Bound Muscle Jocks – Galleries

The Master decides the electro torment has gone long enough and the boy is very obviously enjoying the feelings despite his protestations. Hard cocks get stroked until the boy gets a mouthful of his Masters cum and then … The finale to Stalker is one of the most brutal and perfectly timed CBT scenes ever […]

Bad Boys Bootcamp – Galleries

Hanging by the pool, Zack and KC quickly strip themselves of their shorts and give each other a nice blow. Each sees which one could go deeper, until they both sport rock hard boners that are just aching for release. And … Angel goes out to the dock for a little “quiet time”, and strips […]

Bad Boy Bondage – Galleries

Master Brendon Meyers directs boy Damien Lee to the St. Andrews cross for some fun, gagging him, and then show him a brutal flogger. Brendon smacks him with it as he feels up his victim. After the Master has finished dripping hot wax all over his prisoner and taking his time playing with his dick […]

Andys Aussie Boys – Galleries

Cascading kisses heat up their flesh, drawing out each other’s desire and desperation to be closer. They strip down, piece by piece inviting the other to caress and covet. Peter kisses Ryan’s neck, moving down to his chest… Peter and Ryan tear at each other’s clothes, desperate to get each other underdressed and bare. The […]

American Muscle Hunks – Galleries

When Rex Cameron hit up the hunks and wanted to shoot, there was no second thought. This man is the embodiment of hunk and we wasted no time getting him together with Joey D. Rex begins by worshiping Joey’s pumped muscles … Joey D initiates Derek Cross as a HUNK this week. Derek’s only request […]

Amateurs Do It – Galleries

Sexy daddy Mason is happy to take the lead and show his handsome, young partner the ropes! The two have immediate chemistry, tearing each other’s clothes off as they kiss and caress each other’s lean bodies. … Pandora is a short, flirty boy eager to get started with his handsome, tall top. Not waiting for […]

Funsize Boys – tiny funsize guys & huge kingsize men

Funsize Boys – ENTER HERE Austin takes a break from the strenuous drills of the tall army recruiter, finding some shade and quiet under a tarp cover. It’s hard for him to keep up with everyone else given his size. Just as he’s catching his breath, … Mr. Steele smiles as Marcus tries on his […]