft slides past his lips and glides on his tongue, becoming bigger with each…

Their long, lean bodies stretch out over the bedspread, as if to lure each other closer. Bryan’s smooth body is irresistible, tempting Julian to move in for a feel. Bryan returns the sentiment, placing his hand on Julien’s growing bulge. Julien pulls Bryan’s cock out from his tiny underwear, freeing the massive erection from its tiny entrapment to take it deep in his throat.Bryan’s massive cock is almost more than Julian can handle, but he’s determined to keep it in his mouth as much as possible. The…

Billy and Tony grab at each other’s crotches, feeling their bulges swell inside their jeans. Button by button, they free their massive cocks from their concealment, mouths watering to taste their hard meats.Billy throws his mouth down on Tony’s cock, bobbing up and down to get his lover heated and horny. Tony loves feeling Billy’s mouth on his member, growing harder as he thrusts himself to the back of his throat.Tony wastes no time in putting Billy in his place: bent over an all fours, head in a pillow,…

Ricardo is quick to drop to his knees and polish the handsome man’s knob. Julien’s cock fills his mouth as he slobbers over it, getting it hard and wet for some action. Julien savages Ricardo’s face, fucking it and making him choke again and again on his thick inches. And he can tell that that only excites the cocksucker more.Julian bends the horny fucker over, pulling down his pants and fingering his hole as he continues to service his dick. With just a little bit of spit and some will, he plunges his…

Max and Pablo pull out their morning wood, eager to pick up where they left off the night before! Pablo takes Max’s cock in his mouth, working hard to keep it between lips as Max fucks his face. Pablo worships the horny top’s cock, desperate to feel it back inside his hole. Max teases him with his tongue, kissing and wetting his tight, tan pucker.The round, Latin bubble butt gets Max in the mood to the thrust and grind, making do with the boy’s mouth as he warms up his hole. Pablo bends over to offer up…

Jordan is always horny and ready for some action. While visiting a hotel pool late at night, he stretches out to stroke his cock, waiting to see if someone will join him for a sexy dip.Enzo walks in, seeing the hard, handsome, blonde man and is immediately eager to suck his big, thick cock. The two men kiss each other’s smooth bodies, enjoying the sweat and steam of the wet room.Enzo is primed and ready to take the hung stud’s big dick up his ass, bending over to give up his tight, bubble butt. Jordan…

Luc lubes up his big, muscular ass as soon as he gets off the phone with his buddy, Diego. He’s told him that wants to get fucked and used hard and that he should hurry over to his place.Luc leaves his door unlocked and waits with his ass in the air, hole wet and ready for Diego to come and claim it. When Diego arrives, he wastes no time getting a feel for Luc’s fuck hole, fingering it and teasing it as soon as he walks in the room.His cock grows hard in his pants, leaking precum thinking about giving it…

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Emilio and Max are left in the backseat of their buddy’s car with nothing to do but get frisky and fool around. The horny stud, Max, pulls out his cock for Emilio to take suck on, allowing the handsome man to swallow it down his throat as it grows even bigger.Max is horny as hell and loves how his friend handles his monster cock. Returning the favor, Max suck on Emilio’s cock, caressing his big, heavy nuts as they get ready to burst.

Jordan is out for a run when he comes across bad boy Sasha in an abandoned building known for being a cruising spot. Jordan’s testosterone is up and his balls have a good sweat going, so he figures a hot, quick blowjob will be just what he needs to enjoy his afternoon.Sasha drops to his knees to take the fit jock’s cock in his mouth. Sasha can tell this guy means business as his girthy meat goes to the back of his throat with each of Jordan’s aggressive thrusts.Jordan feels large and in charge as his…

Dog drops to his knees, staring up at Fred’s thick, hard cock as a showers him with a stream of his piss. The warm, beer-fueled liquid makes the cute boy’s smooth body glisten before he leans in to blow his nasty top.The young cocksucker swallows down the hard meat, getting it ready for a hard, long fuck on the sling. Legs up, hole wet, and the music of the club drowning out all sounds, the two shift into a hard, passionate fuck, causing the chains of the suspension to rattle as Dog takes every…

Max and Juan rush at each other, grabbing at their clothes and making out before Juan shoves Max’s mouth on his sweaty cock! Max laps at his heavy nuts, getting the cocky guy worked up and hard!Juan takes his tongue to Max’s smooth jock ass, massing the boy’s hungry hole and getting it wet for his meat. Max can’t wait to sit on his hard cock, feeling it attack his prostate and push out his thick load!

Blonde stud Jordan is sunning on the beach when he spots sexy Latin stud, Enzo, undressing for a dip and a surf. Enzo’s smooth, toned body is exactly what Jordan likes and he can’t resist chatting him up. Their connection is immediate as the horny men begin running their hands over their bare bodies.They kiss passionately, teasing their nipples, and pulling down their swimsuits to get at each other’s hard cocks. With the summer sun beating down on them, they take advantage of their remote location to…

Matt’s spent all day out in the sun, surfing the waves and feeling the adrenaline as he soars through the water. The only thing that could possibly top that rush is a good fuck, and luckily he knows where to go for that! His buddy, Julian, meets him back at his beach house, where the two exchange hungry blowjobs, filling each other’s throats with their big dicks. Matt’s toned, sunkissed body gets Julian rock hard, getting him horny to feel him fuck his tight hole hard! Matt slides in his soft, round…

Tristan is young, cute, and athletic. He’s got a smooth, toned body and an adorable smile. He loves showing off his body and giving horny boys a peek at his privates. Max and he have become good friends, enjoying playing hard on the field as well as fooling around when the games are done.The two boys are pumping full of energy and testosterone, wanting nothing more than a good fuck! Tristan devours Max’s big cock, taking the boy’s aggressive thrusts as it fills his throat. He worships his heavy,…

Rod has a bit of reputation in the league for fraternizing with the visiting teams. He loves finding secluded spots after games to fool around with his sexy, heated opponents. His coach, Jordan, however, is not having it.He follows his player to one of these private rendezvous spots, finding him ready and willing to suck the cock of whoever shows up. Frustrated, he has his young slut player service him instead! The handsome coach whips out his big cock and teaches his player that he needs to be a real…

Handsome cocksucker Picwik has a fantasy of being bound and gagged! Luckily, he has friends who know how to set that up! Blindfolded and brought to a remote location, he’s manhandled and tied to a chair, left at the mercy of his captors! When horse-hung Cagoule comes in and shoves his huge, black cock in his mouth, he has no choice but to take it in his mouth and down his throat. Cagoule takes no mercy when he bends him over and shoves his fuck meat deep into Picwik’s tight ass, giving him the pain and…

Lucas is enjoying a beautiful, beachside holiday as he and his buddy, Max, start getting into some sexy outdoor action. Lucas sucks Max’s cock on their balcony, all while people are walking by unaware! Max pumps his hard cock into Lucas’ throat, feeling it get bigger as avoid being seen! The two move inside as the sun goes down, ready to let loose and fuck hard! Lucas opens up his hole for Max’s big cock, bracing himself on his beach chair to take the hot, rough fuck!

Enzo and Fred might be on opposing teams, but they know how to play well one on one. Away from their other mates, they’re able to enjoy other’s hot, sweaty, athletic bodies. Fred begins by sucking on Enzo’s hard cock. The sexy player returns the favor, worshipping the fit man’s shaft and balls. Enzo then gets his tongue up Fred’s smooth ass, feeling his hot, round cheeks press against his face as he tongues his hole. Enzo slides his hard cock up inside Fred, fucking him like a champion should!

Fabrizzio relieves himself of his full bladder before he notices a hard cock popping through a hole in the stall beside him. With no one else around, he can’t resist dropping to his knees to give it a taste. Sucking on the stranger’s shaft, he strokes his own member, getting hotter and hornier as his hunger grows more intense. The hot, anonymous blowjob leads to Fabrizzio begging to be fucked, leading the secret top out of his privacy. Luc bends Fabrizzio over the urinals and pushes his wet cock up his…

Jesse finds a hot guy online alone in his hotel room, stroking and eager to fuck. He can’t resist the chance to get a big cock up his ass, so he put the address into his car’s GPS to check it out. As soon as he gets in the room, he sees his horny top with his cock out and hard, making it easy for him to immediately throw his mouth around it to get it good and wet. Jesse bends over and takes the stranger deep in his hole, feeling it hit prostate over and over. Jesse’s huge cock hangs between his legs,…

Picwik heads into the woods to meet up with the sexy coach, Thierry, for some hot outdoor sex. Without a soul around, the two get right to business kissing and groping each other. Thierry leans up against a tree and pulls out his cock for the Pickwik to service, getting him good and hard as the thick cock glides down his smooth throat. The two men become animals in the woods! Thierry eats Pickwik’s ass before breaking it open with his massive cock. The smooth bottom feels his hole stretch around the…

Max and David had a long night of going out and and going wild. Now, with the sun’s bright light forcing them awake, the two spend the midday lazily hanging out and relaxing. However, it doesn’t take much to stir them out of their quiet peace. One horny thought inspires another as hungry cocksucker Max pulls down his friend’s shorts and takes his thick meat to the back of his throat. David’s massive cock is plenty to keep Max’s mouth full. And David can’t wait to get his hands on his buddy’s smooth,…

Jess rides around town with his hookup app open, looking for someone to suck his dick. He’s totally horned up and ready for some action. He gets a response from Luke, a young British guy turned on by the idea of giving some car head. Luke wastes no time stripping off his clothes in the passenger seat when Jess picks him up. His mouth is watering to feast on some cock, and Jess is happy to provide it. The two suck each other off in the parked car, all under the cover of the dark night. Jess is so…

Matt loves the idea of anonymous sex. Sucking cock and getting pounded by a stranger is his biggest fantasy. Luckily, he has a friend willing to make his dream come true. Blindfolded and put on his knees, he has no idea who could walk up to him and start using his mouth. Mika is brought over to get his big cock serviced by Matt. The hung stranger is rock hard as he fucks Matt’s face, loving the power of his anonymity. This all leads to a hot suck and fuck, all without Matt ever seeing who’s fucking him!

Thierry and Ricky are practicing kicks after their game in a private spot away from the field. Their friendly scrimmage gets heated up as they admire each other’s sweaty, athletic bodies, worked up from the adrenaline of the day. Thierry pulls down Ricky’s shorts as he shoves his teammate’s huge cock in his mouth. Ricky’s cock is as wide and hard as a steel pole, giving Thierry’s throat a thorough stretch. The shaved-headed jock sees Thierry’s smooth bubble butt and slides his meat inside, aggressively…

Nathan escapes to abandoned building to get out some midday horniness. The stud whips out his cock, feeling the warm air on his nuts as they grow fuller and fuller with his hot jizz. Sebastian eyes the freeballing bloke and heads on over to offer up his hungry mouth. Sebastian sucks on his cock, tasting his big dick and hairy balls on his lips. Nathaniel sees the cocksucker’s crotch growing and pulls out his huge piece to suck on as well. Swapping blowjobs back and forth Nathan’s nuts grow tighter as he…

Blond bad boy Jordan is always ready to fuck. He especially loves hot, impromptu sex in public spaces. Luckily for him, horny cocksucker Marcos is hanging out by a secluded set of urinals, just waiting for someone to whip out their cock. When Jordan sees the sexy Spanish man checking out his piece, he’s ready to shove it in his mouth! Jordan stands tall and in charge as he gets his meat worshipped. Rock hard and edged, Jordan bends the hot bottom over the urinals and plows his cock deep inside his tight…

Two Spanish hunks make out in their bed while a voyeur camera man watches on. The two studs tear at each other’s clothes before stripping down and devouring each other’s bodies. Kylian gets his mouth all over Diego’s smooth body before wrapping his lips around his thick, meaty cock. The hung man sits back and watches the hungry cocksucker swallow down his shaft, getting it good and ready for his tight bubble butt! With his hard on at full force, he slides inside Diego’s hole, giving him a thorough…

Max heeds his coach’s wishes by finding more opportunities to practice and improve his performance. Following a friendly scrimmage, the young player invites a handsome competitor to go one on one. Once alone and their playfully aggressive natures come to the surface, they’re unable to deny their sexual tension. Max is pinned against the wall by his opponent, locked in place by his lips and the intensity of his kiss. Things escalate as they pull down their shorts, pull out their cocks, and work on each…

David and Mathieu are sleeping in a tiny room on cramped bunk beds when their cocks grow hard in the night. Neither can get it down, so they turn to each other for a little late night assist. The two hung studs each sport more than 8 inches between their legs, filling up their throats as they swap sloppy, wet blowjobs. Their appetites grow, bringing David to make a meal of Mathieu’s pink hole and smooth feet. The bed shakes and squeaks as they begin to fuck, their moans muffled by the sounds of nearby…

It’s a hot night for these two studs as they escape away for a little poolside fun. They’ve come to a beautiful spot in the Spanish countryside with a group of friends, but with 8 men to a house, there’s no room to fuck just one on one! Everyone’s inside having drinks, except for Jordan and Craig who cannot keep their hands off each other’s muscular bodies, admiring how the look in their sexy bathing suits. Once outside, making out leads to Jordan swallowing down Craig’s big cock. It’s only a matter of…

Jimy’s working on the ladder when he calls Yohan in for a hand. Yohan is happy to help, but can’t resist bracing his colleague up by his crotch. Jimy is horny as fuck and eager to get a load out. Yohan sucks on Jimy’s huge cock before taking it up his tight hole. Things get steamy in the office closet as the two fuck harder and harder!

In Dijon, the football team is still a topic of conversation. With a higher and higher level, all games win brilliantly. It must be said that the players are taken firm by the coach. The coach has no problem using his great baton to remind them who the boss is. Max is a little rebel and the coach will show him that in football, if you do not obey, you will have hot ass..who would want to obey!

Leo loves the idea of fucking a sexy slave in the a remote place, waiting and eager to take his big cock. Luckily, Henzo is happy to give him what he wants. When Leo arrives at the abandoned building, he’s already on all fours with his pants down, revealing his round, smooth bubble butt in a jock strap. Leo wastes no time claiming what’s his, eating out his obedient sub before sliding his cock in his tight, hot hole. With no one around to hear, Leo fucks his bottom hard and rough, getting his nuts ready…

Giovanni just noticed Mr Slug on the street and couldn’t help himself to ask him something. So Mr Slug said why not and they went back to his place for a little mid afternoon snack. Watch as Giovanni sucks Mr Slug’s cock like a professional. Mr Slug loves it so much that he has to return the favor. Enjoy as they give each other amazing sexual pleasures.

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Hole Hunter is looking for a personal assistant so he is interviewing TJ. He has told him that he needs someone to get him coffee, answer phones and service his big black dick. Hunter checks out his assistant and gives him a good banging of approval.

So JD comes in and tell Justyn to change so that they can go out and play basketball. Justyn wants to change but JD is just standing there. Justyn seems to be shy but then wonders if JD wants a piece of his dick. Things start to get hot so watch as these boys enjoy each others cocks.

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Muscle bottom Dominik Rider finds out in this video that along with Christian Rock’s monster height is a monster cock and he doesn’t waste any time getting it into his mouth. Christian teases Dominik’s tight hole with his long tongue and fingers and once his ass is sufficiently lubed with spit Christian rams in his monster and fucks him hard. Dominik cums onto Christian’s cock, gets fucked with his own cum until Christian shoots, then squats over Christian’s face and squirts both of their cum loads back…

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Antonio Biaggi’s huge tool returns for Gabriel D’Alessandro’s smooth tight ass. Antonio starts things out by forcing his cock down Gabriel’s throat. Then he throws Gabriel up on the table and fucks him hard and deep. After fucking in multiple positions, Gabriel can’t hold it anymore and shoots all over himself and Antonio is quick to follow busting inside his ass. Gabriel then pushes the cum back out of his ass for Antonio to lick up.

Antonio Biaggi’s big thick monster cock is paired with big-dicked bodybuilder Juan Steel in this video. The two power tops sixty-nine and suck each others’ huge dicks. Antonio gets a taste of Juan’s ass and can’t get enough. But who is going to fuck who? Juan answers that question by inviting newcomer Jacob White who is more than happy to take both their raw cocks.

Our latest bareback one-on-one features lean Kirby Thomas, who has one of the hottest bodies we’ve seen in a while – as well as a big curvy dick that Dominik Rider loves to have inside his raw hole. The creampie cumshot is not to be missed.

Red-headed hottie Zack O’Malley gets his turn to take on Gabriel D’Alessandro’s perfect ass. The two sixty-nine on the couch fully deep-throating each other’s cocks then Zack goes to town on Gabriel’s hole first with his tongue and then his fingers. Finally, Zack can’t hold back any more, bends him over the table, and starts slamming his hard meat in. Zack is the first to cum emptying his load in Gabriel’s ass, then he felches it back out and locks lips with Gabriel for some snowball action. This sends…

Vincent Drake and Shane Erickson are two college kids who are more interested in fucking than studying books. These boys love to explore with their mouths as they exchange thirst quenching blowjobs and a 69er. Shane takes control moving into rimming before fucking Vincent. They start out on a leather table and take it to a leather sling. Shane gives Vincent his very explosive load, before Shane mounts again until he explodes.

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Diego loves to work cock with his talented Latin ass, and Damien is a guy who loves to throw down in every position twice. Diego gets jack hammered, and flipped in every direction in this video. Damien is clearly calling all the shots from force-feeding Diego his load, to making sure not a drop is wasted when he loads up his ass.

Miguel Temon returns in this video to play with Calvin Michaels and Sebastian. Calvin only wants to service his two tops with his mouth and ass. They fill both holes with cock and cum. Calvin also gets double fucked with Miguel’s chubcock and a big dildo. No mean feet.

In this hardcore one-on-one, super bottom Drew Peter’s ass takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Top Lito Cruz slams it to Drew’s pucker. First a tongue, then a cock, a fist, a baseball bat and, later, a load of cum. Drew also does his famous self-fisting and expands it to self-punch fisting.

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Juan Steel, a muscled Latino with a nice tool, joins Luke Cross who is no stranger to raw cock and eager for both Juan’s monster cock and Gabriel’s thick Latin cock. He sucks them until he’s ready to have ten inches side in bareback. The Latin fever is too much for Luke who busts his load on Gabriel and eats it up before jumping right back into a daisy chain. These men are into each other and it shows by breeding multiple times.

Jeremy Blair, a Rob Lowe look-alike, exclaims, “Fuck!” when he pulls down D.J. Moore’s pants and sees the fat, curved beauty hung cock standing at attention. Jeremy sucks it in a 69er position with D.J.. Then they fuck all over the bed, Jeremy’s ass gobbling up D.J.’s bareback invader greedily.

Justin Jameson takes the cocks of Kirby Thomas and Christian Rock at the same time in this filthy double penetration threeway. Justin gets right to work slurping on Kirby’s thick shaft and worshipping his ripped body. Christian pulls off Justin’s pants from behind and Justin sticks his ass up begging to be filled. A dick in his mouth and a dick in his ass is just how he likes it. Pretty soon he’s ready to take both dicks at the same time and his manhole is stretched wider than it’s ever been and used as…

Horny newcomer Danny Rohm takes on Christian Rock and Gabriel D’Alessandro at the same time in this video. It only takes Christian a minute before he’s plowing his nine inch beast into Danny’s tight hole. The guys take turns fingercuffing Danny letting him have it good and hard from both ends to prepare him for what’s to come. The look of pain and pleasure in Danny’s face makes the tops even hungrier when they double fuck him and they keep pounding away holding Danny down.

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Luke Cross returns to HotBarebacking, back for more in raw encounters in this new video. He is joined by Dorian Black and Quentin Silver. This time it is Luke getting the two-cocks-in-one-hole treatment. It hurts but he wants it so badly. This is a double penetration threeway not to be missed.

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Justin has pulled up at HotBarebacking to top long-time raw favorite Dominik Rider. Justin eats Dominik’s asshole to get it wet and ready and Dominik really rides that tongue for all it’s worth before taking his big, juicy cock. Justin shoots a massive load and packs it into Dominik’s hole for a fantastic finish.

Dominik Rider’s ass never had it so good as it does in this video. Buffed-out, hairy-assed Latino Miguel Temon and homeboy Leo Rivera take over Dominik’s hole in every way they can until they double fuck it. After Leo drops a load, Miguel pumps in one of his own and pushes Leo’s in deeper.

Gabriel D’Alessandro is really going to give it to Mark Galfione not only is he going to hammer him bareback, he’s going to wet him down with piss too. But this is only after trading blow and rim jobs. Mark really does get a nice, pissed-up asshole.

This is one hell of a great combination: big dick in a tight asshole. Ian Jay starts off slurping, choking and gasping as he sucks Nathan’s huge monster cock. Then Nathan Woods licks Ian’s pucker and lightly haired cheeks for what seems days (to Ian’s delight). The fucking is unstoppable until Nathan shoots a load, which he eats up. Ian also shoots and is fed his cum.

Miguel takes control as the ultimate top in this bareback video with Simon Pike, a muscled spark plug who wants uncut dick raw in his ass and hammering it hard. He gets it after deep-throating Miguel’s plump tool to his satisfaction.

Asian power bottom Brian Peters gets his ass stretched to the limit by Miguel Temon and Gabriel D’Alessandro in this video. First Brian gets face fucked hard by Gabriel before being flipped over and having his hole filled. Gabriel loosens him up really well and invites Miguel in to have a turn. Brian bounces on Miguel’s thick cock cowboy style for a little bit and then Gabriel comes around from behind and shoves his dick in there along with it.

Jake Wetmore and Boy Fillmore show us in this video that it is not just another day at the porn warehouse when Jake comes by with a package. The two pierced and tattooed guys get overcome by all the porn and the raw dick sucking, butt fucking and pissing is hot and heavy.

Partners Orion and Luke Cross are spending the afternoon in bed playing when Josh O’Heart comes by to join in on all the bareback fun. Orion needs both cocks up his steaming hole to really get a rise out of him, and he gets that plus two raw, hot loads buried deep inside him.

Dominik is no stranger to taking bareback tool and in this video he masters three more hot cocks for our cameras. Miguel Temon, Marco Rivas and Jude take turns on fucking duty and Jude really likes slapping that big ass of Dominik as he plows him too. It’s a hot orgy.

Showing there’s no limit to what you can swallow at an all-you-can eat white cock buffet, black stud Shawn Blossom returns to his cock-sucking habits in this new video. His search for juice does not go unanswered in yet another example of insatiable hunger for raw cock.

Gabriel D’Allesandro had never been double fucked before and decided it was time his tight smooth ass got filled by two big cocks. He was super excited when big dicked muscle men Juan Steel and Miguel Temon showed up and the chemistry was immediate. Gabriel barely had time to get his clothes off before he had Miguel’s dick in his mouth and Juan’s ten inch monster cock balls deep in his ass. After taking turns filling Gabriel’s mouth and hole the guys roll him on his back and stretch him open with both…

Miguel Temon and Dorian Black get a shot at Jeremy Blair, a Rob Lowe double, in this video. Jeremy has a extra fine ass that’s just ripe for filling with cock and cum, and his costars seem only too willing to provide such bareback delights. Definitely a raw threesome not to be missed.

Jayson Park has no problem offering his holes up for cum and piss in this fetish-filled bareback video. He is very verbal about tops Miguel Temon (who has an incredible body) and Patrick Ives working him in every position possible. Miguel showers him twice with piss and both tops dump loads.

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Shawn Blossom returns for more cum eating madness in this oral orgy of raw cock swallowing. Watch him drop to his knees and gobble up tool after tool. It’s a hunger that can’t (or won’t) abate and you get to see him fulfill that insatiable need for dick and cum.

Vincent Drake wants to get fucked for the first time and wants Luke Cross to be the one to take his cherryhole in this new bareback encounter. The two make out a bit before trading blowjobs. During the 69er, Luke gets a good look at Vincent’s hole and has to lick it before diving in for a good fucking.

Watersports fans are going to love this bareback piss video. Hottie Ian Jay begins by servicing Gabriel D’Alessandro’s uncut fattie until Gabriel invites Erik in to piss all over Ian’s face and mouth. Popular star Jason Tyler adds his flow. After getting piss up his asshole, Ian gets cock, including a double penetration, and loads of cum. en some.

Drew Peters, Andre Barclay, Nelson Troy, Erik and Craig get all into one another for this non-stop bareback orgy. Want to know what the most enticing part of it is though? Drew and Andre both get deliciously double fucked in this group video. Don’t miss this ass-spliting action.

Michael Kadin, Eric and Jeremy Blair enjoy the oral talents of newcomer Brian Woodard for a bit before Dominik steps in to show how a pro does it. He sucks the three tops until they start taking turns fucking his firm ass. Dominik is soon all sweaty and his hole bursting with cum. Michael and Eric are so fired up they cum twice.

Shawn Blossom wants to eat as much cum as he could in an afternoon. He loves the sticky stuff filling his mouth and sliding down his throat. Plus, he is an expert and licking and sucking cock to get the juice. He sucks off a host of men in this group video, that’ll have you wishing you could add your own to the collection.

Here it is, one of the best bareback orgies we’ve seen all year. It’s a five-way with Miguel Temon, Leo Rivera, Michael Kadin, and Dorian Black tag teaming power bottom Diego Cruz, filling him with cocks of all shapes and sizes before each shoot a hot load in his ass until he’s overflowing with cum.

Euro studs Matt Amos and Steve Matthews work each other’s uncut cocks in this video. Matt throws Steve’s legs up and lets him have what he was waiting for. Matt sure works up a good sweat pounding hole before shooting a big load over Steve’s ass.

Farius Cane returns with a raw new recruit, Kody Hawke, a long-haired bottom who’s happy as pie to take a serve of Farius’s famous topping skills. He looks particularly good being breeded in side-saddle position on the couch. A debut definitely not to be missed. Kody Hawke is a hot red neck-looking bottom boy whose long hair just cries out to be pulled on while he’s being slammed with condomless cock and filled up with warm jizz. His boy-next-trailer look is destined to find him a swag of…

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Two young studs with big dicks and cute butts. Who gets to top? After a bit of 69ing Michael takes control of Jude’s ass with some quality rimming and finger play. He knows his cock is fat and he needs to open Jude up. Jude’s ass takes it until shooting time and then he flips to get a mouthful of cum.

Aaron Jacobs may be well hung, but for this video he’s going to be a bottom for Erik. Aaron sucks Erik’s uncut piece for starters and then gets rolled over for some fucking. While sitting on the invader, Aaron’s big cock is slapping against his belly button. Both dump big loads, with Erik’s going in Aaron’s mouth.

Erec Estrada loves big cocks in his ass and he shows us just how much in this team-up with Vic Stone. Stone is perfect for the job, first Erec sucks and slurps on his too,l getting it all nice and wet. Then he lets the stud pound him long, hard, and deep until he’s squirting his juice.

Ready for an interracial pairing to get your blood pumping? Asian bottom stud Ryan Lee puts himself at the mercy of black hottie Blaze’s big, dark cock in this bedroom one-on-one. His ass will never be the same again after having a round with that raw beauty. The positions they get themselves into are just fantastic.

It seems to be the month of turning trademark bottoms in to raging tops here at HotBareBacking. Michael James is the newest convert, we get him to bareback black stud Jared James in this new video. Jared and Michael are playful as puppies in this condomless encounter. They suck and fuck, before finishing off with a delicious creampie.

J.D.Lopez, one of our most popular muscle bottoms, shows us that he can be very versatile in this new video. He expertly spreads Guns, fucking him until he is moaning in pain and pleasure. J.D. Is clearly having a good time on top, shooting two loads before he is through with the new experience.

What happens when two Latino studs collide? Miguel Temon and Mario Montes both have big, fat cocks and want to get off. Mario loves servicing gay-for-pay Miguel’s uncut monster. He deep throats it for a bit to get a feel for its size. Miguel fucks him hard and leaves a juicy load inside.

Dominic Thomas, who likes young cock, gets plenty from Aaron Jacobs in this video, who has an 8-incher, amazingly stiff beauty. Dominic gives oral attention to that hard meat for a long time before he assumes the doggie position for a good fucking. He is not satisfied though with just cock and Aaron adds a dildo for some double penetration action.Aaron Jacobs may be young, but he’s a top that knows how to really use that cock. He’s a versatile young thing too, so he doesn’t mind giving up his ass to the…

Leo Rivera returns to HotBarebacking in this new video. He wants to make some quick money and fucking some ass is one way to bring it in. His partner, Jonathan Corona, is really turned on by getting to suck Leo’s curvy cock. He then offers up his hole for tongue, cock and cum.

Buff stud Blaze has a very nice surprise for his white bottom boy in this video – he’s going to fill him up with big, black cock, followed by white hot cum. The studly hottie really dominates that hole, fucking him rough in doggy style for an interracial raw pairing that should not be missed.

Latino straight guy Erik, has some serious uncut meat, and it’s got it’s eye on Guns in this new raw video. Guns sucks that big cock to life and then gets it doggie style. His load is delivered with a grunt and overflows Guns’ hole, for a delicious shot on camera.

Tanner Hayez says he likes to be dominated and resident Latino stud Erik knows just how to do it. Erik gets his cock wet in young Tanner’s mouth before flipping him on his back to fill his tight pink boy hole. Tanner then takes a huge load of Erik’s hot cum in his ass.

It’s battle of the Latinos as Leo combines his hot Latin cock with Gino’s smokin’ ass. Well, not smokin’ to begin with, but after Leo’s through with it in this furious fuck video, it’ll be steaming like a car exhaust pipe and that’s just the kind of anal action we live for here at Hot Barebacking.

Dominik Rider starts off this video by saying, ‘I need my ass loaded today.’ Dorian Black needs no further invitation. The two make out for a bit before Dorian feasts on Dominik’s smooth, round ass. You can tell he really likes eating ass! And fucking it? Well, that goes without saying as you’ll see.

Wow, a true 11-inch, thick cock in action! As Michael says: “That’s the biggest cock I have ever seen.” He gets more than just to see it. He licks and sucks it as much as he can fit in his mouth. Then it takes trying several positions for his ass to open for Casey to get that big boy inside. There is no acting here. Michael really feels the pain to get the pleasure.

Shawn Blossom may be a big, buff dude, but he surrenders his hole to the smaller framed Leo in this hot new barebacking video. He lies on the couch and submits himself to all that juicy tool before riding it hard like a good little raw bottom boy.

Twenty-one year old Jake Gonzalez couldn’t wait to spread his cheeks for some fucking in this video so we brought Jude in to show him how its done. Jude starts by getting Jake’s hole all nice and wet with his tongue before filling him up with his hard thick cock. The bottom loved having his ass worked over and was so tight that he kept Jude on the verge of exploding.

Michael James and Caleb Black go at it like wild pigs in this new barebacking video. Kissing madly at the start and quickly switching to mutual ass eating and cock sucking, they’re very hungry boys it seems. Michael then bones Calebs, skewering him with his condomless cock while he moans and groans.

Fresh-faced Ian Jay takes on Lito Cruzs 10-inch whopper in this video. The two trade blow jobs to start and then Lito lunches on Ians smooth asshole, alternating between sticking in his tongue and cock. Then while fucking, he pulls his cock out to stick it in Ians mouth. Ian even gets two loads up his butt ?Litos and his own. Watch to find out how.

Mocha muscle man Jake Cruz is taking very good care of twinkster Patrick Starr in this video. Patrick has the sweetest, little rear end just made for a big dick to spread and he eats it up like he’s been swallowing raw cock for years. Seeing this guy get plowed is an absolute pleasure.

Orion Cross tells tops Miguel Temon and Leo Rivera that he needs to be fucked right now. He gives the duo some extra wet head before bending over to get Leo’s tongue in his hole. Miguel and Leo then take turns fucking him, including several double penetration positions that have Orion squealing.

Brodie Andrews uses his wet mouth and beautiful round ass to service Erik and Paul Black in this video. When he sits on Paul’s thick dick, Paul grunts: “Fuck, this is a tight ass.” Erik and Paul pass Brodie back and forth, as they take turns fucking both his holes in all sorts of positions. What a team effort!

Dakota Phillips is a big, hairy guy sure to spark some daddy fantasies from all you intergenerational fans out there. But, he wants to take cock not give it. In this video he starts out with a huge dildo. Ray Adams shows up to help ram it in. Then Ray takes charge of Dakotas mouth and hole.

Mickey Dee Jay tells Black Delight he only gets fucked by guys with eight inches or more – what a demanding bottom. Delight pulls out nine and Dee Jay is on it before you can blink, his pink hole swallowing up every inch until they both spurt all over the place. We’d say he was pretty satisfied.

Bareback porn favorites Jack Ryan and Lars Svenson join forces for this very cool collaboration. These two really know what they are doing. Jack works Lars’ hole with a dildo before his cock goes in to finish the job. Both drop big loads and Lars licks his own off Jack’s stomach. He must have been damn hungy.

With 10 inches, Rod Rockhard is the cock king in this video. Mark Mann (who is hung big himself) is happy to worship that donkey dick and see if he can handle it up his ass. He can AND does. First he sucks it, almost choking but never stopping. Then he takes it, Rockhard pulling in and out, in and out.

The black-on-white combination of Taye Hunt and Tanner Hayez is a collaboration not to be missed. Tanner’s little white ass almost can’t take all of Taye’s big black cock, but he manages just fine after Taye works his hole well, stetching it open raw so it can fully experience the thickness of his dark tool.

Giovanni Fox and Diego Cruz have instant chemistry in this new raw video. Although both have sweet, round asses, it is Diego who gets to bottom, but not until he worships Giovanni’s uncut piece. Once it’s in there though, you can tell how much Diego is loving every inch as it slides in and out of his bare hole.

Young pup Orion Cross is proud at how much cock he can take. In contrast, Mike Shawn is proud of how big his huge cock is – getting the connection yet? It is a perfect match for this video. Shawn licks Cross’s hole for a nice long time until it is slick and ready for action. Cross starts moaning uncontrollably once he sits on that monster dick and brings it to climax.

It is a feeding and breeding frenzy in this final installment to our massive interracial gangbang series of videos. The stakes are high as the tops fuck the bottoms’ mouths and holes until their cum is dripping out all over the place. This is an expolsive finish you’re not going to want to miss a raw minute of.

Big, muscled Janos Volt joins forces with his buddy Peter Hung in this new bareback one-on-one. The two Europeans are hungry for each other’s bodies and make out passionately before stripping out of their clothes for some wild sex. Janos gets fucked like the expert bottom he is – his ass eating up Peter’s cum beautifully.

J.D. Lopez and Gianni Luca, both very handsome men, passionately make out in this video before getting down to the delicious cock sucking. Gianni then gets a taste of J.D.’s hole and has to have it around his cock. J.D., a stunning muscle bottom, simply has to have cock as often as possible and he gets a real pounding with Gianni, as well as a load of cum along with it. Smooth-bodied Gianni Luca is one of the hottest Latino’s we’ve got on our barebacking books. That toned body (including a gorgeous pair…

Muscled Latino spunk JD Lopez looks so excited from the opening moments of this encounter with black stud Jack Trade. We think it’s because he knows he’s about to get an ass-full off hung black sausage in his tight, raw hole. He warms that monstercock up with his mouth first before Jack unleashes it on his hole. He fucks JD in every position imaginable, and he still can’t seem to get enough of that chunky black meat.JD Lopez is the ultimate bottom. A muscled Latino rider, he can take a massive cock up…

These barebacking power bottoms are about to get a taste of what raw black cock feels like. One lucky white boy gets skewered at both ends in a sweaty spit roast before we split them up and make two interracial barebacking pairs that are going to rock your socks off. Seeing those massive black tools penetrating those tight white holes is an experience not to be missed.

Latino Erik wants some ass to fuck hard. Well, have we got a raw hole for him to fill!! Big-dicked bottom Paul Black wants happens to be looking for a hard-hitting top to stretch him open and we’ve suddenly got the perfect combination. They go at it in the until Paul’s ass is filled and then leaking with white juice from his aggressive, tattooed top.

Paul Black can’t believe his luck in this video when he pulls out Miguel Temon’s huge fuck stick. It is fat, uncut and juicy. Paul almost can’t get it all in his mouth. He worships Miguel’s amazing ripped body before taking the Latino cock up his ass. Miguel fucks like a jackhammer, his hairy ass muscles powerfully contacting with each thrust.

This is my second solo video of stud Ricky. This time you get to see him playing a little in the pool than jacking off that amazing cock for us. This guy is undoubtedly one of the hottest we’ve had on the site ever, so don’t miss your chance to see him work that cock on camera.

Josh and Marco start off by servicing one another orally – sucking cock and eating ass. That gets them warmed up. What they really want is to please some take-charge tops. Rod Rockhard comes on the scene to feed Marco his 11-incher while Alex does the same to Josh. Studly Kamrun, and tattooed muscleman Adam Mansfield replace them. The hung thug Gut Banga, SpeshulK, and Paul Stevens step up, and the fucking begins.

Adam Mansfield and Calvin Hudson are both ripped and toned, and supremely studly. In this condomless encounter, Calvin bottoms out for Adam, who has no problem dominating the other man’s holes. It’s a black-on-black bareback match that’s not to be missed. You’ll love every cum-dripping minute of the rough and raw action.

Popular bottom J.D. Lopez gets teamed with young stud Alex Dade in this steamy one-on-one. They create a lot of heat together and the camera just eats it up. You can tell that Alex really just loves spreading J.D.’s big muscle ass to finger and eat his hole. Then, when he’s ready, he moves on to fucking it raw!

Tazma, a Latino muscle brute, wants to have his way with Orion Cross. Orion can only resist a little while before he has Tazma’s fat, uncut cock first in his throat and then in his ass pie. It doesn’t take long before Tazma is stretching Orion’s pucker with a huge dildo and fist. Orion grunts and groans, but he loves every minute. He also enjoys a mouthful of his own cum.

Lovers Orion Cross and Luke Cross have their way with cute, bearded Tristen Valen in this raw rendezvous. The partners, who sport matching tattoos, share themselves with Tristen, using tongues and cocks to get each other extra hard until Orion gets randy enough to jump on top of both guy’s cocks and be double penetrated by his two spunky companions.

This orgy of men totally take control of both of Orion’s holes in what seems like a never-ending conga line of ass-pounding. Orion takes one after another and receives each of their creamy loads with satisfaction. He just lies down moaning in pleasure as each spunk does their worst with his hungry hole. When each is done dumping inside or on top of him, he jerks his own cock, relieving himself of a load built-up after so much action.

Porn pros Hawk McAllistar and Alan Gregory join forces for this very hot, raw and extreme session. Hawk takes charge of Alan, making him his boy for the encounter. And, as we know, every boy needs to be fisted now and then.

College cuties Mickey Dee Jay and Jonathan Corona meet up in this video to share some late night action. Mickey spreads his ass wide for Jonathan and then gets a mouthful of Latino cum to swallow down. If that wasn’t enough to make you go crazy in lust, this is followed byMickey getting fed his own juice by his helpful top.

Paul Black uses Tony Versacti like a rented mule in this video and Paul does not spare the paddle on Tony’s little rump. The punker takes every swat and asks for more as he sways in the sling. He shows what a good boy he is by sucking Paul’s cock, eating his ass and licking his feet. For his reward Tony gets a big dildo in his red ass and then doused in a river of piss. The two passionately fuck, Tony riding Paul’s big dick.

We’ve got a hot trio for you, including ex-Marine Aidyn Michael, uncut Zach O’Mally and muscley J.D. Lopez. Zach and J.D. take turns cock worshiping Aidyn, sucking and licking his fat one and low hanging balls. The three get in all kinds of positions, all leading up to J.D. getting tag fucked and double penetrated. Not a bad performance, wouldn’t you say?

What a pair Johnny Walker and Jason Reed make. The horny duo waste no time getting naked and showing off those hot bods for the camera. Then Johnny pounds Jason hard and has him moaning and shivering with delight. Johnny drops a thick load that gushes out of Jason’s asshole in one of the hottest cream pies we’ve seen in ages.

Orion Cross is every top man’s dream. He loves to worship cock and to get raw fucked for hours. His hole is a cum bucket which he fills to overflowing as often as possible. In this video he can’t stop moaning for more from his group of hot tops, so Luke Cross, Farius Cane, Kevin Rocha and Dino Phillips bring on the heat. Then 20-year-old Preston Luis slips in his young piece of meat.

We’ve paired ex-Marine Aidyn Michael (a fat-dicked, inked mother fucker), with pretty boy Johnny Walker in this vid. Aidyn has a lot of aggression to work out and Johnny gets it full force. Aidyn handcuffs Johnny before finger fucking him hard and shoving a dildo in deep. Johnny is making too much noise so he gets a ball gag in that hole, and cock in the other. Are his moans pain or pleasure?

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The action all starts with popular performer Marco Paris getting head and giving a rim job before plunging his fat, uncut cock into Calvin’s slick hole. Joining him is pretty boy newcomer Kevin Rocha and then Antonio Vela, a hot Latino that certainly steps up to the plate with his fellow orgy participants. If you fancy a hot interracial bareback group fuck, have we got just the video for you!

Josh Weston makes his bareback debut in this video. If you like muscle, you’re going to love his ripped and toned body. He shows Aidyn Michael a good time by giving him head and then spreading his own jock-strapped hot ass for Aidyn’s thick monster. Aidyn pounds away and has Josh growling and moaning like a beast. The contrast of having muscular hunk Josh as a bottom and the young Aidyn topping is incredibly hot.

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Ex-Marine Aidyn Michael is a hot piece of action – all tattooed and sporting a fat piece of meat that points out like a poker. He feeds this treasure to Erec Estrada who sucks on it for ages. Erec next takes to Aidyn’s nicely haired hole for some deep rimming, which the straight guy loves. Guess his girlfriends don’t do that for him. Erec is soon bent over, taking straight cock and cum up his ass.

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A friendly hand of cards turns into a young-guy threeway. Jason Reed loses, probably on purpose, and has to give Jude and Marcus Matthew blow jobs. That is OK with him because both guys have big cocks just made for sucking. Jason returns to his bottom ways and spreads his ass for Marcus while continuing to eat Jude. The two hung twinks then cum all over Jason’s dick.

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Farius Caine is a bi guy looking for some extra cash. His girlfriend is OK with him sharing his pole. In fact, she likes to join in. She is not here today though to see Farius dominate Jasons hole until they both cum.

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